KBS Finalizes Casting of Sageuk Seven Days Queen with Park Min Young, Yeon Woo Jin, and Lee Dong Gun

KBS just premiered its new Wed-Thurs drama Mystery Queen to passable ratings but with the follow up drama being a sageuk it’s getting close to the wire to finalize the cast and start filming. This week came the main cast confirmations for Seven Days Queen with the love triangle leads being Park Min Young toggling two royal brothers in Yeon Woo Jin and Lee Dong Gun. Lee Dong Gun just finished a top rated weekend drama Laurel Tree Tailors as the male lead but here he’s playing the anti-hero antagonist who is the wedge between Park Min Young and Yeon Woo Jin’s tortured romance. Plenty of antagonist roles are memorable and even sometimes more engaging than the male lead so I hope this drama has a great gripping story line with all three leads nicely fleshed out in character motivations and development. Then it’ll be a good use of a Park Min Young and Yeon Woo Jin both of whom have shown aptitude with sageuks, and Lee Dong Gun tackling his first sageuk role.

Joining the leads will be Jang Hyun Sang and Do Ji Won, with the PD directing having worked twice with Park Min Young previously with Healer and Man of Honor.


KBS Finalizes Casting of Sageuk Seven Days Queen with Park Min Young, Yeon Woo Jin, and Lee Dong Gun — 8 Comments

  1. Park Min Young dramas always get high ratings and popular. She’s also like Ha Ji Won who always make her lead actors shine. Hope this get success.

    • But she, herself isn’t an A list actress. I wonder why. I mean, her popularity is not as high as Park Shin Hye or Park Bo Young even she has many high rating dramas. Or Han Hyo Joo.

      i think, her drama that didnt really get high rating was only healer, only 8% something and not the numero uno on that time slot. Hopefully this comeback can make her name bigger. goodluck!

  2. That’s what i thought about. Of course, LDG took this 2nd lead character because it’s an antagonist character.

    This reminds me of the actress who played Mishil in Queen Seondok. Sorry i forgot her name. She was so popular back then, more popular than the lead actress, but then, she took 2nd lead bcuz of the antagonist character. And, she took the best and high award back home.

    Last time, LDG only got best actor bcuz of his popular weekend drama, now, he seeks for baeksang award. Good luck in this role.

  3. I’m surprised to find LDG as the 2nd lead. Hasn’t he been a veteran as leading man for a long while? But never mind. I always find him boring and I care less about whatever he’s in any drama.

  4. Park min young is an A list actress to me, she has work with many Alist actors, i asw her CF with won bin I was like wow,she has done more for herself over the yrs, she had her time and she is still doing great,she have gone through a lot of controversy and hates over the yrs but she is doing well above all,She is a good actress that’s why I love her, my all time favourite and I love her,Instagram name @rachel_mypark. I agree with@kat but disagree with @yui on the 1st part of her writing, wish all the cast goodluck, watchout!! the drama is going to be wow

    • Lols… For her fans, she’s the best actress. No doubt.

      But i dunno that she got hates? Really? I think, she’s one of the actresses who barely got any scandal. Her only gossip was with Lee Minho. And probably some rumor about her getting plastic surgery but isnt it common in S.K?

      I like her. I do hope she can be more popular in S.K, in the same line with Song Hae Gyo or even Park Bo Young. Fighting!

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