Glorious Stills for Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms

Lordy is this going to be an exquisitely beautiful movie when it comes out this summer of 2017. The first full movie trailer is here for Once Upon a Time, the C-movie adaptation of fantasy gods and goddesses romance novel Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms. This movie has a high standard to live up to thanks to the arriving first successful hit Eternal Love with Yang Mi and Mark Chao, who brought the lead characters to life in a well directed easy to watch drama series. While Eternal Love took 50-something episodes to tell the entire novel, Once Upon a Time has two hours to convey the entire narrative and judging from the trailer appears to do that by reducing everything to the most memorable and stirring moments. Not to mention top notch movie quality CGI and the combined visual beauty of movie leads Crystal Liu and Yang Yang, this one looks like a hit in the making as well.


Glorious Stills for Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms — 90 Comments

  1. I cant waiiiitttt!!!!! This is soooo good!!!

    I just got on board peach blossom (the 58 episode one) and it is avsolutely riveting and i love it!!

    • I also can’t wait to watch this movie, I hope it will released in my country, I want to watch in IMAX and 3D. This is looks like Hollywood film Avatar. I read the novel but I dont watch drama because it’s too long with add so many character story and the CG is terrible. I only want to watch Yehua and Baiqian story

    • Narration:
      Have you ever loved someone?
      Have you ever…..hated someone?

      It’s him who made me remember – all that I should have forgotten, all that I shouldn’t have forgotten
      This time I want to forget everything.

      Su Su!
      All I’ve ever wanted, it was simply you only.

      Evil lady?:
      Whether you are the mortal Su Su, or the immortal Bai Qian, this shall be your final resting place!

      Ye Hua!

      Little girl:
      I wish for abundance and good harvests in the Four Seas

      I wish for three lives three worlds, ten miles of peach blossoms
      ( = eternal love, and expressing deep love)

      Just a rough translation. Hope this helps.
      I haven’t got on the craze, yet. LOL.

      • Thank you very much! I watched it like hundred times and now I can understand. But just a little correction, the kid is not a little girl, he is a boy :). It’s just the hairdo I guess that makes him look like a little girl.

  2. Can’t go wrong with more Three live, three world adaptations, with its issues aside, it is really a beautiful story.

    • The allegations seems superficial.. the sentences that she allegedly copied honestly were used in other dramas, chinese songs before..the sentences in itself was not original even from the other book. The story and setting was totally way, I think the Three Lives Three Worlds story was awesome..and I am so glad I chances uoon the book, drama, and. ow movie…can’t wait to see the Movie!

      • This is what I’ve read regarding the situation: T7GZ allegedly promoted her own story by pretending to be an alternate account of the author she plagiarized. At the time, the original author was much more famous than T7GZ, but only wrote BL fiction. In order to gain traction as a writer, T7GZ copied her style and elements of her plot, promoting it as a heterosexual version of her old stories(all while masquerading as the other author). As T7GZ had a close friend in a publishing agency, the finished novel became published. Afterwards, when the shit hit the fan, T7GZ began a smear campaign against the original author, accusing her of helping other people plagiarize.
        I’m not sure how much of that is true, but a lot of people who frequented the online book publishing website at the time claim this to be true. Basically, T7GZ is the Yu Zheng of the web novel world.

      • Have not heard that before and I am not very informative of what went down. From what I read, the author of the BL book came out to say that some sentences were similiar but the plot was entirely different than her book. Three lives, reincarnation, deities, Peach blossoms..these are all ingrained in Chinese culture and the story that has all these elements are many. It all stems from Classic Mountain story and Pu Song Ling’s strange stories. Regardless, I am sure Tong Qi was heavily influenced but ot is hard to say she outright plagiarized the book. Then again, I am not defending her, but all the evidence I have see. were pretty weak.

      • If it was that weak an accusation, I don’t believe T7GZ would have bothered bribing weibo to remove all versions of the comparison between the two books. She also has been removed from 2 large online writing communities for plagiarising. The only reason the original writer did not bring it to court was because homoexuality remains a sensitive issue in China. Many colleague also came out to support the original author.
        Personally I’ve read both books and the writing style was too identical, even though details might not be the same. Before I knew I also liked Three Lives a lot but I can’t condone plagiarism and not to mention the ugly behaviours of T7GZ.

  3. I honestly think the main characters have to have stunning beauty. Looks alone, the drama version is weaker before everything else comes into comparison with the movie version. I know the drama lead actors did a great job interpreting the characters in the novel because of their hard work on acting. But seriously, it has lost its appeal to me the very first episodes into the story since the OTP just don’t have that convincing beauty to mesmerize the whole world. LOL…It will be a tough job to impress novel fans with merely 2+ hour narrative of a condensed version in theaters. But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is the best example. I heard that the acting and shooting/editing directors of this movie version have renowned international reputation. I hope they don’t disappoint novel fans, given that the drama version has already set a high bar on viewers’ expectation.

    I’ll always follow Yang Yang’s projects and have been doing so since he’s still a supporting role. In my opinion, he’s the one in his generation with a lot of potential and possibilities, similar to how I view Park Hyung Sik in K drama realm. Just my personal opinion.

    • lol Visual has always been the strength of the movie with the cast, budget, length even everything. But will visual be enough?

      The drama and its cast used to get so much hated because their visual but they have made haters eating their words with their acting skills and hard work. The drama is a huge hit even so many people doubted them.

      The movie will be a hit too with their scale and and attention after a hit drama. But can their acting live up to the drama’s version? We need to wait and find out. Until then Mark and YM will be the only YH and BQ to me and many.

      • People were primarily on the fence regarding YM’s acting and Mark’s looks. In terms of acting skills, she and LYF are pretty evenly matched, but LYF really comes through for the action and fighting sequences. I always found YM to be pretty so that wasn’t an issue, but I could not get over Mark’s face. After girl number 9000375 fell desperately in love with him at first sight, my suspension of disbelief reached its breaking point. I also did not notice any of the brilliant acting that other people saw, but I am a poor judge of acting skills unless it’s egregiously bad so my last opinion can just be ignored.
        This movie looks promising though. I’m not too hung up on acting skills because, let’s be real here, the original book wasn’t some deep, thought provoking masterpiece. It was just a nice, sometimes angsty, romance novel(if you ignore the plagiarism allegations).

      • I’m giving the drama another shot. Unfortunately I had to fast forward many scenes since it was boring. So far, I haven’t seen the charisma of Mark Chao yet. Not even to mention Yang Mi. I really can’t take YM seriously as Bai Qian given how she looks and her posture. The battle scenes are cheap Chinese version of the Lord of the Rings, with 5 penny CGI. LOL. Perhaps as the plot progresses, I can relate it more to the novel.

      • @Windy @drama2017 No one actually thought it’s needed exceptional acting for this drama but with the script and acting skill, MZ brought his stoic characters alive with feels and heart break while YM was successfully portraited 5 roles distinctively. I learnt that YM has problem with her back so she did her best and she actually did all her fighting scenes herself so they look beautiful so I don’t know what you complaining here. Of course the drama scale of 58 episodes are different with the movie 2 hours.

        It’s ok if you don’t enjoy the drama. It’s a huge hit in China and made many doubter eating their words and even apologized and is the first drama broke 35 billion views online. I have read that many can’t move on and waiting for the movie version because the need more YH-BQ. Even until now YM-MZ are still on top of the most buzzed celebrities even the drama ended a month ago.

    • Visually, I have to say the Movie version has it. It is how I would imagine the leads woumd look..and the scenery…OMG!!! so so beautiful and out of this world!!!! The drama had budget limitations, and I can te right away what they cut the budget from…so.e of the sets look fake..and the sea palaces all looked the same..when it should have been diffrentiated so that we knew which sea god they went ro see. Drama was nice because the actors were really good….but the costumea and the sets sometimes just disappointed me a little…wardribe seems very simple for me…but the Movie jas awesone wardrobe!! Yang Yang is yeh wah!!! He has the looks and he looks good in his costume. li Yi Fei is THE Goddess…I can believe that she is a fox goddess.

      • Oh…and Zhe Yan’s costume looks good in the trailer…given how everyone was making fun of the costume…with the scenery and everything..he fits right in costume and all…..

    • @Drama2017: I think you need to watch it with an open mind otherwise you are not going to enjoy it. Skipping it is not helping either. I don’t understand why some people think Mark Chao is not handsome enough for the role. I think he looks very handsome & and manly in his role. I didn’t care for Yang Mi before, but I started to like her because of this drama. I think she is very pretty. I think they should made her costumes fancier in some areas.

      • Everyone has different aesthetic taste also preference about how the details of plot are fleshed out. I’m just don’t appreciate slow pace of most of the C dramas that much. Nirvana in Fire is one rare exception. The settings in many C wuxia and fantasy dramas appear very fake and awkward to me with cheaply made CGIs. I don’t see how this drama is different from other wuxia/fantasy in terms of CGI. Other than looks, I don’t have qualms about Mark Chao. But YM always hunched her back. That really turned me off. How could an ethereal beauty have posture like that? Just being honest. Please respect. Don’t respond like Mel who talked like a hot headed emo and empty head!

    • This is so incredibly shallow. You just said the actors did a great job acting but they didn’t have the convincing beauty. So what more do you want? The drama actors are fine enough and acted great but you prefer they are just fine with no acting talent. Lordy, save me from these shallow people. 35 billion views on drama show some people didn’t dislike their ugliness.

      • Watch out how you are critical of my different views than yours! By labeling ppl with different opinions “incredibly shallow” is a shallow and cocky attitude itself. Just because I don’t appreciate their looks so much as you, then you get all worked up and lash out humiliating words towards me. You’re really an online bully! Geeezzzzz….HAVE BASIC ONLINE ETIQUETTE!!!!!!!

        For me and many novel fans, Mark chao just doesn’t have that amazingly handsome face to mesmerize anyone described in the book. Period! Acting is apart from looks. Get your head straight!

      • @Drama2017 oh but i am not being insulting. I can’t help it if you find the word that describes what you said unpalatable. You basically said you didn’t care about acting but visuals and that’s a textbook definition of being shallow. So there.
        And as for those words you are throwing around Online Bully and Lacking Basic Online etiguette, I think you should take a deeper look in mirror because they apply more to you than me.
        My head is straight thank you. some novel fans bashed his looks before drama started but they have more manners and have apologized to him as they saw him act and become YeHua. So there.

      • Mel, I found you have strong tendency to overgeneralize from other comments too much and like to put your words in other ppl’s mouths. I simply stated a fact that Mark Chao doesn’t have the amazing looks to mesmerize women as described in the novel. Did that imply I don’t care about acting? NOPE! Go back and read all my comments CAREFULLY before you go eagerly on defense mode. LOL

    • I like the drama version, mark zhao is handsome and did incredible job to me , I don’t think Yang Mi is that pretty for the role but her posture , and acting convince me and I start loving her a lot
      I don’t watch C drama much due to my personal reason but ten miles peach blossom wins my heart . I just wish mark zhao do more dramas since his focus is only movie

    • Yang Yang is sure more handsome in look but in my opinion he does not give the ” so cool, so calm, so highly, can’t be reached” vibe that Mark gave me when I was watching the drama. For me, Mark Chao is perfect for the role. I read in an article that with this role, Mark proved that for an actor, acting skill is the most important thing, it is what captures viewer’s hearts and I totally agree. I definitely will check out the movie but I do not have high expectation for the acting.

    • With the record of the drama online’s views which over 36 billions I’m not surprised… They went to promote when the drama is still hot too… People are still thirsty for some YH-BQ and can’t move on yet.

  4. I want to watch this drama for Yang Yang but Liu Yiu Fei really turned me off. She always strike me as nothing more than just a flower vase. I have never find any of her performance appealing. I am on the fence whether to watch it or not, if only for Yang Yang.

  5. They’ve got big steps to fill, that’s for sure. The drama version was so beautiful and well directed. The clothes in the movie are way too fancy and distracting. Where am I supposed to focus my attention?? Especially Zhe Yan’s clothing. Never been a fan of Liu Yi Dei so we’ll see how this goes.

  6. I have watched the drama series three times already and it still amazes me! For me Mark was perfect I didn’t know him before but sure love him in this drama, YM is perfect as BQ as well but so far with the movie visuals is very nice, costumes for sure is nicer than the drama.

  7. OK, now I understand why so many fangirls went head over heels for Mark Chao’s Yeh Hwa in the drama version. Yeh Hwa was actually a jerk in the beginning in the novel. But TV drama romanticized him, overlooked his f*cking male weakness and turned him into a rosy, perfect heartthrob through Mark Chao’s acting. LOL…..Nope! Yeh Hwa isn’t! The first thing Yeh Hwa could enrapture women’s hearts is his LOOKS!

    I prefer the first adaptation on screen to not deviate from the original novel.

    • Mark Chao said that “Yeh Hwa is the heroine of the drama” as if Yeh Hwa were supposed to be the one to be admired and he did make it that way so that fangirls just blindly fell for him. LMAO. Is that how you interpret the novel???? B*llshoot! Give the limelight back to the rightful heroine!!!!! The more I watched the TV drama series, the more I LOL @ all the crap misinterpreted in the lines and acting. You can’t just skip those ugly demonic details about Yeh Hwa and how much he caused agony to Su Su by twisting his personality in an adaptation. How much the spirit of the original novel has been lost in this adaptation???? Shake my head!

      • So are you trying to point out that your interpretation of the novel is the only rightful and correct interpretation out there? There is a Chinese saying that goes: There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes. You expect people here to respect you to have different aesthetic taste and different preference of how the story is fleshed out, yet you find the drama’s portrayal unacceptable because it does not match with your interpretation of the novel, thus the characterization and Mark’s portrayal of Ye-Hua are “misinterpreted”. I find that pretty ironic itself. There is no misinterpretation. It’s just a matter of different perceptions. Many people including fans of the original novel have acknowledged Mark’s Ye-Hua to be close to what they have imagined Ye-Hua to be (after having watched the drama). That itself proves that in some, or should I say in many people’s hearts, Mark’s Ye-Hua matched with how people have interpreted Ye-Hua in the novel. Just because you don’t think so (which you ofcourse have the right to think so), doesn’t mean that it is a fact tho.

        BTW girl. You sound really contradicting in your posts.

      • Drama 2017

        You asked for respect in your opinions. You are entitled to your opinion & other “fangirls” are also entitle to their opinions. There is no need to use f*cking or b*ullshoot words in your comments. No doubt from your comments we can tell you are Yang Yang’s big fan. Hopefully everyone can be friendly when he/she is making his/her comments – let make it more enjoyabke. Thanks

      • It’s actually a running joke because of his long hair in the drama and BQ is a lot manlier in her nonchalant and indifferent surface. I agree that the drama makes YH a lot better than in the story. But it stay true to the novel 90%, which I can’t say the same with the movie. Heck YY likely can’t even play MY and YH at the same time nor LYF can have 5 characters to act like YM. And what does it has to do with people went head over heal for MZ? They love him because of his acting, not his face… or Look, which a shallow person like you care about and try everything to pick on him

      • Hi did you read Ye Hua epilogue in the book, he wasn’t a jerk , what he did was trying to protect SuSu , he loves and did everything for Susu ,and I believe the drama did a very good job following all the details in the book

      • @Ta, the epilogue not simply revealed how much Ye Hwa loved Su Su, but also revealed he’s not perfect since all his plan was based upon his immature and self-absorbed righteousness regarding what was good to the woman he loved, specifically his horrendous and idiotic reasoning for gouging his lover’s eyes.

        Now it’s my turn to ask you. Did you really read the whole book?

    • Why does it matter with the first adaption though? So for a second adaption (the film for example) it becomes OK to deviate from the original novel? Considering the fact that the film is at most 2 hours, I think they are going to change a lot in order to squeeze everything in 2 hours. For example, they are probably going to merge Li-Jing with Qing Cang (his dad). Mo Yuan will most likely not even appear in the film (will probably just be refered as BQ’s master).

      • OMG! You put your words in my mouth again. Did I suggest it was ok for the movie to deviate from the original novel? Nope! At the moment I referred to the first adaptation, what I had in mind as an example was Moon Lover, the Korean adaptation of Bu Bu Jin Xin. LOL

    • @Drama2017 for someone who wants the book EXACTLY like the drama, uhm,are you sure you even read the whole book? Because if you had read and read YeHuas epilogue you would know the drama follows the book almost 100% regarding the main couple.
      It’s so tedious using words like swear words. Learn to use proper words honey. I know it’s hard because you are just feigning righteous indignation over Mark portrayal. It’s okay, we get it. You don’t want your star unfairly compared to another. Its hard someone else has played the role to superb critical and commercial acclaim. Better to come out straight then than pretending to be a super drama critic. And you know what, YangYang will be fine. Movie will do fantastic okay dear? So you can stop your frankly stupid nonsensical criticism about how someone acted a way to make fangirls fall for him. haha. did that make sense to you when you typed it? I didn’t know actors acted to turn off fans from them (sarcasm in case you missed it).

      • LOL…woman! Did we even read the same book in Chinese? To other fangirls, just chill! I started with a very simple observation about the OTP’s looks since I just started watching the drama. Many viewers who had read the book actually had the same reaction as I. Did I insult Mark Chao about his acting? Nope! To the opposite, I said he did a great job. But it won’t change the fact that he didn’t look like an exquisite youth in the fairy world. He looks more of the middle age of an uncle to me. LOL. I didn’t even mean to debate other elements of the drama since I’m still watching. But you fangirls got so fired up b/c someone else like me don’t get to appreciate your heartthrob that much.

        LOL..Be fair. You’re entitled to rave your fave to the moon and back. So am I. This is a public forum run in a democratic society. Not everyone has to be conformed to homogenous thinking as under an authoritarian regime. As for the movie, did I say it’s gonna do well? READ MY FIRST POST CAREFULLY before you put your words in my mouth, emo fangirls. The movie is yet to be judged and so are LYF and of course Yang Yang’s acting even I do think Yang Yang did great jobs in interpreting his roles in The Whirlwind Girl, The Lost Tomb, and One Smile Is Alluring.

  8. HAHAH some of these comments are amusing. I always thought acting is the most important when it comes to dramas, personally no amount of pretty or hot actors will make me enjoy a drama if the acting is shitty. And trust me, there is A LOT of those good-looking actors who make it so unbearable to watch even if they are pretty.

    Yang Yang – that boy is gorgeous, but I have yet to enjoy a single drama of his fully because his acting is average at best, and weak in general. Face it. Onscreen presence and physical appeal does NOT equal to charisma. These two concepts are not to be confused. Anyone who thinks he’s a decent actor is either a big fan, or haven’t seen a lot of good acting in general.

    Before the drama I was skeptical of Mark Chao as the heavenly Ye Hua like anyone who has read the novel since he was not what I expected as well. But then I realized how incredibly shallow of me when I finally got to see him act, for I previously judged him purely on looks alone. I’ll admit that I was being shallow, and so did a lot of people who actually bothered to watch the drama with an OPEN MIND. I still don’t think Mark is particularly handsome, but he won me over with his acting, when the odds were all stacked against him at first. If you ask me – I rather take a less attractive actor who can really act and make the drama enjoyable with his performance, than a very attractive eye-candy who is only good for looking good but their acting leaves much to be desired.

    What makes Mark Chao’s acting really good in the drama?
    His ability to portray a wealth of emotions with very little expression. PAY ATTENTION TO THIS. Changes on his face are subtle and kept on the down-low. His emotions when allowed to be shown are VERY real and consistent with his character, rather than what audiences expect to see.
    To skip through a drama and then claim his performance is nothing special or charismatic is stupid because acting doesn’t only come through during key moments/big scenes, but it’s the portrayal of the character on a consistent basis -those small mannerisms, ways he carries himself, etc that make a character.

    I am looking forward to the movie version for how visually stunning it is. I don’t expect the acting to be better than the drama, but it’s also not fair to compare. For one, the drama has 58 episodes for characters to be fleshed out while there is only 100 minutes or so to the movie.

    • So much love for this comment!

      I adore Yang Yang (he’s my Xiao Nai and Mao Shiba), I am worried for his Yehua being compared to Mark’s gorgeous Yehua. Tbh before the drama started, I had low expectation of Yang Mi’s acting and Mark Chao’s unfamiliar name, but after watching the first episode, all doubts just flew away. It was solid acting and gorgeous drama for all 58 episodes!

      Let’s just watch the drama & fim with an OPEN MIND people! Let them entertain us 😀

    • Again, you assumed you read my mind in your long ass essay. LOL…Did I skip those scenes with Mark Chao in? Nope! Never. I actually skipped some of the boring scenes of side characters to mainly watch Mark Chao and Yang Mi. So get down your high horse, stop your self-endorsed righteousness and stop preaching like one-man-up as if you had the holy high mind to appreciate all the good quality of drama but not others. For me, we all speak our own personal preference and nobody can claim her views are holding the absolutely high standards. I refrained myself from name calling. But since you fangirls started it using degrading words such as “shallow” and “stupid” etc..I’d be just be an eye for an eye. You holy crap idiots since you can’t take different opinions well!

      • Your very first comment was actually quite okay in terms of expressing your personal opinion. The drama has set a high bar and the lead actors did a great job interpreting the characters in the novel. However I disagree with your two other sentences, 1. drama’s main characters have to have stunning beauty and 2. (3L3W’s drama) OTP just don’t have that convincing beauty. Full stop, I don’t want to expand. We just have differences in opinion.

        Take a deep breath, keep calm. I hope you have a good day!

    • Preach!
      I think the movie will be a hit with their visual and they also take advantage of the drama’s fever.
      But acting wise, it’d be a lie to say I expect it to live up to the drama’s version because the cast and whole production did an exceptional jobs especially the leads. But I’m willing to be open-minded and wait to be proven wrong.

  9. Who are all you posters who are declaring Mark Chao to be unattractive? I’m quite finicky about looks, and even I think Chao is damn hot in real life. Sure, dude doesn’t have the fairy-tale type looks ala YY, but Chao is really attractive. You guys make him sound like some ogre.

    YY looks like he stepped out of a fairytale, but if his acting is subpar, there’s not alot that’s going to prop up the flower vase. This is a live action film, not some 2D poster you hang on the wall.

    I was one of the ones who thought Mark didn’t fit YH because the posters made him look like an Asian Severus Snape, but his acting stunned me and made me eat my words, and then some. He really captured the melancholy, regal, stoicism of YH. He brought the character to life.

  10. OMG! all fangirls went out like football players to tackle ppl with different views. Just chill! I simply state a fact. That is, the OTP of the drama version don’t have fascinating looks described in the book, regardless of their acting. LOL…I simply can’t stare at their faces and physique and relate it to the hero/heroine of the novel. Why do you get so emo because your ego got hurt big time by a very different assessment about your heartthrob? LMAO. Forget it. I won’t waste my time debating nonsense with fangirls who can’t take various opinions well. LOL

    • You have been saying that some people are putting words into your mouth, and that people here (whom you refer to as “fan girls”) are flipping and getting worked up because we can’t take any bad talking about “our heartthrob”. Girl, you pretty much seem to be the only one flipping here judging from the way you are reacting and firing at all the people. Most of us are pretty calm, but you seem to be the most offended one that majority of us think otherwise. You seem to have a harder time accepting that in some people’s hearts, Mark was perfect as Ye-Hua. I, for one, enjoyed the drama very much. I appreciated Mark’s performance, but do I classify myself as a fan girl? No.. Not at all. Do I know what the dude is up to currently? Have no idea. Why do you assume that everyone who appreciates his performance to be his delulu fan girl? Can’t we be random, ordinary viewers who just happen to appreciate and admire his portrayal of Ye-Hua, without being a fan girl? Maybe you should learn to accept that first before you ask other people to do the same in respecting your opinion. After all, you are the one here labeling all the people who simply appreciate Mark’s performance in the drama as “hopeless, butt hurt fan girls who can’t take different opinions well”. Thanks, for gifting me “a heart throb” I am supposedly madly in love with.. (Question marks?). And you blame someone for over-generalizing comments….?

      Also, I have said this earlier as well. You are absolutely free to think whatever you want to think. Everyone has their own interpretation and perception on things. If you think you are free to feel that the drama has done the novel injustice, then why can’t other people think opposite that the drama has lived up to all their imaginations of the novel? Is your interpretation of the novel the only correct interpretation out there? Also, I’m not really having a clue of what you are trying to get at. First, you say that the actors did a great job in interpreting their characters, and then you say that it’s bullsh*t crap with the misinterpreted lines and acting, and then once again you say that he (they) did a great job. Is someone else using the same username as you? Because to me, that seems like two pretty darn contradicting statements.

      • Oh… “Butt hurt fan girls” seems to be a quite subtle name-calling you are using. I see you are now actually starting to call people “holy crap idiots”..

        Not sure if it was a good idea to reply to you..

      • Mark Chao did a great job with his actin BASES UPON the script and lines (that twisted the focus of the novel) given to him. And you fangirls swooned over Ye Hwa based upon his acting. GET IT??? Get the logic of my wording?

        Regardless of everything else, I stand by my opinion. Mark Chao doesn’t have the looks described in the novel. LOL

      • Who cried out first??? Read the comments carefully. I simply posted a comment about looks and did not even criticize Mark Chao or YM for their acting. The fact is, you fangirls don’t want to admit the cast of the drama aren’t as perfect as all you regard by some viewers. Therefore you’ve been desperately trying to deny it. Give me a break! You just can’t get down your high horse by calmly taking differences well. Look! If you think a dish is perfectly tasty and you totally enjoy it, it doesn’t mean everyone has got to have the same taste as you. Learn to take different views with respect in this democratic society! You can argue against my opinion by making your case without name calling. But once you start off name calling, don’t blame me for making you look miserable.

      • I think everyone is acting calm and rational but you…
        You criticized the actors for their looks because that’s the only thing tyou could come at them, right? You also said the drama changed YH’s characters when they didn’t. #3310 is one rare drama that follow the book 90% compared to current adaption. But sure we are the irrational fan girls who appreciate acting and good adaption when you are rational fan girl who care only look. It’s something to take note.

    • @Bwear, OMG! When did I have wording “hopeless, butt hurt,” or “delulu” fangirls? The ignorant level of how you twisted my words is beyond comprehension! Did you make up those words in your own imagination out of your loss of sanity? LOL..What’s wrong of being called fangirls? Oversensitive! In entertainment, we are all fangirls or fanboys when it comes to how we appreciate our favorite celebrities. I am a fangirl of Song Joong Ki. LOL…I don’t get offended if someone calls me a fangirl of a charming actor. BTW, let me reiterate the basic rule for eye for eye. Are you saying I deserve to be called “stupid” first just because of different opinion but aren’t entitled to fight back with the same holy shit? You are indeed holy crap idiot!

      • There is something called read between the lines. Also, who is getting extremely over sensitive here? I’m really laughing at the way you react. You say that people here are losing their sanity, getting worked up because people share different opinions. But really, the only one who is getting over-sensitive and flipping is you. Judging by the way you call me a “holy crap idiot”. You say an eye for an eye. Am I justified to call you bad names as well?

        What’s wrong being called fan girls? Nothing. But it is wrong to label everyone as “fan girls who get so emo because their ego got hurt big time because people have different opinions regarding their hearth throb”. You fail to understand that not all of us are “Mark’s fan girls who get so emo and worked up refusing to accept criticism”. I say this one last time: I, for one, am not his fan girl. And yes, according to your own “rules”, why am I not entitled to fight back when I’m called something I am not, and also assumed to be subjective and unable to accept different opinions because the only thing I simply did is to appreciate his performance in the drama. I’m sure many if us feel the same.

        Also, I say this for the third time. You are entitled to your own opinion, other people here are too. I’ve said it in my very first post to you. You have the right to think whatever you do, but it is not a fact. What I was trying to point out is that you like using phrases like “different views, different thinkings, different opinions, different aesthetic tastes etc.” and you want people to embrace that. But do you get that once you do, it contradicts with “misinterpretation” or “fail to admit that they are too unattractive for their roles to mesmerize people”. You get worked up because some people think both Mark and Yang Mi are perfect in their roles. And you think that those who do, are in denial to admit the opposite. If you think a dish is untasty and you do not fully enjoy it, it doesn’t mean that anyone else can’t find it the most tasty and enjoyable dish on earth. When you are asking people to accept different views, you are also the one saying that people are in denial because “as a fact” both leads are not attractive enough to mesmerize the whole world.

        Also, chill out. There really is no need to call people bad names.

      • Chill! I know you can’t calm down without another long ass essay. We just agree to disagree. I have different preference and take about what defines good casting than you and others. I have no particular complex against the main leads of the drama. I still stand by my opinion about their looks. They don’t give me the feel of the characters described in the novel. They may be fine with reference to the book. But I can’t relate their appearance and aura of the novel hero/heroine, specifically Mark Chao who just looks like a middle age to me. Take it or not. That’s my opinion. Just admit you get butt hurt because you did sound like that in your rambling comments.

  11. Wow,the drama was intriguing but I can’t wait to see how they will edit and adapt all the story to a two hour movie! Both the drama and the movie should be enjoyed by all. To each his own, and in my case I’m going to be greedy and enjoy both!

  12. I enjoyed the drama quite a bit, but haven’t read the novel so can’t compare. I do think that a lot of credit to the drama’s success is with the writer who adapted it and also the director who apparently directed Scarlet Heart (one of them as they apparently had several PDs) & Love 020. She is a fine filmmaker.

    I was surprised to see Mark Chao mention that he hoped people could come to like his looks because I didn’t realize in China that him not being beautiful was an issue. Amazing what long hair does for some of these guys, and I think he has a masculinity that some of the prettier actors don’t always have. Lee Jun Gi can pull off the pretty and the manly in k-dramaland, but I’ve found not all of the flower boys can do this.

    I find it interesting that in China, they often do the drama and then put out a movie. I watched My Sunshine, the drama, and then eventually watched the movie (with Yang Mi…ha). The acting was fine in the movie but they basically did a dot to dot of the big scenes in the drama so I wondered why bother? So I think the movie version’s success will be very much on who writes the script. More than the actors chosen, I think that and direction will determine if it is done well or not.

    • The same director, Lin Yufen, who also directed “Journey of Flower”. She is also directing Liu Shi Shi & William Chan’s new drama “Lost Love in Times”. She is such a talented director.

  13. honestly,i really don’t care with the actor or actress,as long they can nailed the characters and the chemistry,and yeah good story too,i don’t mind at all. i just hope it will great movie,like red cliff 1 and red cliff( i love that movie) or stunning movie like hero,and the cursed of golden flower or painted skin (that good too)

  14. @drama2017 , yes I read the whole book ,entirely everything little details
    In the book , the first part was narrated by susu perspective point of view , she “thought” that ye hua doesn’t love her , so thru the narration in the beginning making me think sorry but Ye Hua doesn’t deserve her
    But in the drama , the time frame changes to make the viewers easy to follow and because of that I feel the love from ye Hua toward Susu
    It’s okay you interpret the book different from me but it doesn’t mean that because the drama romantizes Ye Hua character that’s why I like Ye Hua /mark zhao
    I like Ye Hua/ Mark Zhao because to me Mark Zhao did a wonderful job portraying the character ,
    Having said . It doesn’t mean I’m not open to the movie version , I’m looking forward to seeing it
    And it’s okay of you interpreted the book from I do

    • I sincerely appreciate your clam reply and I enjoy this kinda rational discussion with you. Yes, we may have different takes about the character of Ye Hwa. Since the book is mainly narrated from Bai Qian’s points of view just like One Smile Is Very Alluring, I sorta expect any adaptation of the novel to satisfy every aspect of the description in the novel in order to to be called PERFECT! I actually appreciate Mou Yuan’s personality more than Ye Hwa although he’s destined to be the one for Bai Qian. I dislike how he tricked Su Su into falling in love with him and let her go through the hell in the heaven. Mark Chao is handsome and attractive in his modern looks. But his style in this drama is horrendous imo and he doesn’t have that stunning face/physique that’s to a point even considered “sissy” in Bai Qian’s eyes. While drama fans appreciate his acting and swoony lines from the script, you have to respect other ppl’s opinion about his looks. He’s not perfect as Ye Hwa who is supposed to look really young with delicate features and slender long fingers in the fairy world while behaves himself as a stoic and older guy than he’s supposed to.

  15. I guess everybody have different opinions on who they think is handsome, for me, I initially felt MC what I think my ideal type of handsome and wasn’t exactly who I pictured for e role of YH who is supposedly young and handsome. but his acting was so good to e extent I start to think he is handsome e more I look at him and later on I was gushing over every line he said and every look he gave to BQ. I read somewhere that China viewers actually termed his skill ‘cosmetic surgery acting’. Seriously impressive skills. Now when I go back to reading e book again, I can only picture him as YH. As for YM, she portrayed e part of lazy goddess very well, I didn’t really like her as Yisin tho but SS and BQ was acted very well. Anyways, I very rarely come across actresses that act gender bender roles well except for Kim Yoo Jung in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

    To be frank, if e director had picked somebody w looks but mediocre acting skills, this drama wouldn’t have been so popular. In this case e director made a great choice and picked MC for e role. It isn’t easy to portray YH/MY and make ppl think they r 2 different ppl. When I watched MY’s expression on screen I felt my heart wrenched for him. That’s why ppl can’t get enough of MC.

    I watched YY in Love020 and didn’t feel e charisma in his acting, Drama was entertaining and typical idol drama w nice cgi. Mostly I admire his looks and that was that, his acting was not memorable. but perhaps it may be due to him not getting enough challenging roles. And ppl really have different views on who is handsome or not. I showed some of my friends who dun watch Cdrama, Yang Yang’s photo to try and psycho them to watch LoveO2O and they were like meh, they feel he isn’t their type of handsome, they prefer e more rugged or manly looking guys, so beauty is truly in e eyes of e beholder 🙂

    • You like it or not, Yang Yang did a great job interpreting Xiao Nai in One Smile Is Very Alluring (Love 020). Most book fans like me agree with that and he’s handpicked by the original book author and the director. His looks fit the expectation over the hero in the book and his acting has the right amount of emotion to exude the aura of Xia Nai. But that’s your opinion. I respect.

      I also hope drama fans can equally respect my opinions about this Peaches drama. The OTP’s looks and physique just don’t compare to what’s described in the original novel. I’m still patiently watching the drama although I almost want to quit b/c draggy plot with extra trivia fill-in and many cheap CGIs. But I’m giving this drama the 2nd shot to see why ppl raved it to the galaxy and back. So far, Yang Mi impressed me more than Mark Chao although yeah, I don’t really like her Su Yin so much.

  16. I am open to the movie version as well. However, Mark Chao did a superb job nailing his roles as MY and YH. I’ve never watched him act before and his portrayal of MY/YH had captivated my heart since episode 1. It’s like he is bringing the character to life and I cannot stop thinking about his character even after I have finished all 58 episodes and still go back to rewatch it from time to time.

  17. Ya I most definitely will watch e movie since I’m still suffering from withdrawals.. it’s like a fever that won’t go away. I will take any medicine to cure it hahah.. read e book 3 times, read Pillow Book, and now only have e movie to look forward to.. visually very appealing and would like to see a different take or interpretation of YH/BQ. Hopefully e storyline and acting is on par w e cgi cos the trailer really does look good.

    • Did you read the one that has been translated to English or the Chinese one? I’m tempted to buy from Amazon (with the title: To the Sky Kingdom), but I don’t know if it’s good translation or not.

  18. Don’t bother to buy from Amazon, it doesn’t have Ye Hua’s epilogue. Wasted my money cos I thought there would be some extra scenes. I read Hamster’s translation which is available on Scribd for download.

    • OMG. YH has epilogue in the novel ? I bought the ebook “To The Sky Kingdom” from Amazon. Some people mentioned about YH’s epilogue, I thought I bought the wrong book because the one I bought only has BQ’s epilogue.

  19. Trailer is so stunning,I m not from China but recently watched​ two of Yang Yang drama love o2o and the whirlwind girl and I feel he was really gud in both the roles,there is versatility in his acting and his screen presence is really good and offcourse he is really good looking too

  20. Whoever said LYF’s acting is comparable to YM’s, you’ve got to be joking! But I don’t blame her since she always seems to be stereotyped to play fairy/goddess types of roles, with passive and lifeless (ala Xiao Long Nu) personalities, which unfortunately is not Bai Qian. I’m a fan of the drama and so far, not not feeling any excitement from the movie trailer. For one, I think there’s just too much CGI going on.

  21. Its just my personal opinion, since I read BL and hetero version, ‘ye hua’ is seme and ‘bai qian’ is uke
    For me, yang yang has more sweet pretty boy image and more suitable for uke than seme appearance like most korean pretty boys, so for the romance film the girl has to have a softer image than him

    Maybe i just have a different imagination for male god :s

  22. lol y’all are crazy. Mark was absolutely stunning as YH. I’d give the drama a 9.5 out of 10. He might be the only YH for us gamma since we followed from beginning til end.
    But I’m sure yang yang would Give the movie the same feel. His acting is top notch. And he’s pretty !

    • You can watch it on YouTube, search for tam sinh tam the thap ly dao hoa, go with the vietsub, it has has English and Chinese sub too. The Thiet Minh version has one lady voice overing everyone!

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