Chen Xiao is New Airport Daddy Goals Toting Baby Boy Accompanied by Wife Michelle Chen

I love happy couple pictures but appreciate it more when after marriage it transitions to normal happy family pictures complete with kid(s). C-actor Chen Xiao and TW-actress Michelle Chen married last summer 2016 after meeting and falling in love as the leads in the latest drama adaptation of Return of the Condor Heroes. The two welcomed their first born baby boy later that year in December and since then Michelle has been in mommy mode without doing any entertainment events while hubby Chen Xiao films dramas and the family traveling between Shanghai and Taipei. The media caught the adorable color coordinate in all black family of three at Shanghai’s Pudong Airport this past weekend with Chen Xiao cradling his little mini-mi while Michelle strolled behind. They were later spotted dining with Chen Xiao happily still cradling his noshing son. So so cute, I love seeing pictures of the simplest of life’s joyful moments spent with loved ones.


Chen Xiao is New Airport Daddy Goals Toting Baby Boy Accompanied by Wife Michelle Chen — 4 Comments

  1. They are the cutest family ever. I find it amusing that the baby topped weibo hot search while Chen Xiao didn’t, leading people to joke that Little Star has replaced his dad as the new heartthrob.

  2. After a child is born, both parents will have a life time road fork: a new life is an innocent gift recording a choice between loving husband and wife( thank God you were innocent upon marriage), caring for a new comer to the planet is like a new Eden Possibility on earth as it was in heaven…
    Please do not let the love drift away, nor being played off the domino game of any one of you. You became a basic element in the society! Mother must take care of the child up to 24 years old, if you can afford. Father shall never be actor off the stage and work on the field alone with any cruse for any drama play or acting, in order to prevent identity theft on the way!
    Live life simple and with modesty, such as: buy a parcel of land and farm or at least garden, work out own baby’s clothing simple and plain, cook own food and meals, work own household chores, at work promote others being the stars and do the supporting jobs, rather than continuously want be shining stars for highly paid income.
    suggestions: Plain for future, a ten year plain rather than plain for one movie, one show party!
    Many famous and successful artist who are not only successful stars but also live through successful family life. Their work requires sturdy self learning and descent self criticism.
    So, you the father Chen Xiao go to college and work out your real talent and do not just grow up in the acting field and take rolls that others wanted you to take. learn to write you own scriptures. You need to have the best literature and art skills as well as sociological and political and philosophical knowledge to master all the possible turns and complications about life and career for the long term!
    Love from mother in a distance to beloved son and family…

    Wu, Xiao

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