MBC Casts Go Ah Sung and Han Suk Jin for Next Wed-Thurs Drama Radiant Office

MBC‘s new Wed-Thurs drama isn’t off to a soaring start with plane crash story Missing 9 rather taking the trajectory of the fated plane. But strong competition in ratings leader Legend of the Blue Sea ends next week so who knows is Missing 9 will fly higher with the one week buffer until KBS drops its new drama Chief Kim and SBS unveils pre-produced high profile Lee Young Ae comeback drama Saimdang: Light’s Diary.

No matter what the ratings ends up for Missing 9 the network has lined up a cast for the followup drama Radiant Office. Joining female lead Go Ah Sung will be Han Suk Jin, who did two dramas last year with Drinking Solo and 1% of Anything. I loved her in Heard it Through the Grapevine, she makes realistic characters so compelling, and here she plays an office temporary worker who decides to live life to the fullest after a failed suicide attempt in the Han River reveals she may be terminal. Not a fan of any terminal illness but may is the key word here so I’ll wait and see.

Joining Go Ah Sung and Han Suk Jin may be Han Sunhwa, she had her first lead role in weekend drama Rosy Lovers but I remember her being okay in supporting roles in Marriage Not Dating and God’s Gift: 14 Days. The script for Radiant Office won a script writing competition for the network so hopefully it deserves the crown.


MBC Casts Go Ah Sung and Han Suk Jin for Next Wed-Thurs Drama Radiant Office — 9 Comments

  1. OMG! Go Ah Sung is such a great actress!! Though I wanted her to reunite with Yoo Seung Ho I don’t mind Han Suk Jin, he’s hot!

  2. i sure hope the ratings for Missing 9 wont ‘take trajectory of the fated plane’. Legend of Blue Sea rolled out a vy good ep 19, then next week is the finale. So here’s hoping Ep4’s rating would rise.

  3. I loved Go Ah Sung since seeing her in Master of Study and would love to see her reunite on screen with either Yoo Seung Ho or Lee Hyun Woo since she had the cutest chemistry with both of them in that drama. I’m excited to see her in this new drama, she has a great way of making the characters seem real and relatable.

  4. I’m happy for Go Ah Sung, I really like her. For Ha Suk Jin, I’m a little bit tired to see him in the same role. He’s a good actor but he always plays character from a healty family, mean with the girl and everybody, etc… But yes… he’s hot and smart so it’s hard to resist :p

  5. Koala, His name is Ha Suk Jin, you may not care much about him but at-least get the name right, this is a bit too careless and disrespectful.

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