Ha Ji Won Considering Summer 2017 MBC Drama Hospital Ship

This is two sets of unconfirmed drama news but still a likelihood to happen so I’m cautiously optimistic. MBC is discussing the scheduling of the drama to follow Ruler: Master of the Mask which will run from May through July, so the followup drama will need to be ready to air come middle of summer in July. It’s still unconfirmed but that drama may be a small provincial medical drama called Hospital Ship, and in talks to star as the leading lady is Ha Ji Won. Her agency confirmed that she has received the script and is considering the role of the doctor running a floating hospital on the ship on an island. This is a smaller town take on J-dorama Clinic on the Sea, which itself is the seafaring version of Code Blue‘s docs on a helicopter. If Hospital Ship isn’t ready to air by July then MBC will slot another drama in between with the sailing doc drama to come in early fall.

Ha Ji Won has played plenty of tough characters from various police officers to stunt woman to assassins, if she does Hospital Ship then it’ll be her first doctor role (as far as I’m aware), and one that hopefully balances her strength with an underlying cutesy quality that can be quite difficult to toggle. I love her and hope she comes back to the small screen this year with a great drama choice.


Ha Ji Won Considering Summer 2017 MBC Drama Hospital Ship — 12 Comments

  1. I’m a huge fan … I was hoping for her to be in a historical drama but either way I will be looking forward to her comeback

  2. I keep on waiting for her comeback but reading the word “doctor” and “medical”… I am afraid I may need to wait for at least another year to have Ha Ji Won gracing my tv screen again. I am so done with doctors and lawyers in K-dramaland.

  3. Another dry Medical drama 🙁 this will only be interesting if the writing/directing is superb and she gets an A lister leading man! Come on drama gods!

  4. I hope this is a better drama than her last one ‘The Time We Are Not In Love’.

    I still like her in sageuk drama Empress Ki.

  5. I love Ha Ji Won. She is without a doubt one of my favorite actresses in the world. I am sick to death of medical dramas. I cannot even finish a good one and most of them I think are just awful. I just cannot be happy about this news. I don’t think even Ha Ji Won could get me to watch another Korean medical drama. Blech.

  6. Ha Ji Won is so talented — she shines in whatever part she plays. It will be fun to see her as a doctor. I think she will definitely add chemistry to the story. Such a dedicated actress who will challenge herself to learn any skill necessary to play different parts. This gal does not get stereotyped to play one style. Hope the other cast will be as skillful. Can’t wait!

  7. This just might be interesting only if we can see her dive, go scuba diving or have some stunt work with this role. I wonder if Kdramas can focus on other professions than the medical and legal fields as these seem to be done to death…

  8. Looking forward seeing HJW on tv screen.Hoping she’ll have an A list co star.Still want to see her her with HB.As one said maybe we could see an underwater adventure.

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