Lee Hyun Woo, Joy, and Lee Jung Jin Cast in K-drama Adaptation of Manga She Loves Lies

Casting proceeded rather quickly from when tvN announced that it was adapting music themed manga She Fell in Love with My Lie into a K-drama She Loves Lies. The manga had a successful J-movie adaptation The Liar and His Lover starring Sato Takeru so I am a little underwhelmed with the casting of Lee Hyun Woo as the musician male lead.  Lee Hyun Woo is a good actor but doesn’t quite have the strong onscreen charisma presence that this role needs. He also has an abysmal ratings record in the two dramas where he played leading roles, Moorim School and To the Beautiful You. His female lead in Lies has an even more alarming starting point – Joy from Red Velvet will be the leading lady coming in with zero acting experience whatsoever, unless one counts being in a television pretend marriage with Yook Sung Jae for We Got Married.

Joining Lee Hyun Woo and Joy will be Lee Jung Jin as the second male lead. The story centers around a top musical composer who values artistic excellence over popular success, he crosses paths with an aspiring high school musician and falls for her. Lee Jung Jin plays the head of a music label, a successful and exacting music producer. The drama will be directed by the PD of Marriage Contract and will take over for Introverted Boss.


Lee Hyun Woo, Joy, and Lee Jung Jin Cast in K-drama Adaptation of Manga She Loves Lies — 20 Comments

  1. HELL NO!! OMG!!! The K-drama gods have just ruined this for me!! I adore Lee Hyun Woo but I agree I do not think he has a strong enough presence for a leading role, also Aki is suppose to be 9 years older than Riko… but LHW & Joy look the same age! I knew the K-version would have made the gap small but the whole point was that there was a distinct age gap between the two!! Arrrggg why why whyyyyy, I really didn’t want an idol to be cast for any of the lead roles in this too!

      • There are actually a lot of actress that can sing and sing well too. I watched the variety show King of Mask Singers and a lot of actresses have been on it!

      • @Someonescorner Okay there is actresses that can sing well but there is other criteria that you need to consider other that just singing, like that she needs to be in her late teens to early twenties or at the very least had a very immature look enough that she can pass as a cute petite high schooler. If you can come up with some names that fit that criteria please do share because I’m coming pretty empty.

    • I agree with you with the “HELL NO!!! sentiment. I can’t really complain about Joy been cast as Riko/Mush because it was a given that if they are going to do this story justice they need either a musical actress in her teens or an idol/actress because of the singing part of her character.
      What I would totally complain about is the male casting and the fact that they are trying to make Takagi the CEO/music producer the second male lead that’s ridiculous because Shinya is the second male lead in the manga.
      No offence to Lee Hyun Woo but I don’t think he will fit Aki’s character

      • Kim Seul Gi – she played high schooler before and she’s so petite, she looks like one, and she’s also a good singer who appeared in King of Masked Singer

        Kim Ji Won – also played a high schooler in Heirs and sings in the musical drama What’s Up

        Jung Eun Ji – idol who is proven to can act

  2. I love Lee Hyun Woo, but can we all agree to just put that poor boy back into sageuk where he belongs? His track record otherwise is just so sad. The best thing he has done in FOREVER was his cameo in Scholar Who Walks the Night – which was not even a good drama, but was probably at its best when he was in it with the good LHW/LJK bromance at the beginning.

  3. I didn’t read the manga, I only saw the japanese movie. In my memories, the both male leads used to play in the same group,so they had about the same age… They had to change a lot of the story to choose Lee Hyun Woo and Lee Jung Jin for the main cast. And the choice of Roy is hard to judge. Sometimes it’s a good choice to take a rookie, I just hope they actually chose her after good auditions and not because of the popularity of Red Velvet.

    • I don’t think Lee Jung Jae is the second lead. He was casted as the producer/head of the recording company who took Crude Play and Riko in, and who Mari was having an affair with. He should be much older than Lee Hyunwoo/Aki if that is the case. The second lead role is Shinya, the bassist of the band, which I think will be played by Lee Seowon – a ’97er.

  4. If she didn’t audition and blow the casting directors out of the water, then this is a pathetic/dumb move by TVN. Their recent castings have been way off and the most recent misstep is the female lead in Introverted Boss.

    • My guess is she got the lead after her good performance in Age of Youth. When it comes to leads, I’ve never figured out if they actually audition…the offers just seem to come to them without thought to whether they can do well or if there is chemistry with the co-star.

      • @kat, I also think that way. She portrayed the college girl character good enoug, but her character in Inroverted Boss is just so annoying and i think her acting is too unnatural. Lol. I was waiting for Gong Seung Yeon as the second lead, the main reason I’m watching the drama.. But I’m so disappointed that her screen time is just so little in the first 2 episodes — which is making me throw a fit! Hope to see more of Yoon Park and Gong Seung Yeon ☺☺☺

    • I saw this from the dc, she went for audition with 200 contestant (idols and actresses) and managed to beat them all. i say give her benefit of the doubt because we never saw her act if u did not consider we got married as an act.

      i can see her fitting into the character. In the japanese movie, it was the first time for the female lead to act too and she is a singer first and foremost. this might work cos joy has a nice singing tone. acting wise, we need to see.

      The thing is i cannot see lee hyun woo as aki yet. Maybe because his baby face but he might come and surprise us for all we know. lets just hope this will work because i like the manga

    • She was good in Age of Youth and I like her in Introverted Boss, it’s just that the start of this drama is a little bit messy. I’m waiting for the story to be more clear.

  5. I’ll try to be positive since I like both of them. I never watched the japanese version, so I think it is be my advantage. Hopefully the drama can bring refreshing feeling… I already reach my limit with dramas these periods (since the last I enjoyed is OtWttA). Lee Hyun Woo n Joy… Fighting!!!

  6. I mistook it for the manga “Your lie in April” thought it would be perfect, to realize it was another managa…don’t think Hyunwoo would be able to pull it off?

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