Movie Version of Three Lives Three Worlds with Crystal Liu and Yang Yang Premieres and Drops Exciting Full Trailer

It hasn’t been a long wait between the drama and movie versions of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms, just the right amount of time to still fondly remember drama Eternal Love and have a hankering for another dose with movie Once Upon a Time. In terms of pure visuals the movie leads Yang Yang and Crystal Liu win out on their doll-like looks while the drama leads Mark Chao and Yang Mi have the goodwill and familiarity edge having originated the live-action versions of the beloved characters of Ye Hua and Bai Qian. I’ll call it even and eagerly await the movie for a chance to revisit the fairy and fantasy world of Three Lives, with dragons and heavenly beings, foxes and earthly magic, and even forays into the ocean realm with plenty of watery beauty. The final theatrical trailer was released right before the movie premiered in China on August 3rd and looks like a visual effects laden melodramatic and action packed ride.

Full theatrical trailer for Once Upon a Time:


Movie Version of Three Lives Three Worlds with Crystal Liu and Yang Yang Premieres and Drops Exciting Full Trailer — 33 Comments

  1. 1) the story is great!????to the author
    2) the song is so enchanting sweet ?? to the composer and singers
    3) the sceneries are beautiful. Thank u??
    4) drama output is well cast due to superb work of the director, camera man and all production crew ??????
    5) attires, make up, hair do are great ????
    6) supporting leads: they did their roles so well that they’re overpowering but yet their presence is deeply felt. ????


  2. Above comments (1)-(6) is about drama TEN MILES PEACH BLOSSOMS
    7) main lead : yang mi is so good that she became all 3 characters who are different from each other, si yin, su su and bai qian. I enjoyed watching her ????????
    8) main lead: Mark chao. At 1st, I wondered why him. Within 20 mins, I was convinced that it has to be Mark chao!
    Black attire is ugly but Mark chao looked good with his majestic height and body
    His face looked good esp his side profile. And side profile with the smile looked so cute. He looked good with his long hair flowing down
    His face is expressive esp his eyes and lips(hint of a smile) ???????????
    9) the drama is not draggy: most important

  3. I’m super excited for this!! I’ve read one review on it (which wasn’t good), but that’s not going to dampen my excitement and determination to go see it in theaters.

    • I know, I was just stating in general. I found a review online and the person who wrote it said the movie version was poorly edited and unless you’re familiar with the novel or the drama, it’s super confusing to follow.

    • The box-office was good but the reviews were uniformly negative. Mainly because of the very bad script, wooden acting and tacky costumes. Everybody agreed, though, that the special effects were great and that the two leads were good-looking. Story and acting-wise, the TV version seems much better.

      • Movies usually can’t compare to the TV series version because they are trying to pack a whole books worth in like 2 hours. Like love 020 the movie sucked

      • Actually the special effects were panned, too. They said it looks very fake and online game-esque.

      • BO is good because of the hype, crazy promotion and good distribution. But it dropped so fast and it fall slow than expectation (800 mil to 2 bil). But for LYF’s record, the BO is a treat

  4. No one can compare Mark’s performance as Ye Hua. He owns that character. This movie version is really just milking off the success of the series but by putting two pretty actors in it but no way can they still bring it factor from the previous version.

      • @ Alyssa and dramas4me: Me too! Mark Chao IS Yue Hua! Loved him to death in the TV series.

      • The movie was filmed first but remember at that time the plagiarism case was all over the media, which spurred a boycotting campaign against everything related to 3l3w. The drama, despite being made later, was first introduced to the general public so in people’s mind, it was the first adaption of the novel. It was the drama’s roaring success and critical reception that overshadow the plagiarism controversy and make people even more interested in the movie.

      • LOL How can the drama milked the movie’s hype when the drama got bashed in the beginning and succeed on their own before the movie flopped.
        The movie filmed first but it waited for the drama aired so they can get the benefit its hype. The drama got no benefit from the movie- because they all bashed them for not being pretty enough until their acting and story won them over

      • If that’s the case then the movie will always have to always be the second thought bc people seen the amazing acting from the series already and high expectations are to be expected. With that said, the series special effects were at times off putting too.

        Can’t expect much from these pretty faces because they were never famous for that were they! Lol

      • @ Alyssa:

        For me the 3L3W drama will always be the 1st and I love it. No other version of the drama or movie of it can replace it. πŸ™‚ When I saw the costumes’ pictures for the movie came out – I thought it was too much for me. I like Yang Yang, but I think his acting cannot compare to Mark Chao yet.

    • I completely agree! Mark Chao brought Ye Hua to live, I like the role he portrayed even over the character from the original novel. Yang Yang is cute but lacks the depth and the maturity (as much as the real age of Ye Hua makes him a youngster, his mental and spiritual age is much older and mature) that Mark has. There is no comparison!

  5. Saw some of the leaked clips online. Have to agree with rating on Douban (Chinese IMDB) costume was bad, acting horrendous, editing also quite wacky from what I’ve seen. Oh well, what do you expect from plagiarised sh*t πŸ™‚

  6. The movie is universally panned. Most criticisms I have seen so far are about the clunky and incomprehensible script. For a casual movie goer without any prior knowledge about the novel or the drama, they find it almost impossible to follow the story and understand characters’s origin and motivation. Wooden acting from the leads, bad CGI, cheap and theatrical looking costumes and messy editing are some added bonuses.

  7. I read the English translation of the novel and watched the drama version. I was concerned that the absolutely beautiful leads in the movie would suffer from the story. It’s not a cutesy story. It is a heart wrenching kind of love that spans lifetimes, not mere decades. I was afraid they would not be able to carry the emotions and levity of such characters. I was a little hopeful because I would have loved another good version of this story. I am utterly in love with the drama rendition of the story. I wanted to enjoy this movie, but it looks like I hoped in vain.

  8. I just watched the movie on Youtube. The movie was good! It actually followed the storyline closer than the drama. The drama changed some of the scenes. The movie kept the suspense of what happened to Su Su.
    The movie seemed disjointed, however, I think they were trying to follow the book’s order. The book itself was a bit disjointed in the story telling, as even when I read it in Chinese, I would get lost sometimes when Tong QI would all of a sudden have a side story.
    Anyways, I think people should give the movie a chance, the movie showed how the world of “Ye Hua and Bai Qian” similar to how I imagined it.
    THe drama was good, however, I always felt like the drama went cheap on some of the costumes, and made the “dieties” look more like a earth human rather than the out of the world beauty and awe that I would expect of the scenery as depicted in the novel.

  9. I just saw this movie last night after waiting for so long. I was ridiculously disappointed in everything — the script, the acting, and to some extent, the effects. What a waste of a budget. Just keep re-watching the drama.

  10. Can someone enlighten me, was it Ye Hua or Mo Yuan who said β€œθΏ‡ζ₯” at the last scene in the movie? Anyways, the movie was disastrous.

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