Kim Go Eun Denies Recent Breakup with Shin Ha Kyun was Due to Gong Yoo

A break up of a low key adult couple wouldn’t make splashy news except and until there’s the salacious element of cheating or fan shipping dreams come true. Veteran actor Shin Ha Kyun and movie-drama young actress Kim Go Eun have confirmed the rumors of a breakup, with the couple explaining that their busy work schedules naturally led to not spending enough time together.

That’s all fine and dandy except Kim Go Eun recently did hit drama Goblin and many shipper fans have been hoping she would date costar Gong Yoo, though both had said many times they are just coworkers acting in love for a fictional story. With Kim Go Eun and Shin Ha Kyun’s breakup those fans are now claiming she broke up with Shin Ha Kyun for Gong Yoo and her side had to make a statement that the breakup had nothing to do with Gong Yoo. Seems like much ado about nothing all stemming from overzealous shipper fans.


Kim Go Eun Denies Recent Breakup with Shin Ha Kyun was Due to Gong Yoo — 35 Comments

  1. Ugh shippers… keep your shipping in shippers threads/paradise/whatever and DO NOT bring it into THEIR social media accounts. This is basic respect you have to learn. Girl broke up and shippers are actually so insensitive to have a party over that in HER ig??? Same with Lee Jun-Ki and IU shippers, how insensitive they are to drag them to their delulu fantasy shipping to the point that they have to deny baseless rumors.
    Also, it’s 2017 and I can’t believe that I still have to see minshiners, yongshiners, geunshiners, jongshiners or whatever on Shin-Hyes ig comments and various twitter accounts with their names tagged, just stay on your lane, which is the shippers thread. Your oppars and unnies are most likely dating other people, so you better get out of your fantasy worlds and stop bothering them on THEIR social media accounts… like ugh

    • Totally agree. It feels as though they only want to see their unnie with a particular oppa or vice versa and their unnie or oppa has no real talent for them to follow in the first place. It puts down their unnie/oppa. Just wish the ‘shippers’ would tone down.

    • never understand what a shipper can gain from such fantasies… mind your own business is what my mom always says… hahaha… lol… KGE didn’t even have any good chemistry with GY in the drama, the bromance was a lot lot better than the main couple imho…

    • Ugh shippers ….Don’t forget the songsong shippers, they’re everywhere with their delusional findings and fake photoshop wedding photos of song joongki and song hye kyo *facepalms*

      • Oh yes, the delulu songsong shippers, I’ve seen their craziest ship theories and ’proofs’ of them dating and they have also tagged Song Hye Kyo’s ig to their ridiculous posts… like aren’t they embarrassed…?

      • Wait. I thought those two were actually dating. I saw a lot of pics of them together at soompi.

        Urghhh… Dont shippers ever think that a man and woman can just be friends.

      • Songsong shippers are the worst. Super delulu out of hands, photoshopped things, made up stories, they even made wars with other actress’ fans.

      • Impression on Song Song shippers? Bunch of nasty people. Such a huge repulsed to read what they wrote.

    • Agree with this. Another Miss Oh shippers gave hate comments to one of the best leader of kpop, Eric just because he’s dating someone else. When IU broke up with her boy friend, they were in the party mood on. Same when Kim So Eun almost got hates when she said not as what shipper want. I can’t imagine how they could live with such fantasy.

  2. If ever something could’ve happened between GHJ and SJS, these kind of rumours basically killed it. Same with IU and LJK. So I doubt it could ever be with GY and KGE. Which is somewhat unfortunate but I suppose that’s the price you are made to pay for being in the entertainment circle. It sucks but so does a million others things. I think they’ll all survive just fine after a few days.

  3. Funny how when Lee Dong Gun and Jiyeon broke up and he started dating Jo Yun Hee people were cheering and everything. Yet when Kim Go Eun and Shin Ha Kyun break up people label her as a slut. Only difference? She’s denying about dating Gong Yoo while Lee Dong Gun confirmed. The double standards are so gross in this. Even if people hate Jiyeon the outcome shouldn’t be this different.

    • Act this rumor with GY makes her sounds like two timer. Cheating on bf while filming with costar in drama.
      Gosh.. this label is not good for her as rookie actress in K-ent??

  4. They don’t even have the kind of chemistry that i could ship them into real life tbh. What’s good about Goblin is the storyline, not really because of the main lead. Plus kim go eun is so forgettable in that drama.

  5. “Seems like much ado about nothing stemming from overzealous shipper fans”.

    EXACTLY! And those overdelusional shippers are just so annoying ??

  6. seriously though, dating and breaking up are common in people life. celebrities also human being. let them live their life. and they are actors, if they play as couple then they MUST have capability to show it to the viewers. thats mean good acting. Shipping is ok, as long as its stay on your mind. But dragging real persons into your fantasy is bad.

  7. Byun Yohan, Shin Ha Kyun, who is next?

    Anyway Kim Go Eun is still young, have all the time to date and find the right one.

  8. kim go eun has already been in 2 public relationship and broken up.she is just twenty five.she should from now on never admit dating again until marraige for her own sake.

    • With byun yohan, There wasn’t any official statement thou. It’s actually him that ‘accidentally’ post their conversation on his social media.

  9. Common, a lots 25yrs old girl have been dating 4-5 guy in their life. 2 is nothing and not type of “seriously dating”. To anyone who said no chemistry betwen Go Eun and Gong Yoo in goblin, you’re all blind or are you Gong Yoo’s fans…

  10. of course she can date.i am saying she should not date publicly again for her reputation sake.koreans slut shame actresses that date many times in public and it will follow her for the rest of her life.why do you think many actresses never admit dating publicly,do you really think they are virgins and never dated before.they do it because koreans look down on women with many known past boyfriends thus making it difficult for them to marry in future.
    anyway korean actors also does not marry actresses with a known past actor can check all the married actors and you will be surprise to find that they all marry actresses with zero dating scandal previously.
    i am saying this because she is young and marraige may not be in her agenda for now so if she keeps on letting the public know the men she dated, in the end it will affect her.

    • Time Korean society take their heads outside the sand….

      Its amazing how the media can slaughter someone’s name and life is all dendy but the innocent suffer… The only reason we are here throwing stones at Go-eun is because she is the least favorite of most koreans because ofcos again of the standard society has put on how to label beauty, its so pathetic really artificial beauty is a thing I guess…. Koreans first need to stop being Hypocrites and Fake and start dectating how their celebrities live their lives (and wanting them to live according to their stupid standards and fantasies)

      Its always Kim Go-eun who’s always at fault not your OPPAS ??your’ll are fake AF and I’m certain most of you are women, but because women will always fight a fellow woman just for OPPAS it’s and give their OPPAS a pass no matter they are wrong or right it matters not they are always seen as handsome Gods…. The double standards of Korean entertainment industry though, The fakest compared to the rest of the world honestly..

      You all here bashing Kim Go-eun for rumors that were never even proven but denied but because the hate your’ll have for Kim Go-eun is deep, your still holding on to the bone. In my opinion you should be ashamed of yourselves….

      I wish Kim Go-eun lives her life according to her beliefs, and be happy with whoever she decides to be with in the future…. Usually the universe is always on the side of people who keep their mouths shut and let her aura introduce herself… I’m just waiting for that one moment something happens that shuts you up forever….. Bunch of haters…

  11. of course she can date.i am only saying that she should never date publicly again. korea being conservative and hypocritical towards women, if she keeps on letting the public know the men she dated, it will affect her reputation and marraige eventually.
    korean actors does not marry actresses with a known past actor can check the married actors and verify.this is the reason why most actresses always denie dating eventhough they are dating. they do it not because they will lose fans but mainly to protect their reputation and image.

  12. dont know what GY saw in her she look like a kid next to him in goblin
    she the weak link of goblin to skip all her scene.

  13. Now that the rumor has been put to rest….

    Let me get this straight. I’m a GONG YOO fan but, KIM MIN HEE was called a sl*t for “breaking up a relationship” but fans were ready to give GONG YOO a pass and even ship for the new couple ? No “what a b*tch for breaking them up”s? No “he seduced her with money and looks”? LOL @ the double standard. Ok, alright. Logical. I’m done.

  14. UMMMMM….not to be mean but the man looks way too old for her. im glad they broked up. i don’t like the male lead in Globin anyway. I don’t ship her with any of them. i think she can do better.

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