SBS Maintains the Mon-Tues Ratings Win with Defendant Premiering at 14.5% Ratings

It’s great news for Ji Sung and also an impressive overall streak for SBS as new Mon-Tues drama Defendant debuted with respectable first episode ratings of 14.5% AGB nationwide. That’s less than half of what predecessor Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim ended with, but that drama started off with similar ratings as Defendant and kept increasing as it aired so time will tell if Defendant has the same legs. The departure of Romantic Doctor spread more wealth over to KBS as sageuk Hwarang rose to break 10% finally, bringing in 11% ratings. Sadly MBC‘s Night Light will leave as unable to connect with domestic viewers as it started off, with the penultimate episode clocking in at 4.1%. I’m happiest for Ji Sung to come back from the hot mess that was last year’s Entertainer and find a drama that he can flex his acting muscles and get more recognition.


SBS Maintains the Mon-Tues Ratings Win with Defendant Premiering at 14.5% Ratings — 15 Comments

  1. Haven’t check Defendant though I read some reviews that it is good. I have an allergy on Yuri. On the other hand…YAY! for Hwarang! I hope the drama will continue to rise in ratings. It is so much fun to watch, a departure from the two competing dramas which are heavier in tone. I am rooting for Hwarang!

    • I disagree…
      There have been many female centric dramas that did well recently or very well received. To name a few: Weightligting fairy, Doctors, My dear friends, Age of young
      I don’t watch Night light so I can’t say why it’s not doing well. There is no eng sub available but female centric isn’t a reason why Korea doesn’t like it when many of other dramas do well.

      If fact last year we also have many female centric movies in Korea too. It’s a big year for the ladies

      • the shows you mention are romance, age of youth and my dear friends didn’t do that well but they are also slice of life films, while Night Light is a femalecentric no romance boardroom drama. I was not expecting it to do well at all.

        Korea is still a homophobic country so two girls leading with a special connection is not going to cut it with a lot of people.

        Netflix did pick it up though so kudos to them.

  2. Oh YES! JI SUNG got it made! Well done!

    Defendant : the storyline is great! And we have great actors like Ji Sung and Um Ki Joon.
    Ji sung, relax cos you will soar like an eagle in every drama!

  3. These days getting a double digit like 10% upon premier is consider good enough. Happy Ji Sung’s drama is doing well. Ep 2 and 3’s rating will show if theres sdtaying power with korean audience.

  4. hwarang was a total disappointment to me. i just can’t feel the chemistry between the lead. just putting pretty boys doesn’t make a drama hit.

    • This drama is cute. But after 10 episodes, the story is still at the same point… Their best accomplishment is to dance for the Queen… No clue about the male lead, the King is the only one who seems to know what he’s doing and wins little battles against his mother… but very little…

      • It’s meant to be a light hearted watch. The drama should focus more on the hwarang development, bromance and comedy because that is where it shines the most. I still love the drama so much mainly because of the King. His character is the most interesting of all.

  5. “Defendant” definitely deserves the ratings. It’s so interesting, and Uhm Ki Joon is such a great actor (especially when he plays a villain).

  6. defendant is really good. i didn’t had much expectations and found it boring at first 15 mins but when the villain enters it became totally interesting. i hope they keep doing that. good first episode. i heard the female lead is an idol hope she wont ruin this drama by her acting.

  7. I still watched Defendant cos I want to save till yhnow ending! Meantime, the rating for the 2nd episode continues to be so good that I want to input my cheers for Ji Sung and crew!

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