Big Bang’s T.O.P. Rushed to Hospital After Being Found Sleeping and Unable to be Woken Up

The eye of the scandal is likely the hardest to withstand as the zero-to-everything scrutiny descends from the media and public alike. T.O.P.’s charges for marijuana use isn’t all that surprising considering there have been more than a few big name K-stars busted for weed in the past, and contrast to the recent sexual based scandals involving many male K-stars there isn’t even another victim involved. With that said, T.O.P. has taken responsibility and is accepting the legal ramifications of his pot smoking, being dismissing from the police service and needing to re-enroll in the army for his military service. A day after being hounded by the media as he packed up his things at the police station, he was reportedly found to be heavily asleep and unable to be woken up by a friend and rushed to the hospital. His agency YG is claiming that T.O.P. took prescription sedative/sleeping pill from his doctor and that caused the condition and he will be fine.


Big Bang’s T.O.P. Rushed to Hospital After Being Found Sleeping and Unable to be Woken Up — 14 Comments

  1. I hope he’s okay and I hope the public gives him another chance. It’s an offense alright but he did not commit rape or hurt someone. I think he should be given a chance.

  2. I think everyone needs to respect his privacy and his family, now one knows what artists go thru on a daily basis to pass any judgement.
    Now is the team to recuperate, get all the help needed and then continue taking responsibility for his actions but most importantly to know that he is not alone and no one should be ashame to ask for help or worry what other people may think. The stigma of people suffering of anxiety and depression in few places is not well look at, but I always ask who in the world does not need help or support of others, is okay to recognize this feelings it make us human we can’t always be happy, as life throw you challenges that sometimes are hard to overcome.

    I just pray that he rest, gets better and get help amd support he needs.

  3. Oh my gosh, I got so scared it was serious. A friend of mine passed away like that, he went to sleep and just never woke up 🙁

  4. So sad to read about what his mom said to the reporters. I really hope that tomorrow brings positive news/updates because now I’m afraid of reading about any update. Really praying so he can wake up and be healthy.

    Reporters, news outlets need to stop to report from so called “sources” and only report when either family or his doctor has something to say. Is heartbreaking what his closest friends and family are going thru, and this so called updates are not helping, neither the malicious comments, instead of malicious comments people should pray so he can recover from this.

    • second this. at the end of the day hes a human who made mistakes and his family is going through a rough time.

  5. FFS it’s pot he wasn’t selling the stuff he smoked it. It’s not a Class A drug. If the world was less puritanical it would be a much happier place to live in. The ‘ entertainment media’ are bottom feeders who love to feed off the misery of others to sell their rags with zero consideration of the impact to family etc. Those people who judge have you never done something wrong….. thought not

  6. He was probably mentally tired from dealing with the aftermath and wanted to get a good sleep. Luckily he is ok.

  7. I find it ironic reading how big it is in S Korea when I ask my patients openly how many pots of THC they smoke a day. And do they do any other recreational drugs etc.

  8. Here in my country marijuana grows freely and we use it’s seeds for food and fibers for making paper. It even surrounded the school I used to go. But I don’t know a single person who used it for recreational purpose. Traditional medical practitioner use it for centuries for successful treatment of epilepsy. So in my books marijuana is absolutely harmless and incredibly useful plant.
    In case of T.O.P I understand that in S.Korean law it’s illegal but I think the punishment is too harsh. In my opinion if a person has any kind of addiction then he should be sent for rehabilitation not to the jail. In all of the cases addiction is the result of accumulated stress and fortunately there is the way out for the person. So instead of stigmizing him and putting him under further pressure he should be given proper care. He has not caused harm to anybody.
    I’m sure there are large number of k pop idols and maybe even actors who are involved in such type of activities so fans are totally delusional for expecting perfection from them. It’s also fault of k- entertainment advertisers who sell flawless God like image of the ‘ oppa’ to the crowd and keep them under spell of fantasy. The result is here in front of you. I don’t fillow k pop or don’t know who TOP is but I hope he is ok and be treated like a normal human being.

    • Thanks for the information. Bless him! I hope he recovers from the respiratory depression soon. He must have taken a lot of sleeping pills.

  9. Sometimes you can have a strong adverse reaction to a medication-especially one you have never taken before. I take pain meds for migraines, but what has little impact on me caused a friend to almost pass out while driving-and the doctor had prescribed her a much lower dose!he may have just taken the recommended dose but been knocked flat on his a– by it.

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