Newlyweds Jo Yoon Hee and Lee Dong Gun Featured in Couples Pictorial in Grazia Magazine

Love is memorialized in a celebrity couples pictorial for newlywed acting couple Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee, a rite of passage for all Korean star couples when both are famous. It’s likely just a coincidence that the couple made their first major appearance together last week at a fashion brand store event and now this pictorial lands in the September issue of Grazia Magazine. Overall they are not a terribly controversial pair whether from netizen feedback or general perception, they met while filming a weekend drama, with the only slight hitch being Lee Dong Gun was dating T-ara‘s Jiyeon when he started filming the drama but they broke up during and after the drama finished he started dating Jo Yoon Hee. It’s disingenuous not to acknowledge that maybe there was overlap and regardless the former couple broke up in a calm way and everyone moved on like adults so there isn’t anything for the usually scandal-perceptive netizens to harp on. I do enjoy these couple photos from the expectant newlyweds and wish them all the luck in the world!


Newlyweds Jo Yoon Hee and Lee Dong Gun Featured in Couples Pictorial in Grazia Magazine — 13 Comments

  1. I love this couple. I’ve been a fan of Lee Dong Gun since My boyfriend is type B, so it has been like 12 years following his career and his life. It was so sad when his brother was murdered and he sunk in a depression just beforen enlisting. So, I’m very happy he’s doing well in job and in his private life.

    • He is great in 7 Days’ Queen. I watched the show only for him – rooting for a tyrant king because of LDG’s finest performance.

  2. Only his ex’s fans were crying bloody murder, and that he’s a serial dater. These people gotta grow up, who knew what really happened in any relationship. They do look lovely together.

    • They want their actors to be perfect charming white knights and actresses pure and innocent and if they publicly live like any other regular people, it shatters their illusions..

  3. When he gets called a serial dater, I just want to laugh because, do these people not know that people date and break up all the time irl? Anyway they look like a happy couple.

  4. These are lovely pics! I still got my binoculars on LDG (and no I am neither a t-ara fan or celebrity idealist in any way, he just gives off a few red flags for me) but at the same time, I dont know him personally so I can’t speculate more than that.

    I hope everything works out for them especially now that a precious child is involved.

    Also, that last pic is really random though. Why is she covering that one eye like that, it kind of looks unnatural and awkward compared to their other poses. Weird directing there….

    • I know right! I hope for Jo Yun Hee and their kid’s sake that he won’t ever cheat or break their family. Even Uhm Tae Woong, who had a nice and loving father image before his scandal, lost his reputation in such a disgusting case. Lee Byung Hun was rumored to be a womanizer, kind of a sex addict with weird fetishes. He got married and when his wife was big with his offspring, he got into a cheating scandal.
      While Uhm Tae Woong hadn’t raped anyone, it was proven that he bought sexual services in a massage parlor while his wife, who gave up on her ballet career to found a family with him, was pregnant. She miscarried later. In Lee Byung Hun’s case, the girls were accused of coercion (since they did coerce him with incriminating information about him). It’s not like LBH was suspected of any illegal activities since adultery isn’t a crime anymore in Korea. LBH apologized and went on to star in blockbuster films and get that critical acclaim. Lee Santa this and Lee Santa that but the fact is, that he’s got talent (and influence) to back his cheating ass, (unlike Uhm Tae Woong). Now back to Lee Dong Gun. Although he got into relationship imbroglio with a T-ara member and then almost right after his break up he started dating his current partner and impregnated her, Jo Yun Hee is an adult woman and she knows best what she is doing so we could only hope they’ll be happy together..

  5. I feel something smarmy about him…but then again I don’t know him personally so maybe it’s just what his looks do for me. It’s like he’s someone whom I’d be wary about if I had the chance to get to know him. This is just me so any fans out there who feel offended for the smarmy comment, I’m sorry. I just wanted to get this off my chest.

  6. Maybe his relationship with T-ara member was fake, it is a very common practice in K- entertainment, to protect the real girlfriend career and from harassment from crazy fans and netizens , if she is an actress, since they have more to loose, as we all know, and open the idol the opportunity to transition into the acting world and break that image they sale of innocence bla bla bla. Maybe they had been dating longer that they claim, and working in the same drama was planned.

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