First Drama Stills of Jaejoong in Manhole, News of Filming Injury, and Teaser with Cast Dancing to PPAP

I’ll try my best not to titter too much writing about upcoming KBS drama Manhole (Wonderland’s Feels or Feels So Good), and maybe a good way not to snigger too much like a teenager is to remember that there is already a thriller K-movie of the same name Manhole about a serial killer using manholes to kidnap and kill victims. That certainly doesn’t sound titillating in any way. But the K-drama Manhole added that ridiculously sounding tagline and so far the goofy vibe piles on the lulz factor.

The first drama stills of male lead Jaejoong amp up the silliness, he’s at the beach in schlubby t-shirt and shorts and plenty of dork attitude. I actually like Jaejoong when he’s not being his idol uber cool self, and a comedy about a man time-traveling through a manhole to stop the wedding of a likely beloved has the hallmarks of rom-com entertainment. It’s unfortunate poor Jaejoong did get injured this week on set, a huge thumb gash from a broken soju bottle which is super ouchie but at least it wasn’t the result of falling through the manhole.

The teaser is way silly so PPAP suits the oddball vibe but I still have no clue what to expect from the story, other than the cast is really game to be weirdos in the middle of Seoul.

First Manhole Teaser:


First Drama Stills of Jaejoong in Manhole, News of Filming Injury, and Teaser with Cast Dancing to PPAP — 7 Comments

  1. The drama title gets me everytime??? Manhole, feels good?! I can’t move on, why???! I’m pretty sure someone behind this production pulled everyone’s leg and now going on hysterical fits of laughter because they actually went with this title!


    someone, anyone, on the production team… please suggest and implement a name change… please… April’s Fool is already over!

  3. It probably sounds better in Korean but it is not possible to stay neutral for English speaking viewers when they hear the name and the tagline!

    I love JJ and wish him the best.

  4. The video cracked me up! LOL.

    But, omg! Uee is soooo thin! She looks so much thinner than the last time I saw her. I hope she’s ok. :/

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