Song Joong Ki Lands the Cover of the May 2017 Edition of W Korea

Landing the cover of W Korea is quite an honor for the high brow fashion publication, and the May cover model certainly has earned the sartorial honor. Song Joong Ki is front and center in front of a tree for W Korea, modeling a singularly unimpressive plaid pattern sweater and looking a combination of pensive and perturbed. I can’t figure out what is supposed to be going on other than the camera slurping up Song Joong Ki’s beautiful features and expressive eyes. He looks so much like Kang Maru from Nice Guy in this spread,restraining all the emo¬†ponderings of future unknowns and past pains. It remains such a fun experience to watch him play fast and furious with a role so different than his usual style in Descendants of the Sun, and if he’s going to stay extra selective with dramas for the foreseeable future then I’ll just selectively rewatch DotS anytime I need my Song Joong Ki fix.


Song Joong Ki Lands the Cover of the May 2017 Edition of W Korea — 11 Comments

  1. he is a great actor. staying in chung muro might be enough to show his talent because there is only a few of them, challenging role, available in small screen. but i really do need my SJK fix in 16 hours drama or something lol

  2. Far more interested in what he has to say in his interview, though he and the cast of Gunhamdo are pretty much forbidden from revealing anything re: the film, but am going to enjoy the pretty as well.

  3. Oh yeah, I’m shallow and a fan of handsome&young looks. LOL…His Kang Maru persona is irresistible. Plotwise, I prefer DotS to Nice Guy. But Kang Maru is more impressive to me than Captain YSJ.

    If he still stands by his wish revealed in the interview right after the hit of DotS, he may want to do a really sentimental melodrama for next TV project. I don’t mind. But I hope to see him in something cooler, totally deviating from his past roles. Perhaps a thriller?

  4. For some popular Hyllua stars (with some very prominent names in my mind already), I’m satisfied enough to just stare at their beautiful faces and hot bodies and won’t demand more from them on screen. LOL. But for talented actors like SJK and Park Hyung Sik, I’m greedy as a fan and expect them to show progressive development in their career trajectory, someone like Lee Bum Soo, Jang Hyuk, or Han Suk Kyu. And I wish them end up with a happy/successful life both in career and marriage like Ji Sung.

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