Song Joong Ki is Lost in the Desert of Ugly Sweaters for W Korea Magazine

Leave it to a high fashion publication like W Korea to leave me amused and befuddled at the same time. Additional pictures are out of the magazine’s April edition pictorial featuring top Hallyu star Song Joong Ki, and this complete look at the concept makes me wonder who at the magazine needed a business trip out to the desert to smoke peyote and used Song Joong Ki as an excuse. There’s the contrast of various unattractive and furry sweaters against the backdrop of dried out heat, and some shots have angles to impart shadows to make poor Joong Ki seem brain addled to be wearing a sweater in the desert and then seek the shade. Of course he ponders beautifully and the desert bit harkens back to the end of Descendants of the Sun when he stumbles back from the dead, but I can certainly do better with the perfect canvas of Song Joong Ki than with random sweaters are too fugly to wear but not fugly enough to be cheeky.


Song Joong Ki is Lost in the Desert of Ugly Sweaters for W Korea Magazine — 8 Comments

  1. So ugly.. that red fluffy jumper is so.. yonic. Lee Min Ho and his ugly character Kim Tan is quite irrelevant to this article but I can’t help being reminded of Lee Min Ho’s hideous taste in clothes because his wardrobe in heirs was truly ugly…

  2. LOL..Let his agency milk from this fat cow as much as possible while he’s still CF marketable. Anyhow, his flowery face and excellent acting talent will make up whatever tacky is put on him. I don’t care. I’m patiently waiting for his drama comeback. K dramas are getting boring and many are a huge dosage of sleeping pills with bland leading men and women. After Romantic Doctor and Strong Women, I found nothing exciting to watch.

  3. Never noticed the sweaters, I was just admiring his cute face. This guy is adorable, why does he look like a high school boy all the time? Sigh!

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