Taiwan Star Wu Zun Shares Picture of His Handsome 71 Year Old Doppleganger Father

More and more Taiwanese singer-actor Wu Zun has dialed back on his entertainment career, in recent years only doing the Chinese version of Superman Returns called Daddy is Back. It allowed him to show off his warm and caring fatherly side to his daughter Ne Nei, and he also has a younger son with wife Lin Li Ying. Those who follow TW-ent remember that Wu Zun was one of those stars that denied being in a relationship despite tons of tabloid reports to the contrary, and only when he had his second son did he admit to being married to his high school sweetheart Lin Li Ying, with the couple being together since they were 16 years old.

Whatever backlash has evaporated with time and now it’s just up to Wu Zun to show that he has the talent and interest to keep pursuing an entertainment career, and he has a movie and drama coming up so we’ll see about the feedback. On a side note, he’s always been one of the most handsome Taiwanese male stars and this week we found out why, it’s all genes baby as he posted a picture of his 71 year old daddy celebrating a birthday with his two kids and lordly Daddy Wu doesn’t look a day over 45 years old and has all of Wu Zun’s good looks, or vice-versa as he passed all the handsome genes on to his son.


Taiwan Star Wu Zun Shares Picture of His Handsome 71 Year Old Doppleganger Father — 7 Comments

  1. I guess wu zun is like Cha Tae Huyn who also married his hs sweetheart! CTH recently said one of the reason he married his wife was because she was there for him when he was a nobody. And stuck for with him when he was at his lowest point of his career…. wu zun must be the same…

  2. 71?? Looks so young! I thought you forgot to post a photo of grandpa but after closer inspection I then realized it’s not WuChun!

  3. Oh goodness! What a good looking family! Always wondered what had happened to him after the fall out from his scandal. Good to see he’s still somewhat in the entertainment industry

  4. He’s not Taiwanese actually. Him and his dad are Bruneians. Him mum is Taiwanese. Hes also appointed tourist ambassador for Brunei.

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