Ishihara Satomi Releases Beautifully Shot 15th Anniversary Photo Book Shot in Cuba

When I hear someone has been doing a job for fifteen years I tend to ascribe a slightly older age bracket to them so it’s really incredible that J-actress Ishihara Satomi is celebrating her 15th anniversary in J-ent this year and she’s only 30 years old. She just released a special 15th anniversary photo book, a staple among younger Japanese starlets but the more established ones tend not to do it every year, that took Satomi to Cuba for location shoots. The pictorial is all beach and Satomi patented smiles and smexy looks, and the Japanese media is calling this a farewell to young lady days photo book as well with the swirling rumors that she’s going to marry boyfriend Yamashita Tomohisa and enter wifey territory. I don’t think shooting sexy photo books and being a married woman are mutually exclusive other than maybe the customer base wanting to buy it has shrunk, but Satomi is just so effervescent I hope she keeps on acting whether she is single or married.


Ishihara Satomi Releases Beautifully Shot 15th Anniversary Photo Book Shot in Cuba — 7 Comments

  1. I just finished rewatching From 5 to 9. Again. Mainly because my deep love for Yamapi but i find her really gorgeous too.

  2. hehe.. Japan actor/actress mostly started at teens. they established their career from nobody to leading act. at least that what I learnt from oguri shun’s career
    I like satomi. Her smile is radiant..

  3. They could have shot these in Okinawa or some other tropical island and you wouldn’t know.

    She looks lovely in the pictures, but a pity there’s nothing of Cuba obvious in them.

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