Bazaar China Features Goddess Crystal Liu with Curious Bunny Accompaniment

After the impressively nuanced performance by Yang Mi as the female lead of fantasy romance novel Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms, it’s now time to look forward to this summer’s condensed take by Crystal Liu playing the same character in movie length. Bazaar China is taking a first crack at featuring Crystal in a modern muse spread decked out in various couture goddess frocks, and in each picture she’s curiously coupled with a bunny or more. To say I don’t get it is an understatement since the recent Yang Mi fashion pictorial had her with foxes with is her transformation spirit animal in Three Lives Three Worlds, so bunnies feel really random conceptually while visually serving as a curious addition that doesn’t take away from how ravishing Crystal looks in every shot. Her cool regal air is one hundred percent goddess Bai Qian come to life.


Bazaar China Features Goddess Crystal Liu with Curious Bunny Accompaniment — 11 Comments

    • @Snowflakes

      I think they both are beautiful and it’s hard to say who is prettier. I think Fan Bingbing is more popular and she is so wealthy.

    • Crystal Liu is definitely prettier than Fan Bing Bing…or at least Crystal Liu is naturally pretty as far as I know…..but you cannot compare, since the two are so different in age. Popularity for the younger set will be Crystal Liu, Fan Bin Bing…not sure..

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