Big Bang’s T.O.P. Conscious After Sleeping Medication Overdose and Moves Hospitals Due to Media Scrutiny

How serious you think of the recent drug scandal with T.O.P. (Choi Seung Hyun) of Big Bang likely hinges on a variety of factors. Whether you’re a T.O.P. and/or Big Bang fan, whether you think smoking pot is none of your business or a criminal offense, and whether you think the transgression is even worse because he’s a celebrity who should be extra careful about his behavior. There are certain actions that do vary in degree of criminality depending on the country and smoking marijuana happens to be one of them. It’s legal in some countries and in the United States legal in some states, but in South Korea it remains an illegal drug along with many other more dangerous substances, so T.O.P. has admitted he smoked week back in October 2016 and accepted the punishment of getting kicked out of the cushier police service and re-enlisting in the army, along with probation and likely community service. Last week he overdosed on prescription sleeping medicine but after a few days is conscious and appears to suffer no lasting ill effects. That’s a relief and his agency has moved him from one hospital to another in order to get more privacy. I hope he gets back on his feet and moves on with his life while handling the ramifications of his actions.


Big Bang’s T.O.P. Conscious After Sleeping Medication Overdose and Moves Hospitals Due to Media Scrutiny — 32 Comments

  1. Just learn from it all and just accept the consequence of your deed.
    YG is making it worse with all the media play.

  2. It’s like a self-destruction by taking drugs, hope he desn’t take it anymore. However, getting out like this with a wheelchair and all, don’t you think it screams a scene from all the drama Korean they had been producing. To gain pity points.

    • Or maybe it’s hospital policy to reduce their liability. It happens in all hospitals especially if you’ve undergone something major.

    • Do you also hope, the drug Alcohol is placed under scrutiny? Alcohol does far more damage to the brain/body than marijuana.

  3. You know… every hospital I have worked out has managed to maintain privacy for certain patients if needed. Now I don’t care and am not his fan but the hospital just made their patient go through a media circus. Not very impressive hospital protocol.

    • I agree it upsets me to see these pictures. I’m not his fan, have never listened to his music but it’s not like this man killed. assaulted, or stole from anyone. I know he broke the law and should pay for his crime but this really is too much. Shame on the media, the hospital, and his agency for allowing this to happen. This is not what should happen to someone who tried to commit suicide. It’s very telling of what kind of society we live in when a person has to go through this for a crime that will probably result w/probation and a fine.

  4. Its not even that original. Going out in a wheelchair most everyone in the world who is rich and famous is doing it to have pity points. You can be discharge privately or be transferred or whatever without the media knowing.

  5. Ok haters. He is just out of almost coma like situation. Doctors said usually patients gets better in week or two. Guy was in so much stress. I totally get he needs the wheelchair and who cares about damn pity points. Even his offence is illegal in SK, but he didnt harm anyone but himself. So i hope he wont do anything stupid just becoz of internet haters.

  6. I’m neutral on this issue, not really a top fan, but don’t dislike him either. Basically I don’t care it just me or does anyone else think that using a wheelchair to earn sympathy is so obvious it’s almost slapstick? I mean, it’s not fooling anyone right? So wouldn’t transferring quietly in private be a classier move?

  7. I hope he gets better. I won’t say soon because I would like him to take as much time as necessary to really get better, and not do a quick fix so he can be on his way again and then relapse.

    I think this highlights Kpop/K-entertainers mental stress/illness issues. Isn’t Ga-In also in the spotlight for emotional distress/depression… this issue is beyond breaking the law and smoking marijuana. K-ent is putting too much pressure and stress on these idols/performers/youngsters. Making them dependent on pain killers, tranquilizers, depressants… obviously there is something wrong. I hope this will serve as a wake up to the industry. But am afraid it won’t change anything. In the end, it’s the performer who loses, if not their life, their career, their reputation…so sad. Meanwhile G-Dragon just had an all kill with his latest single! Yes, life just goes on…take care of yourself TOP.

  8. Tsk. The level of security in Korea must be lacking. With their new buildings in a modern tough world… *snark*

    How quick. They’ve just elected a president,and another cover up in the making.

  9. I’ve never commented on anything before so it’s kinda awkward but as I find myself baffled by most of the comments I wanted to add something to the discussion. Maybe it’s because I’m from France but it seems to me that this issue is blown way out of proportion, the guy smoked some pot he didn’t rape or kill anyone, he didn’t even do cocaine…of course, he should be punished as anyone else would by the law of his country but as private citizen, I don’t see what gives us the right to judge him. As far as I know, alcohol abuse is a far bigger probleme in SK, as it is in France, but as it is legal and socially accepted and encouraged, no one says a thing. As far as I know, it’s extremely rare to die from marijuna abuse but alcohol kills everyday and the former can even be use for medicinal purposes… so I guess, I just wanted to express my surprise that anyone would be outraged at such a minor indiscetion compared to what a lot of other stars do…

    • @Racoon, i’m from France too. your English is so good ! I totally agree with you . But they live in Korea and doesn’t have the same vision as us. Alcoholism kills more people than drugs but it’s legal. So what can we do ? Skorean tend to be more severe with their celebrities than us. They want them to be perfect but they ‘re humans not divinities !

  10. The guy just got out the ICU. If you were just so recently in the ICU and managed to WALK out on your own two legs, I’ll give you a standing ovation.

    BUT, the problem is… why are there pictures of this?? Do they not have privacy measures or something?

    • Same comment. The wheelchair is a standard protocol for discharged patients especially one who just got out of the ICU. I was bumming around over the weekend and rarely got out of bed, but when I went to buy some food after 2 days, my feet were wobbly.

      Though, I also don’t understand why they had to wheel him out amidst the media. Didn’t they try to have a decoy or even tried to go by the back entrance?

  11. People livin in the western countries cant really understand why people livin in Asia is making it a big deal when using marijuana.
    Coz its a really big deal here. Its highly illegal. We rank it as one of the dangerous drugs.
    It maybe acceptable in that part of the world but in this world it is still not.
    And the talk of us not catching up or something is so annoying. Looking down on us just coz we still are not in the “trend”
    RESPECT our laws!! Even if in your views its prehistoric or something.
    Every land has its own laws. Even if its unfair in your prospective it is still the law of that land. Stop looking down on it!!

    • I respect the laws of different countries but just don’t see why this man is getting treated like a mass murderer.From what I have read he’s not going to be sent to prison for this. (please correct me if I’m wrong) My problem is w/the people who make it seem like he is the worst type of criminal there is. It’s not the law that I’m upset with, it’s the treatment and the hate he is getting.

      • My apologies to Kim Ni Sun if I get this wrong, but I think some of this is almost standard when someone famous gets into trouble but probably worse here because he is not a newbie and should have known better re: what happened with GDragon. The group got a pass before. My guess is the fact that he was serving public duty instead of active military service really grates on people as well.

        I hope that he gets the help he needs from mental health professionals and actually think that active duty military service could prove beneficial if he gets into a good squadron depending on what is really going on with him. I do like that the docs were up front he needed psych help so I hope he gets what he needs.

    • I respect your country . Each country has her rules. But from a human point of view, i think that people should give him a break. Taking drugs is a big NO NO, but when someone enters this path is because he has mental health issues ( depression or whatever). That’s all ! If i Watch your dramas is because i love a lot of things in your culture but i can dislike some too ! Right! the same goes for my country!

  12. Who tipped the media to take these photos should be damned! Why can’t his agency protect his privacy? He is not feeling well so please give him a break to recover. What he did may not be right but he only harmed himself not anyone else…

  13. Just like one of the other commentators here, I am quite baffled and disappointed by some of the overly judgmental criticism here and elsewhere on the Internet. Although he did commit a crime, I honestly would not see it as the same as a crime of sexual assault or violence as some other celebs have been accused of. He made a mistake that has only affected himself under the law, albeit from a societal standpoint, he has not served as a respectable role model or public figure. However, it still does not warrant the same level of condemnation. Especially with his current state of mind, I can’t believe people are still mocking and hurtling judgments at him. Whatever happened to compassion and empathy? Hope he recovers fully, understand where he went wrong, finds happiness and meaning again and know that life’s bad days give experience and the worst days give lessons. No matter what happens, life is always worth living.

    • Agree with your comment. Some countries are very strict on drugs whilst others are too soft. However, he did come out saying ‘sorry’. I feel his mental state isn’t that stable for people to be throwing knives at him like this. We don’t know whether he overdosed accidentally or on purpose but either way he is under extreme pressure.

  14. Now Kpop fans only care about younger idols like BTS, EXO, or 17….Big Bang like many other groups of older generations, is getting irrelevant…. LOL

  15. I don’t know why these people think it’s media play for him be in wheel chair after being in ICU. It just makes me think SK is backwards country when i was in the hospital for two days they made me sit in a wheelchair before discharge. Yeah he did drugs and the consequences by there laws is just a fine and probation. So why so some much outage when these other celebrities commit actual crimes like rape and dui they don’t act this outrage. I hope they know the world is looking at them in disgust the way they treat the mentality ill glad i was not born in such a society.

  16. BTW, this is not the first episode of scandals Big Bang has ever had….Not the first time has drug abuse been in the news. G Dragon had once at least; fans just cut slack on him and let it slip. There’s no surprise here. I’m kinda indifferent to, if not disapproving of this group. Their popularity is going downhills and in my opinion, their recent comebacks were musically overrated too. If not with support from their hardcore fans, their music after 2013 is nothing more than pieces of crap, simply riding on their past glory. Let’s see if they can sustain as long as Shinhwa..

    • Their music is fine and too bad they need to enlist and comeback would be like 5-8 years at most. I am not even hardcore VIP. Most groups do with their visuals for the 60 percent of their music. Only big bang does with 80 percent of their talents. I was only truly entertained when i am listening to their music. Other groups i mostly look for visuals, dances and certain biases. I dont care about BTS, EXO, 17 though…

      Top is only human. He messed big time but hope he wont do more stupid things and comeback even stronger.

  17. Please learn about mental health (anxiety, suicide, depression, panic disorder) before you make such comments. Specially among celebrities and with highly stressful professions.

    • I have all of that. I thought about suicide back then. But why does doing a crime give you an excuse to do it? Just coz you have mental issues. Most of the crime that happen in this world is bcoz of mental issues. Its all up to you if you do it or not.
      The issue here is not bcoz he did drugs. Its the tactics and media play after that people commented about. He can be discharge privately not in front of all the reporters. There’s so many ways that he can do that.
      I dont blame him. I blame YG.

      • Did you think they discharged after calling reporters? They moved hospitals because there were so many reporters hanging around the hospital for news about TOP. Haven’t you seen how nosy and annoying reporters can be and do anything to get first?

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