Ji Chang Wook Shares Adorable Pics of Shaved Head on Eve of Military Enlistment

Ji Chang Wook continues to be super charming as he winds down the last days before enlisting in the military for his mandatory service. This weekend he posted pictures of himself with buzz cut shaved head, and I’m sure it feels way weird to suddenly have all this lightness on top not to mention the cool breeze. He actually looks fantastic rocking the buzz cut likely due to having a strong and symmetrical head shape and a general manly physique that pairs well with this military look. Ji Chang Wook also posted a picture of himself with his mom, holding her hand and sharing a genuinely loving mother-son moment that makes my heart tear up. I hope he serves his enlistment period well and feel super confident he’ll come back better than before with the entertainment world ready for the next stage of his acting career.


Ji Chang Wook Shares Adorable Pics of Shaved Head on Eve of Military Enlistment — 12 Comments

  1. Awwwwwwww. He’s super adorable! Loved his chemistry with his last co-star! Will be waiting patiently for his return! Have a safe and speedy service, oppa! ❤

  2. He looks good and younger too. I always enjoy looking at celeb pictures during enlisting because that’s when they look real and natural – sans make up or hairtsyle to do the tricks. One of the most memorable being Lee Jun Ki who ended up looking like a cute 12 years old with that buzz haircut. LOL.
    Anyway, all the best to JCW and hoping to watch him in another great drama 2 years from now.

  3. Gosh, he’s a total cutie! The buzz cut is not a flattering cut for everybody but JCW really looks good with it.I will miss him!

  4. Gosh man, this dude will be always on the list of my favorite actors. Wish him a smooth sail in the military service and come back even sexier and hotter.

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