Pregnant Jeon Ji Hyun Elegant as Always in Strategically Bag Placed New CF Pictorial

I love this new Jeon Ji Hyun pictorial doubly for how beautiful she looks and how the photographer strategically shot every frame to use the bags she’s modeling to hide her second pregnancy. It does double duty of emphasizing the bags which makes me wonder why bag makers don’t just pick pregnant stars to do all their ad campaigns because in looking for the baby bump I’m scrutinizing their bags used as shields. This reminds me of how US shows would strategically film pregnant female leads with close ups or behind potted plants, lol. 2017 is a quiet career year for Jeon Ji Hyun after a high profile 2016 with the underwhelming but at least as unique K-drama Legend of the Blue Sea with Lee Min Ho, after which she announced her second pregnancy and is back to chillaxing at home with her husband and their now toddler son. It’s nice to see her still working the CF circuit because who says pregnant women can’t be gorgeously arrayed for splashy pictorials.


Pregnant Jeon Ji Hyun Elegant as Always in Strategically Bag Placed New CF Pictorial — 20 Comments

  1. When does a bump begin to show well? There is so much with Mindy Kaling as well, and she is nearly 6 months with no bump….

    Here the third pic may be does a little show, or its the beige trench?…

    • It differs on every woman, but I knew that if its the first pregnancy you’ll probably show at the end of 2nd trimester, sometimes at the beginning of the 3rd trimester.. I remember JJH on her first pregnancy , she started to show when she was on her 5th month (Nepa event), and she’s kinda haggard looking then maybe bec. she’s carrying a boy, hoping for a girl this time ,all boys are kinda cool too.. sons love their momma too much ahahhaa…

  2. I still consider LOTBS a ratings success because it garnered a domestic ave rating of 17.6% and among the Top 5 Highest rating primetime korean dramas of last year. Jeon Jihyun is a CF Queen for 2 decades, the highest paid drama actress and one of the Box Office Queens in Korea. Wow! she has a lot of achievements. She and SHK are my favorite actress

    • Ratings wise, it did very well, but it failed to create buzz, which is why its popularity was average. Ratings don’t always show how popular a drama is. For example, weekend dramas reach high ratings, but they have no popularity and then you have dramas like It’s ok it’s love that have moderate ratings, but still manage to be very popular among kdrama lovers. And at the end of the day, whether its ratings are high or not it doesn’t matter. It only needs to be enjoyable.

    • Most of her drama are crappy unforgettable, overhype to the max. Just in LOTBS, she looks dry and old, and over acting, I cant watch it a second time, well not a fan anyway.

      • Im a diehard fan of hers and I also wound’nt watch Lotbs for a 2nd time, super cringeworthy and nonsense plot… but Mlfts is a different story, so I dont agree that all her dramas are overhyped… mlfts for me, met all the expectations, it was a megahit anyway..

      • She only have 2 dramas under her name where she’s the lead anyway hahaah…

    • Agree with W. LOTBS failed to create a buzz. Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim and Doctors and then Defendant created more buzz and had higher ratings too despite not have been promoted like crazy and not having that Jun Ji Hyun comeback -like buzz. RDTK started low and was even criticized for being over the top in the beginning but in the end, it won the audience. Doctors wasn’t particularly anticipated and people worried because of the writer, whose previous work was High Society (*shudders because how bad it was*), people were however excited to see how PSH and KRW work on screen. Doctors got called out for some things, but most people stayed for the romance anyway and Korean audience already knows that doctor drama –> romance, police drama –> romance, chef drama –> romance. Defendant was in the series of dark thrillers with exciting plot so viewers stayed for that. Lee Min Who and Jun Ji Hyun’s LOTBS failed because SBS invested so much on that drama and expected it to become like MLFAS but it didn’t. DOTS did and later Goblin in a lesser extent. Everybody kept criticizing LOTBS and the writer for being unoriginal and the viewers who stayed, just stayed for the actors, but it didn’t create the desired popularity despite its relatively high ratings.

      • Ahh sorry *Lee Min Ho. I keep seeing Ho, Hoo, Hoe and Who all the time so I get confused :0

  3. She is one of the most beautiful actresses not only in Korea, but I think in Asia, no the world, too. It’s her aura I think that makes her so beautiful..

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