Movie Version of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms Drops Cute Family Unit New Stills

One of the sweetest elements of the story in Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms is the princely baby boy of the leads who plays adorable matchmaker to bring his love torn parents back together again. Audiences are suckers for a precocious tyke who just happens to have the challenging and satisfying taste of reuniting two lovers who happen to be his parents and happen to be torn asunder by fate and one particular nasty second female lead. The movie version called Once Upon a Time released new movie stills focusing on the family unit of Ye Hwa and Bai Qian with their little rice ball of a son Xiao Tuan Zi. The child actor for the drama did a great job but the movie child actor takes the round cherub look to a whole new level. Love to feast my eyes on so much pretty, especially from leads Yang Yang and Crystal Liu, from the eagerly anticipated movie to come.


Movie Version of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms Drops Cute Family Unit New Stills — 12 Comments

  1. Crystal Liu is gorgeous but her hair here just doesn’t look very queenly(?). It just looks unkempt,ugh! I’m looking forward to the CGI.

  2. I check my IG and youtube daily just to see if there is another trailer or not. It’s about time to get another one out. They showed a little bit BTS and some with green screen. Like when Ye Hua got injured and Bai Qian helped him, that’s about it. I want more…:)

    • It should be a boy, but this boy kinda look like a doll with big eyes and round face so maybe thats why some are confused LOL

  3. If I’m lucky, I may get to watch this on Youtube uploaded by a kind fan.
    I’ve been reading C novels. All the heroes/heroines in the ancient time are so fascinating and perfect in appearance. They are nothing but Chinese version of fairy-tale prince/princess. I always wonder if any actors/actresses can perfectly match up the images portrayed in the novels, not only acting-wise, but also in the looks and physiques, which I consider indispensable for a “good” adaptation of these trendy novels. If the latter turn me off upfront, I’ll lose my interest in checking out the show regardless of all the positive reviews of the acting. At least, this OTP of the movie version are closer to the physical description in the original novel. Acting is another story, way to see…

    • Yes the physical description should be matched
      Its too bad yang yang takes this ye hua role
      He is too pretty and too sweet for a seme if you also read the BL version
      Maybe thats why they pick liu yi fei for the girl or the uke, she has more passive softer image but pretty like a goddess
      Thanks to the drama success i think they get the free publication 🙂 at least billions ppl will be curious about the movie version story

    • Yeah i feel it too…the costumes is a bit oot and imho its not really natural
      But well they tried hard and maybe some are too hard LOL

  4. I have a high expectation for the CG and the story, how to compress a long time love story in 2 hours 🙂
    But for the costumes, the more i see it the more i feel this movie costumes have less chinese vibration except its colorful like candies, maybe more like a hollywood adaption for chinese culture?

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