Gong Yoo the New Boyfriend-esque Spokesperson for Zenfone

Having a favorite star be the brands spokesperson doesn’t incite me to buy the products but that’s likely due to my having strong ideas of what I like and don’t like based on efficacy. With that said, having a beloved star promote a product does make me take note of the item when watching the CF and that along builds brands awareness which marketers will say is the first step in a long journey to conversion as a future user. Gong Yoo is the current It Hallyu star and has fronted so many brand campaigns in the last year since his popularity resurgence with Train to Busan and then Goblin. The latest is the Zenfone by ASUS and his upcoming promo event in Taiwan for the device has already sold out in attendance. I don’t know anything about this phone nor will anything pry my iphone 7 plus from my koala shaped hands but it’s definitely a pretty enough use of Gong Yoo to sell a phone like the dream of a boyfriend coming with flowers and an amazingly wide set of shoulders to stare at from the back and capture on the phone’s camera.


Gong Yoo the New Boyfriend-esque Spokesperson for Zenfone — 14 Comments

  1. Isn’t this ahjusshi too old to play a boyfriend-esque role? Gosh it’s like trying to watch Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise act as boyfriends. Women their age already play roles of mothers to adult children or even roles of grandmas lol

      • LOL. Are you kidding me? When Brad Pitt was 38, he was gorgeous, even more dashing than Gong Yoo. Fight Club? Ocean’s Eleven? You are obviously comparing the Brad Pitt now with the current Gong Yoo.

      • @OMG, I second that. Brad Pitt is now in his fifties, he was mighty fine in his early forties. And Tom Cruise is in his fifties too and he was so much better in his younger days. Today? Not so much.

        To me it’s exhausting to see Gong Yoo being portrayed as ’boyfriend material’ when it doesn’t suit him anymore. He legit looks like an ahjusshi. Jo In Sung, who is in the same age range as Gong Yoo could still believably pass off as ’boyfriend material’. [Or maybe I’m just tired of Goblin and grossed out by the romance between him and high school girl looking (but adult 26 years old woman) actress. Might as well pair him next with Kim Sae Ron or something…]

    • If u don’t like GY why do u waste your time and comment in every news related to him .
      And in my opinion GY gets better with age , Brad bitt , tom cruise were boyfriends in their late 30 . so why u are surprised GY play boyfriend too

  2. Ajhussi to some….I’m pretty sure oppa to a lot of women …by gosh he still has the magic of marketability. No matter what age this fellow is …he still has the “it” factor that men half his age are wishing to have. Way to go and more power to him.

  3. Ummm..He is 38. Not 70+. He would fit perfectly to a boyfriend role for ladies in the age bracket 30-40. Also a 38 year old actress rarely play a role of a grandma. Kim Sun Ah, Kim Hye Soo, Kim Hee sun are some very good examples for this. All of them are well above 38, but still gorgeous as ever!

  4. I never could understand what’s the fascination with stars to actually buy every products they endorsed. I could be sold with stars that looking gorgeous endorsing make up or clothing but definitely not handphone and the most extreme case for Koreans, endorsing coffee????

  5. Visiting AKP nowadays….it’s always either Kim Eun Sook or Gong Yoo. It’s getting frustrating. I was ok with GY until he won a Baeksang and that was when I had enough. To win a prestigious award against the acting guru Han Suk Kyu or the very versatile Jo Jung Seok is totally not acceptable. How unfair that Han Hyo Joo kept on being blasted for netting awards she did not deserved but it is fine that GY won Baeksang based on popularity of the overhyped Goblin? I only reserve some points for him for being a cat lover. Apart from that, I think he is just a mediocre actor.

    • I think Gong Yoo is a brilliant actor but Goblin is definitely a mediocre production. Likely he himself is suffering from media exposure exhaustion as well but then again he has a family (both his real and company family) to take care of, as with the fickleness of the korean industry (2016 started with song joong ki, ended with park bo gum then 2017 gong yoo…) he is probably trying to take on as much as his current exposure allows him until the next big thing arrives (likely very very soon)

    • Gong Yoo is a good actor, especially in certain scenes but not nearly as good as Han Suk Kyu, not even close. Goblin was terribly overrated but his acting there was kinda too :/

  6. I loved Goblin, not perfect but the allusions and the mythology was love and of course there is Gong Yoo, one of my fav actors.

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