C-stars Out in Glamorous Force at the 2017 Chinese Drama Awards

It’s the annual Chinese Drama Awards in Beijing and this year’s gala including plenty of popular and familiar faces of C-ent. 2016 was a decent year for C-dramas though nothing hooked me quite like Nirvana in Fire did in 2015 and Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms is doing right now to start off 2017. I’m checking out this ceremony for the pretty stars and no one disappointed.

The Three Drama Belles Liu Shi Shi, Zhao Li Ying, and Tang Yan all showed in in various shades of blue gowns and shined in their own way, with only Zheng Shuang skipping the event due to being sick. The men were decked out in black tie and it was a tie for me between Hu Ge and Yang Yang for who looked the most dashing. Too bad Yang Mi and Mark Chao wasn’t there together, I could have used their smexy onscreen hotness from Peach Blossoms on the red carpet.


C-stars Out in Glamorous Force at the 2017 Chinese Drama Awards — 25 Comments

  1. iirc Mark Chao was there although Yang Mi wasn’t. ? Really wanted to see the two at the awards since I’ve been enjoying watching 3L3W lately!

  2. Hi Koala! Finally a reference to Three Lives! Been waiting since to know your opinion about it. Glad it’s hooked you just as it has me. I love it so much and Mark Chap has been fantastic in it. Could we get a post about it soon? Thanks

    Secondly, Mark WAS at the awards and won “Most Outstanding Award” too.
    These are his pics



  3. I am loving Ten Mile Peach Blossom/Eternal Love right now. One of the best of the C-Dramas for sure (if they don’t muck it up). All of the actors are doing a great job thus far.

  4. Ten miles of peach blossoms is my drama crack right now! So addicting. I haven’t liked a drama this much in such a long time and I think a large part of the reason is Ye hua. You know an actor has done his job when you can’t imagine anyone else in that role. I hope you do a post about this lovely fairytale of a show!

  5. I’m really enjoying FJ and Dijun couple. They my heart flutter and then break them flutter again. I am not feeling Mark when he plays the crown prince but Ive grown to love his awkwardness.
    Zheyan and Fourth bro are quite adorable.

    Okay so the awards. I’m so happy to see Tiffany Yang in a public romance again!
    I hope YangMi and Harwick are going through counseling so the four of them can go on group dates!

  6. Tbh, I didn’t have high expectations for the drama version of Three Lives Three Worlds. I watched the first episode purely out of curiosity and bam! Got me hooked. I cried so much at the sad parts and Mark Chao is outstanding in his role as Ye Hua. I love the OSTs too.

  7. @Lilith , yesagree! Watched out of curiosity and got addicted big time because of Mark Chao’s superb acting! Didn’t really cared who he was before but now I am a fan! He totally deserve the award!

    TLTW is better than the book too. I think it will become a cdrama classic on the same level as Scarlet Heart

    • I agree with you too, I didn’t take much notice of him before and now Ye Hua is in my head all the time. I love his honey-dripping eyes whenever he looks at Bai Qian.

      I just started reading the novel and was surprised at how short it is with the few number of chapters it has. I think I prefer the drama’s timeline of the plot too, the timeline of the novel seems to jump all over the place. The only fault I can find with the drama is the cg effects, but its strong and touching plot more than made up for it.

      • Me, too…I’ve seen Mark in Black and White with Vic before…a long time ago and he was already cute but not as captivating as Ye Hua.

    • I don’t like tang yans blue dress. I think the material is all wrong. Not a fan of zhao li yings dress. That strap on the waist line killed it for me. Like mens underwear.

      • Iron: I agree with you about Tang Yang & Zhao Li Ying’s dresses. If you ever wear a dress with the same material like Tang Yang’s dress – when you walk it will make a lot of noise. LOL!

  8. Liu Shi Shi’s dress is stunning and suits her so well! I prefer Tang Yan’s black dress rather than the blue (the arms look awkward). Ah, I almost mistook Yixing for Hu Ge for a minute there.

    Also, like everyone else here, I’m hopelessly addicted to Eternal Love – A-Li is adorable as heck, Yang Mi as Bai Qian is fire, Mark Chao manages to play two characters so wonderfully and yet differently that he wins my heart twice, Zhang Vin as Ghost Lord Li Jing is stupid but so pretty and such a puppy lover, Gao Vengo with his silky white blonde hair as Dong Hua Dijun is so fabulous and I love that he’s the only one in the drama who doesn’t bullshit Su Jin into thinking she’s a good person and finally the beautiful Dilmurat Dilraba as adorable and slightly dense Feng Jiu. And all the supporting characters are brilliant. The drama has a better layout compared to the novel and I like the flow.

  9. Love the color of their dress BLUE!!! Love LSS’s, ZYL only the buttom part of the dress, Tang Yan’s dress – i think wrong fabric.

    Hu Ge is dashing!!! All the best to him while embarking in the next phase of his life for the next 2 years!!!!

    Great series 三生三世十里桃花:
    QQ SS / YH Couple – love their story
    FJ / DJ Couple – cute love story

    Not fun of weird creatures but have to tolerate those in this series.

    MC’s acting, I feel it is lacking, the part wherein he is supposed to act indifference.

  10. I really love Blue Tang Yan’s gown. She is a STar and model. Her fashion tastes are outstanding. Always Perfect & Excellent.

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