Kim Ha Neul Goes Metallic Leather in Near Hit Fashion at Estee Lauder CF Event

Fashion is subject and I totally accept others liking outfits I find fugly and vice-versa, but what interests me more is dissecting why something works for me or doesn’t. Its similar to the qualitative commentary over acting performances which is rarely uniform in feedback. Recently I thoroughly lulz-ed over Park Min Young‘s 90’s crossed with 70’s slit and cutout polyester pale outfit at her drama wrap party, that one was an easy no no for me, but Kim Ha Neul‘s look at this week’s Estee Lauder CF promo event left me scratching my head. She’s matching slits on shirt and skirt in the same way Park Min Young had cut out shoulders matching slit pant legs, so I’m wondering is cuts and slits are the it fashion trend coming up. If so please excuse me while I keep my tops and bottoms safe from scissors. At least Park Min Young’s outfit was light colored and soft to match the muggy summer season, Kim Ha Neul went for metallic gold and leather skirt that fitted beautifully on her lithe frame but nevertheless looks seasonally off.


Kim Ha Neul Goes Metallic Leather in Near Hit Fashion at Estee Lauder CF Event — 4 Comments

  1. i kinda thought her outfit looked cute before i saw the slit. maybe it would have worked bettee if the skirt was shorter and there was no slit? like the skirt ended on the part where the slit began?

  2. I was okay with the first picture, but then when I saw the full body pic, I was like, “Wow, okay. That makes her look short.” -_-

  3. First picture was good. The skirt should have been a hugging pencil skirt. That would’ve have been sexy. The slit makes the skirt look unfitting and she looks short in it.

  4. I think the entire outfit is not too bad. Like glaringly bad on first glance kind of bad. But still, agree there might have been an overkill with both outfits featuring slits.

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