Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Start Filming K-thriller Movie Negotiation

Oooooooh, now this looks like a marvelous casting and a great project to boot. Filming has started for thriller Korean movie Negotiation starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, the first time the two top stars have worked together onscreen. Son Ye Jin plays the best hostage negotiator in the police department while Hyun Bin takes a turn for the dark side to play the kidnapper who takes Son Ye Jin’s boss hostage. So she’ll be spending the movie negotiating with him, basically a remake of sorts the hit US film The Negotiator where a wrongfully accused negotiator Samuel L. Jackson takes government hostages leading to Kevin Spacey’s other top negotiator coming in. Likely there’s zero love line between Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin which is fine by me, though if the twist is that he was her former boyfriend and we get flashback romance then it’s all fine by me.


Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Start Filming K-thriller Movie Negotiation — 15 Comments

    • She’s always had lesbian rumours about her, remember back in 2009(?) with that blind item of a love triangle with Han Ye Seul and Yuri?
      And the lack of dating rumours with her hot male co-stars does make it seem kinda suspicious. Not complaining if she really is one though, I have such a girl crush on her

    • I note this movie, and the cast, especialy because of Hyun BIn 100 on 100 Hahaha.
      And honnestly, the tandem HYun BIn – Son Ye Jin is just WOW !!! I ship them like i’ve never ship stars before. I noticed that they mutually appreciate each other, the next REAL COUPLE maybe , wish …… wedding , babies ahhhh

  1. Goodness, how many movies does Hyun Bin have in the works? It feels like a new announcement is made every month. Or am I wrong about that? He is definitely working hard for the money.

    • Note that that’s call #an actor in high demand because he has proven himself as a bankable and talented actor with 2 movies at box office last year. His movie Confidential Assignment event beat with more than 1 M tickets sold Battle of Island of Song Joong Ki who was at his top of celebrity at this moment.

      So it’s OK if he is solicited and at same time he earns many money because HE DESERVES IT

  2. I really miss Son Ye Jin in dramaland. But, I guess she’s been steadily building up her movie resume, which I commend her for. So proud of her! I’ve watched her since her Sun Hee and Jin Hee days! <3

  3. Cant wait for this novie i absolutely love son ye jin watched all her movies all of it are outstanding!.. its great she is paired up with hyun bin a great actor as well and super hot

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