Goblin Returns and Drama Hits New Series High of 16% in Episode 14

The finale two-episodes of Goblin airing on Saturday is in good shape to wrap things up nicely. Friday’s episode 14 confidently brought back the vanquished Goblin not midway through with sass, not bothering to explain much other than little details were placed along the way to make it happen within the fantasy narrative. Episode 14 took a huge cable network jump in ratings to hit 16.04%, a validation and vindication of the entire cast and crew that this drama didn’t coast on buzz but did hook viewers with a fresh and compelling story. I still wish I cared more for female lead Eun Tak, but it’s enough that I love Goblin Kim Shin and Grim Reaper Wang Yeo, the central romances is more for their soul contentment than it is for the mutual connection. I’m glad to see the huge 9 year time jump, it brings everyone to a more mature playing field. Here’s hoping the final two episodes has enough material to end on a memorable flourish.


Goblin Returns and Drama Hits New Series High of 16% in Episode 14 — 10 Comments

  1. Hee i thk koala secretly wanted a 20episode for Goblin. Hence the typo. Its tonight we bit adieu to our goblin n grim. Will miss them vy much

  2. Dont want to spoil for people that have not watch yet the end of this drama but will come back later to see what are the thoughts of everyone make comments here.

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