Moon Chae Won in Talks for K-drama Adaptation of Bride of the Water God Opposite Nam Joo Hyuk

It’s now looking like a one-two and three punch for the upcoming K-drama adaptation of manhwa Bride of the Water God, done with a twist of course. The adaptation announced last year that the screenwriter of Misaeng, and Arang and the Magistrate, was adapting the original source material. Later on came the addition of the PD of Nine: Nine Times Time Travel and Queen In Hyun’s Man as the vision behind the camera. Now is the third good news with Moon Chae Won considering the offer to be the titular Bride of the Water God, opposite the already confirmed casting of Nam Joo Hyuk as the Water God in question. The story is being moved from the fantasy ancient times era to modern Seoul so it’ll be interesting to see the cohesive vision beyond the leads bringing the two-dimensional characters to life.


Moon Chae Won in Talks for K-drama Adaptation of Bride of the Water God Opposite Nam Joo Hyuk — 53 Comments

  1. I hadn’t heard that NJH had actually been confirmed. I am one of those that was rooting for him when he got Weightlifting, but I don’t know about this one. The writer is solid and has experience with fantasy so hopefully they get the right people for the roles.

  2. I think NJH always get a character that revolve around water ^___^ not that i complain coz i can see him shirtless kekeke. I’m sorry to be out of topic.

  3. Yes. Its confirmed. In fact he was confirmed a long time ago. Its just that when the news finally broke, to allay netizens who almost always cries foul when rookies or idols are used, YG back pedalled. He defintely needs a strong actress to hold it together and MCW is a good candidate for sure.

      • how will MCW be dragged down? Why are you so negative?? She is an actress and she will get paid if she accepts this drama, regardless of the ratings. What is your problem here?? Can’t believe these haters!!

      • She was with an actor of her caliber in her last project Goodbye Mr Black and the drama was still a flop…
        She should be happy to get this offer from a strong screenwriter and PD.

        Nam Joo Huyk is cast because of his swimming skills…As the title of the drama suggests, this is a drama will probably requires a lot of scenes under water…And he’s got the physique for that…perfect I would say…
        Besides that, I have no problem at all with his acting.

        I really hope he accepts the role, this is an incredible opportunity for him.
        If people have a problem with his casting, just skip the drama instead of being so overtly negative.
        we’ve seen over and over again that strong cast does not necessarily equal success and being an ok actor (or a starting actor) in a well written and directed drama can be a hit.

        2 examples: Hyde Jekyll and I: Hyun Bin who is an A list actor couldn’t get even 5% ratings for the drama despite his amazing acting.
        and Boys Over Flower: Lee Min Ho. He was a nobody when he got that role and we all know what happened to him and the drama.

        So please people stop whining before the drama even aired…you don’t know the vision of the PD and the screenwriter and nobody is forcing you to watch…

  4. …I lowkey want China to make the drama version. The costumes and scenery would’ve been beyond breathtaking. I don’t think Korea has ever successfully translated a manhwa or webtoon onto the small screen.

  5. dont do it. the lead guy will ruin the drama. you too good of a actress to at with this noob guy who only got the lead role uz YG pay pd money.

    • You’re absolutely right. From now on MCW and other A-list actors should never star in another drama with other nugu actors again. There’s a reason why a hierarchy exist and the elite should not mix with peasants. The only reason PDs even think of giving NJH a chance is because YG refuses to let their other actors out of the dungeon if NJH doesn’t get lead roles. All the people who actually thought NJH was decent in WFKBJ and is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt (not that many people no duh) are stupid fangirls blinded by his looks (subjective). In that drama he couldn’t sell his character or muster any chemistry with LSK at all – people doubted them before that drama aired and the majority of them were right. No third chances for this guy to ruin yet another drama that hasn’t aired.

      • What is your definition of an A-list actor? I don’t think MCW is one. She is good, but please don’t exaggerate

      • @candycane

        Not sure how one determine that. But I suppose, looking at their paying fee is one of them.

        She was one of the top 11 highest paid actresses in dramas. And looking at the other actresses who got into the list, then I suppose, yes. She is. Sorry, can’t share the source here. But it’s everywhere if we google it.

        But anyways, I agree with you about the exaggeration. Hope people can stop that. Sigh

      • You are full of sh!t. Weightlifting Fairy didn’t have great ratings, but he did an amazing job and had outstanding chemistry with LSK. You didn’t even watch the drama. It gained overwhelmingly positive reviews as a whole.

      • If he is any other actor (as in not from YG) with three flop dramas (2015, Scarlet and Weightlifting) and with just a barely passable mark on his acting, he would be forgotten by now.

  6. I honestly cared very little for SoAh in the Manhwa. The rich world of fantasy drew me to the story and the fantastic illustrations. In the modern setup with all those elements gone that I loved about the manhwa, I don’t know.
    Also since it is MCW, can’t TVN get Song Joong Ki??

  7. Why do Lee Soo Hyuk’s and Lee Jun Ki’s names keep popping up in this topic? Is it based on how their looks fit the lead character?

  8. @candycane
    Whether you see her as an A-list or not you cannot deny that she is so good that as long as NJH goes MIA and drops out of this drama (and future works for that matter) this adaption will automatically become a masterpiece. Because masterpieces can happen only when renown actors, bigshot writers and good PDs flock together.

    Seriously though – I exaggerated on all fronts and am bad with sarcasm. Just kind of blew up here.

    Before the dramas even aired:
    -Actor: People raved about Hyun Bin for Hyde Jekyll but when it aired Ji Sung dusted him
    -PD: People were so excited about the PD for Cheese in the Trap since she helmed Coffee Prince and when it aired male lead switcheroo happened
    -Production team: People was so onboard with the camera director for Moon Lovers since he did great works like That Winter(etc) but when it aired the frequent close-ups of actors’ faces was cringe inducing, OST and editing was as bad
    -Writer: People trusted the writers of Uncontrollably Fond and W and then the dramas aired and I will never fondly remember both works

    People just need to sit their butts down and decide whether to watch or not and if not to waste their time on better things that concern them. When the drama airs everyone can go all out. All the uproar over casting news of just male lead (and female lead) here and everywhere else is ugh.

  9. My Moon Chae Won!!! I’d prefer if the storyline sticks to the past era, to be frank. I think Moon Chae Won excels there more, but it’s alright. About Nam Joo Hyuk, lets just give him a chance. Since many people were willing to give Moon Chae Won a chance in The Princess Man to prove her acting skills, I think it’s only right for us as Moon Chae Won’s fans to give him a chance. Let’s just think of the positive side, and realized that Moon Chae Won was enlightened by this chance. Therefore, lets let Nam Joo Hyuk be enlightened too, and if he doesn’t, then that’s we can start judging.

  10. @Tria – thanks for the info. MCW is not in the Top 10, so that is not an A in my books… her Fans may have risen her up to the Moon & back, but praising her while stepping on others is the pitiest thing to do… which I mean you ‘kx’ and ‘bigyu” – I dare you will watch this drama if both MCW and NJH are the confirmed leads… LOLOL…

    • She received the same amount of payment as Park Shin Hye. Both were on top 10 spot. And if we look at only top 10, then it would be very very few actors/actresses who we can called A-listers 🙂

      I completely understand your sentiments. It’s indeed irritating to read those kind of comments from her those two posters. But let’s not step to their level as well.

      For me, I do hope they take the offer and prove everyone wrong. Too much cray cray.

      • That list isn’t permanent. MCW used to be more popular with all her dramas were above 20% a few years back but she hasn’t has a hit a few year and her last drama was a mess…
        PSH on the other hand, has been rising on the scale… to be considered one of the top actresses. Hence her salary has been going up by project.
        I’m just saying that old salary list isn’t reliable to measure. Like YEH’s salary 10 years ago might not be the same as it is at the moment. Or SJK? lol
        Anyway I don’t know if MCW is an A-lister but she is a very good actress with much more experiences and I can’t say them same with NJH.
        I hope she doesn’t have to be babysit. It’s already 2017

    • @candycane, @Tria and @Me
      I’m very bad at shutting up so forgive me for trying to explain myself. I am rooting for NJH’s success since I immensely enjoyed WFKBJ. I find MCW very beautiful but since I haven’t watched her works I will acknowledge the many reviews of her acting prowess – and will defend her if NJH fans come for her too. If you look at my second comment I started it off bitter, but eventually said that I was being sarcastic and failed at it. In other words – in truth, MCW is a great actress but NJH dropping out of the production doesn’t mean this drama will be a total hit (re: my list) so everyone should just wait and watch. What I initially spouted was total garbage-ridiculousness that does not ring true at all, but was just me totally rolling my eyes at all the negative reactions here (and everywhere else).

    • @AG I agree with you, although I like njh and I thought he did well in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo, some of his fangirls are embarrassing. Right when mcw was offered this role, they spread this #savenamjoohyuk thing everywhere as if he’s some big star with a string of hits and mcw isn’t worthy enough to be acting alongside him lol I feel so embarrassed for these kids.

      • BARF. NJH may not be a nugu but his last three projects are flops and he’s also not a well regarded public figure nor actor. People talk like he’s the best thing ever but he’s not even an “It” boy in SoKor. He’s just another model turned actor who belongs to a big agency so he is being shoved to our faces, in Korea. FYI.

  11. Half of the people whining about Nam Joo Hyuk are not even MCW fans. They are just MCW haters posing as fans. They are the ones who caused her to shut down her IG account. The official fanclub is yes hesitant about this pairing because of the age gap and acting experience difference but we don’t go around bashing new actors. We keep a respectful environment. If MCW wasn’t given a chance in Princess Man like somebody else mentioned she would have never gotten to this level. Plus MCW herself is very welcoming towards new actors because she helped Jung Joon Young a lot when he was paired with her in Today’s Love which was his first project and they still are friends. All most of us want is a good project for her after the mess that was Goodbye Mr Black. And we wish they stuck with the historical setting. However with the good writer and PD, I am confident in this project regardless of the leads.

    • Wow how is it her haters? Just because you said so.
      She closed her account because of songsong shipppers. You pointed finger at the wrong place.
      It’s not ususal to think she is much better actress and doesn’t match him. She has her record for it.
      But whatever MCW’s real fan lol

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