Moon Geun Young is Discharged From Hospital After Undergoing 4th Surgery

Finally some good news on Moon Geun Young’s health situation, which went from concerning to worrying after there was radio silence from her agency on providing updates. Thankfully she’s recovering now as her agency updated the media with news that Moon Geun Young underwent her fourth surgery for compartment syndrome and has been discharged from the hospital thereafter. She’s doing better and is now home recuperating and will not be partaking in any entertainment industry projects or events for the near term. I’m so relieved to hear that the situation has improved and recovering at home is a big comfort after a two week hospital stay. I hope there are no lasting ramifications from this condition and wishing her a full recovery.


Moon Geun Young is Discharged From Hospital After Undergoing 4th Surgery — 6 Comments

  1. She was in hospital actually a month Not two weeks and thats a long time.Its a long and difficult journey back after any arm surgery and we all need to support her whatever happens. Her true condition is still a private thing though it does not sound the best considering what she has been through. All the best to her and stay strong Moon.

  2. She is also a beautiful person and no matter what the future holds she will always have our love and support.
    Get well Moonie..We love you.

  3. Her fans would appreciate an update after no news in 3 weeks.With no news it is normal to be concerned. Her agency needs to do more to keep her fans informed with honesty so she can be supported relevant to her circumstances. Thats not much to ask.

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