Mark Chao a Flower Boy and Scholar as the New Face of Floral Homes Goods Brand Beast


It’s been only six months since Mark Chao waltzed back to my drama consciousness with an indelible and exquisitely nuanced portrayal of male lead Ye Hua (and his various incarnations) in the C-drama adaptation of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms. He’s been super selective with dramas so clearly he’s not angling for the greater popularity that being on television can bring, and his approach has yielded longer lasting rewards because there are fewer failed projects to mar the memories of the successful ones.

Mark is back in the news recently as he’s back in Taiwan for a serious of promo events, a rare presence now that he’s been working exclusively in China for the last five years and also resides there with his equally famous wife actress Gao Yuan Yuan. Last week C-netizens spotted the two going to the movies on a date night to watch, you guessed it, the movie version of Three Lives called Once Upon a Time. It was a cute Ye Hua watching Ye Hua meta moment but Mark will retain the edge on out since the movie has been a flop in both box office and reviews. Mark is also the new face for a floral and home design brand called Beast and the latest CFs capture his warmth and quiet smarts marvelously.


Mark Chao a Flower Boy and Scholar as the New Face of Floral Homes Goods Brand Beast — 14 Comments

  1. I loved him in the show! Binged watched all the episodes a few weeks ago and loved it. I was excited for the movie. It’s too bad the movie flopped, though I’m not surprised with WW2 taking over the BO. It’s 2nd on the list of highest gross from a single market, beating Avatar and getting close to SW7.

      • Wolf Warriors 2, a Wu Jing-helmed action flick. It’s currently the highest grossing movie of all time in Chinese cinema history, staying at 5+ billion RMB. Personally I find it nothing special but it appeals specifically to chinese movie goers due to its central jingoistic theme.

  2. He’s so freaking handsome. I became obsessed with him after watching TMOPB and marathoned his movies to quench my thirst since then. Can’t wait for his new projects. Recently I heard some rumours about a high-budget historical drama with Zhang Ziyi and a Hou Hsiao Hsien movie with Shu Qi, hope at least one of them is true.

  3. Mark chao is the one who got me hooked and thirsting for more Chinese drama. Before, I don’t like Chinese drama cos it’s too draggy, and always have sad endings!
    His Ten miles peach blossoms is awesome! Mark chao who doesn’t look appealing, turns out to be so enchanting and bewitched me with his stature, emotions. He’s great! And especially with Yang mi, they make a great couple in the drama
    I’d repeatedly watched this drama and couldn’t seem to move forward!!

  4. @Lily, like you, I searched for MarK Chao. He’s mostly in movies but few in dramas. I prefer dramas
    Oh Mark Chao: when will he sign up for the next drama? and I hope a drama with happy ending. He looks superb in period costumes!
    And I also wish that March Chao and his wife, Gao Yuan Yuan love each other forever, embracing each others’ strengths and weaknesses. I wish they both love, nurture and mature together and be faithful always!

    • I know I shouldn’t but I would ship him and Yang Mi if they didn’t get married to other peoples
      My Ye Hua and Bai Qian.

      • Same thoughts here.. we are romantics… hehe.. BTW, I heard Yang Mi’s marriage is on the rocks. News on her hubby two-timing her. Is it true?

  5. I am overwhelmed by this awesome drama Ten Miles Of Peach Blossom. Never touch Chinese Drama before.

    So blessed to chance upon this and I am now Mark Chao and Yang Mi’s die hard fan. I have seen the chemistries between them as unmatcheable.. His serious Ye Hua’s character became so loveable after his heart was captured by Bia Qian.

    As for Yang Mi, she is really beautiful and fits Bai Qian well.

    I am still watching again and again and hungry for more dramas featuring both of them. Sadly, up to now, no future drama on them yet. Pray hard and fingers cross.

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