Choi Siwon and Kang Sora Confirmed for October tvN Rom-com Revolutionary Love

Leave it to cable network tvN to move fast and select likable leads for a new rom-com drama headed our way. The casting is confirmed for mid-fall drama Revolutionary Love with hot off the military discharge platform Choi Siwon paired with the always charming Kang Sora. The drama is the usual rich guy-poor girl situation plus the enjoyable cohabitation trope, but knowing it’s tvN I hope they have a nicely mapped out story and lead characters that may be flawed but are still decently relatable. Choi Siwon plays a third generation chaebol heir with an innocent heart that still believes in love and goodness, who hides his wealth to live a regular joe life at an apartment complex. Kang Sora is a well educated girl from a poorer background who still struggles in the professional arena due to the usual inequities of Korean social norms, and ends up living in the same apartment complex as the male lead. The drama is slated for an October premiere.

Revolutionary Love will be directed by the PD of Another Oh Hae Young and Introverted Boss working with the screenwriter of Ms Temper and Nam Jung Gi.


Choi Siwon and Kang Sora Confirmed for October tvN Rom-com Revolutionary Love — 14 Comments

    • @asta, I’m looking forward to see how a real chaebol “Siwon” played a chaebol in a drama… And of course my favorite Kang Sora the flawless beauty, I’m
      excited to see her again in a small screen. I miss her!. Cheers!.

  1. Boring cliche storyline. It’s like chaebol heirs easily scattered around Korea for people from all walks of life to easily meet them.

  2. TVN now is going MAKJANG! All of their current dramas did not live up to expectation…so makjang is a way to go. The water God is a pure snorefest literally… I instantly felt sleepy once I started watching it.?

  3. Kang Sora was so good in tvN Misaeng. Choi Siwon did well in She Was Pretty.

    Not liking this type of dramas (the typical k-drama cliche) from tvN now.

    Pity when we have two decent actors and get casted in makjang drama.

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