Kim Yoo Jung is a Retro Sportswear Teen Goddess in New 1st Look Pictorial

Normally I’m not a fan of the amber-hued pictorials since it’s usually done in an edgy way that comes across as pretentious. In the case of this 1st Look photo spread with high school senior and actress Kim Yoo Jung, there’s a throwback melancholy that I love when paired with her recent ups and downs. Kim Yoo Jung reached the pinnacle of her still very young acting career with last year’s hit drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, but the high was quickly sucked out by the usual K-netizen haranguing when she was perceived as being rude and inattentive during promos for a movie.

There’s no room for error in the judgmental eyes of modern media consumption and Kim Yoo Jung learned her lesson the hard way. If she was a teen actress in the 1970’s as seen in these retro Fila pics, she might’ve have a chance to act like a teen with the wiggle room to make mistakes like normal folks do without being eviscerated. I think laying low for the last three months was a great idea and I hope her next acting role refreshes the public’s perception of her back to being a talented charming young girl.


Kim Yoo Jung is a Retro Sportswear Teen Goddess in New 1st Look Pictorial — 8 Comments

  1. Although I did not enjoy MDBC at all, I really do love Kim Yoo Jung. She stole my heart as that cute talented young actress since “Dong Yi”.

    I never understand why they deemed her as rude. I just find K-netz as pathetic who have no proper lives of their own other than sitting behind the computers, dissecting every stars’ move and nitpick on everything to criticize and bash.

    How I wish there’s a K-star who could not care less and just show the middle finger to these pathetic K-netz but Korean is a highly judgmental society, so I totally understand why the stars have no choice but to bow and apologize even when they did nothing wrong.

  2. I really like her too. She’s a good actress and she seems to be a great person too. I like the fact she’s going in school and have normal activities. It’s cute she has done a play with her school.

    All the scandal about her to be rude, it’s so ridiculous.

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