K-drama Criminal Minds Releases Poster and Holds Press Conference with Lee Jun Ki, Moon Chae Won, and Son Hyun Joo

I’m so used to K-dramas rushing schedules that the press conference to premiere gap has shrunk almost to a day before even so it’s a nice relief to take it slow and see the cast of Criminal Minds meeting the media a full week before their drama airs on July 26th. Starring Lee Jun Ki, Son Hyun Joo, Moon Chae Won, Lee Sun Bin, Yoo Sun, and Go Yoon, the truly ensemble cast takes a crack at remaking a popular US procedural transplanted to Korea and with added K-drama touches. The drama poster is dull as heck but who cares since this is one drama that needn’t strive to be unique and visually different, it just has to do what the original did well. I love seeing Lee Jun Ki back to being all badassery in modern form with a gun instead of a sword and face mask, whereas Moon Chae Won pulls off the haughty woman vibe but is less convincing with a gun. Luckily the cast has awesome veteran Son Hyun Joo who makes everything better, so get ready for procedural excitement come next Wednesday.


K-drama Criminal Minds Releases Poster and Holds Press Conference with Lee Jun Ki, Moon Chae Won, and Son Hyun Joo — 15 Comments

  1. I am sorry but I have to comment on this. I have seen this many times. What is up with the short pant? It makes Lee Jun Ki look shorter. He is already a short person. I also saw it on So Ji Sub. He looks awful. I hated it because So Ji Sub is one of my favorite actor.

    • Agree about that awful short pant trend really needs to go.its not flattering on anyone.I dont know why they are so keen to maintain it for such a long time.

      That said, I beg to differ about JG being short.Last time I checked 5’10 or should I say 178 cm, is average height for a guy rather than being on the smaller side even in the international modelling world or places like here in Europe where we have really tall people.Unless of course, we are comparing him against 6 footers who are exceptions, not the usual height like SJS.

      • Actually LJK may be shorter than his official listed height(178cm). In all of the pics where he is standing next to Son Hyun Joo, he is slightly taller than him (SHJ). It’s about same height difference between SHJ and Jang Hyuk(Who said several times that his real height is 174.5 cm which is shorter than his official height.)
        Same goes for Won Bin whose official height is 178cm but fans who have seen him in person said he is not taller than 175cm(But his wonderful proportions hide this fact on the screen.) I’ve seen Lee Byung Hyun once and imo he is not taller than 174cm again different from official height.
        Though So Ji Sub by all accounts is as tall as his official height which is 183cm(which is not too tall).
        Being fron different culture I don’t give much importance to height though. Just stating the fact. By the way my favourite current obsession Yoo Seung Ho is only 175cm.

      • Oh, I had the pleasure of seeing LJK in person when he held a fan meeting in Singapore back in March. Coincidentally, I was boarding a flight on the same day though different route. I can tell that he is exactly as tall as how he described himself to be that is 5’10 because my boyfriend is of the same height. He is small and as gorgeous looking as how I view him on screen. Though I did not get the chance to shake his hand because of the mobbing of hysterical fans.

      • Who cares about the height?
        He is gorgeous.
        But there is possibility that you can not find out a celebrity’s real height even meeting in person. They may have elevated shoes or something like that to make them appear taller.

  2. I love MCW but her dress & haircut doesn’t flatter her at all. I’m not really impressed with most of the Korean stylists.

  3. I love Lee Jun Ki to pieces but why the hell his stylist trying too hard to make him look ugly. I so don’t get what’s the Korean obsession with short pants???? In the end, I could not believe I would say this that Sohn Hyun Joo totally outshine his hoobaes.

  4. Seriously Koala, I have not complaint over Lee Jun Ki with than half face mask. He totally rawked it and the mask made him look sexier. But why stylist why??? What’s with the one inch shorter than ankle pants. This ridiculous trend got to stop, pronto!

  5. who cares about fashion misfires and dull posters, when the actors in question dont need too much glam to shine and its six days to D -Day! Ah Dear 26 July please come quickly…Pali!! Pali!!!!

      • Besides, how many dramas and movies have we seen with pretty posters,good teasers and lots and loads of promos failing to live up to the hype they set with their PR?

        This drama has almost all the ingredients for a critically acclaimed successful project.All we need is the director and writer to consistently work towards keeping this piece together and interesting. Ratings be damned although i also wish they do well in that too(iam greedy like that)

  6. I also like Son Hyun Joo. He recently won best actor prize at Moscow Int’l Film Festival for the movie ‘Ordinary Person’. Though there are not a lot of media articles about this.

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