Ladies Steal the Red Carpet at the VIP Premiere for A Taxi Driver with Song Kang Ho, Yoo Hae Jin, and Ryu Jun Yeol

Ladies ruled the red carpet, with a surprising easy on the eyes green movie poster background, at the VIP premiere of K-movie A Taxi Driver. This movie pairs veteran Song Kang Ho with German actor Thomas Kretschmann for a real life depiction of a taxi driver assisting a German reporter in covering the Gwangju uprising of 1980. The star attendees at this VIP premiere was a step less glittering than the amazeballs gathering at the VIP premiere for Battleship Island, but it was still nonetheless many A-listers and this time a lot more ladies than gents. The female stars were all dressed beautifully whether more formal or dressed down, and another cute moment was seeing so many Answer Me 1988 cast members in attendance to support Ryu Jun Yeol who has a supporting role in this movie.


Ladies Steal the Red Carpet at the VIP Premiere for A Taxi Driver with Song Kang Ho, Yoo Hae Jin, and Ryu Jun Yeol — 13 Comments

  1. I seriously believe that there is no mirror selling in South Korea. While Park Shin Hye as always matronly dressed yet very decent and covered up, I scratched my head on Kim Hye Soo’s ensemble. Ok, so she’s still gorgeous at 46 but that short dress is meant for teenagers or those women in 20s. In general, a lot still looked hideous.

      • I think @OMG is saying that even if PSH is wearing ’oversized’ clothes (that’s a fashion in Korea apparently), it looks more suitable on her body and this event than Kim Hye Soo’s attire. I on the other hand thing that KHS is looking fresh and youthful. And I also think this fashion suits PSH because if she wore a dress like Kim Hye Soo’s then she’d look like a teen popper and not a 27-year-old actress because her face already looks really young.

      • Oh my….there is no need to be too sensitive. Please read my comment carefully. I said while she did looked matronly, she was well covered up and dressed decently. Tbh, I never liked PSH styling because she always dressed older than her age but I respect her for being the type of girl who respect herself and not showing skin unnecessarily.

  2. Kim Ok Bin looks good and classy.

    Park Shin Hye looks a little tired, maybe its the angle hmm. I prefer the more mature PSH now.

    Haha the guys all look a little odd.

  3. Pretty Han Hyo Joo!

    And yes, oversized clothing seems to be a thing in Korea at the moment. Odd, but that’s how fashion is, right?

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