Park Shin Hye Attends Good Friends CNBLUE’s Concert in Seoul

It’s always fun to see famous friends supporting each other and Park Shin Hye‘s connection with the boy group CNBLUE goes back a long ways. She did two dramas with Jung Yong Hwa in You’re Beautiful and Heartstrings, and most recently was in Heirs with Kang Min Hyuk. I’m sure she also knows Lee Jong Hyun and Lee Jung Shin in real life so it makes her support of the boys at this weekend’s concert a fun and meaningful attendance. Even cuter is her looking like a total fan holding their concert glow wand and taking selfies with Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jong Hyun either intentionally allowed to be in the picture or else photobombing them. There’s been unending scandals in K-pop this year along it’s quite disheartening, seeing happy and supportive moments like this helps wash away the darker news for something cheerful and positive.


Park Shin Hye Attends Good Friends CNBLUE’s Concert in Seoul — 20 Comments

  1. And the crazy shippers (Yongshin/Dooliers) got a chance to comment their shipping delusions in her comments 🙂

  2. She seems to like to hang out with k-pop singers/idols – CN Blue members and Lee Hong Ki. Wonder what happen to her and actor Lee Jong Suk?

    • Probably became awkward after those rumors? Some people have hard time accepting that a man and a woman can have completely platonic relationship or that all people don’t have the right to know everything about other people’s lives. Actually, Lee Jong Suk sent her, Yoon Kyung Sang and Lee Sung Kyung a food/coffee truck on Doctors set with a message and LSK actually posted a picture and couple of videos of them three happily around the truck. Safe to say, PSH and LJS are friends. But for obvious reasons, they’re not showing it to the media or they’re just awkward after all that media attack. Not a great thing to their careers either, especially for Park Shin Hye, because she’ll just be a target to antis and Jong Suk’s crazy fangirls.
      Also, I really don’t understand why so many on this website are convinced that these two are dating? I’ve been riding in my male friends cars too late night and they’re just friends. Doesn’t really ’’prove’’ anything, unless you’ve lived a really ’’shielded’’ or ’’innocent’’ life. I mean they denied it and most likely don’t want people to link them like that. Also, PSH said in her recent interview that she hasn’t found that right guy yet. Unless they confirm their alleged relationship, I don’t see any reason to assume that there’s anything else between them, unless people want to imply that they’re liars. They had a great chemistry in Pinocchio, but that’s about it really.

      • They were spotted together not too long ago…
        But it’s her right to keep her private life private.
        And it’s your right to believe they are friends as well as others’ rights to believe they are together.

      • “They were spotted not too long ago…” Source? Or is this from some shipper site? It’s not up to our beliefs. They have no desire to disclose anything of their relationship so we should respect that and assume they are friends. Shipping is a whole another thing, as long as it doesn’t cross lines. She has been spotted with other male colleagues too lately but they’re friends only… Actually these types of speculations just do these stars more harm than good so I didn’t understand your point @Yen. All I said that tjey don’t seem to want to further specify the nature of their equation.

      • Source from korea fans. I’m not a shipper nor I care about shipping by the way. And it’s known that PSH would not admit she is in a relationship unless she is getting married. This isn’t lying but her right to protect her privacy. She is 28 and never admitted dating with anyone. Does that means she never dated? My point is she can date all she wants and anyone she wants. You and I or anyone can choose to believe whatever we want. I don’t see it’s a big deal. The more you insisted she isn’t dating might come back to bite her 1 day… She is a normal girl and it’s only normal that she dates. Who she dates doesn’t matter. I don’t want her fans to build her a naive and innocent that doesn’t date for her. She isn’t young anymore and can date or do whatever she wants. I don’t find anything wrong with speculate and wishing her happy. It’s wrong to created false rumors to get her hate like she is dating all her costars etc

      • @Yen Yeah she can date whoever she wants and whenever she wants. One has to be quite dumb to think she hasn’t actually. That wasn’t my point. My point was that they don’t want to be known as anything else than friends and you insisting this is making it look like you’re implying that she’s going out with LJS and that she’s lying. Don’t you think this would have been a bigger scandal then, with two top stars? We should just not talk about it instead of claiming that they’re going out without proof, only saying something about “korea fans”. Also,don’t believe everything just because a “korea fan” tells you something. If they’re dating then good for them, my faves look good together.

      • @Gilgit: How is she lying when she has repeatedly said she would never admit a public relationship unless she is getting married. Talking like you Mike He has lied too, to protect his privacy and it’s their right. You and some people would say she is lying no matter what either now or after she reveal her relationship, right? Poor Park Shin Hye! She can’t get a break even with her fans.

    • The more PSH is opened showing her relationship the more she has nothing to hide.
      And she is usually like that with most of her costars

      • @Yen. You misunderstood my words. She can date whoever she wants and whenever. I don’t appreciate it if you write on here or anywhere that ’’she has been spotted with him (LJS) not too long ago by *korea fans*’’ Without proof. She has the right to not reveal her relationship status or anything private in her life unless she wants to reveal it herself. She and LJS clearly doesn’t want to be know as anything else than friends so you writing around here that ’’they have been spotted together’’ is actually not cool. If, only IF, she was dating LJS all along and reveals it later then that’s fine too and completely HER choice.
        She said in her recent interview that she would marry but hasn’t found the right guy yet and you implying on here that she’s secretly going out with a top star, with whom she had a ’’scandal’’ in the past with, is very conflicting ad making your supposed bias look like she’s lying. Are you sure you’re not an anti or a shipper? I’m more at awe that a ’’korea fan’’ would tell you their whereabouts lol 😀
        All in all, I repeat, she has the right to have her private life, and she clearly doesn’t want people, especially her fans, to speculate about her relationship with her co-star. Safe to say that PSH and LJS are at least friends, that is how much we have the right to conclude about them. Shipping is fine too, only if it isn’t harmful and spreading lies. Damn, I could right now write here that she was not too long ago spotted with [insert a male stars name] and imply that she is dating, when in fact I have no idea if they are dating or not lol.

      • @Gilgit: Why is the proof that you want and who need you to appreciate? Even with photos from Dispatch she still denied it. I don’t see it’s a big deal that she is dating and want people to get used to the fact that she isn’t single so they don’t feel getting betrayed from their ship when she finally confirmed dating. You know how many ship she has and how crazy shippers some are… You and mine have different way of protecting her. And we don’t have to agree. Bye

      • @Yen lol Dispatch isn’t a fact magazine. And again, those pictures don’t prove that she was dating him, and they are not even intimate pictures lmao. But since you seem to want to believe she’s “secretly dating” with her ex co-star (because she was spotted with him by “korea fans” not too long ago apparently) and just doesn’t want to reveal it then go ahead and do so. Don’t get too disappointed IF they ever confirm relationships with other people though 🙂 bye~

      • @Gilgit: Why would I be disappointed if I don’t ship them? I don’t even think they match and still wondering how they last this long. She can be with anyone and I don’t care, since it’s not my business, nor any fan’s business.

      • @Yen Still convinced and you’re supposedly not a shipper lol. I’m not saying that it’s impossible that they had something between them. Quite frankly, I feel like he had a crush on her or something but from her side, she treats like all her co-stars like that so I can’t tell for sure if she felt anything for him though. But sure, go ahead and believe anything you want, even when PSH has multiple times denied it, indirectly and directly lololol

  3. I feel like she gets too much flak for her friendships with other celebs, which shouldn’t even be an issue.

    • People can’t take it that she can be friends with all their oppas.
      She actually have as many female friends but most of them are non-celeb and media doesn’t care so most people don’t know about it.

  4. This is unrelated but… Koala, if it’s not too much trouble, will you add the name of the drama in your banner should you have new ones? I often see your beautiful banners and was dying to know what dramas they are from hehe

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