Moody Teaser for OCN Grim Reaper Police Drama Black with Song Seung Heon and Go Ara

The first teaser is here for OCN‘s fall thriller drama Black, not to be confused with the lackluster Mr. Black from a few years ago. This Black seems to be all about the color and it’s connotations, from living to death, from hope to despair. The teaser has blooming pink roses quickly shriveled up before cutting to moody cutaways of leads Song Seung Heon and Go Ara‘s eyes, and lordy do these two have beautiful eyes. Too bad they can’t usually emote well with those eyes and utilize the rest of their gorgeous facial features, so the defunct acting mood for both is a cross being constipated and perplexed when they should be projected other emotions. I hope the PD has a good reign and can pull out the best from them for this interesting drama about a fallen grim reaper that takes over the body of a detective.

Teaser for Black:


Moody Teaser for OCN Grim Reaper Police Drama Black with Song Seung Heon and Go Ara — 12 Comments

  1. I have zero hopes of actual acting and extreme amount of hope for foot acting from both the leads……so yeah, I’ll pass unless the reviews are stellar.

  2. I’m looking forward to this drama because that I like dark/mystery themed dramas…I know the leads don’t really have a good rep when it comes to acting but at least they are easy on the eye and I don’t really give a damn.. can’t wait

  3. Save me is enjoyable despite some awkward acting so I’m tentatively hopeful that, like save me, the strong storyline and interesting concept will be enough to carry it. I do wonder at ocns casting choices though…

  4. I don’t like Song Seung Heon acting since his prime days, but, please, don’t do a love line between him and Go Ara. 14 years gap is a lot and I’m tired of “older men with young woman” is normal but “older women with young men” is a scandalous, remarkable, noona-dongsaeng drama, etc…. even if they are 3 or 4 years apart. Everyway, it’s not in my list.

  5. I had to comment on this… you made me laugh so hard. Constipated and perplexed…. hahaha! Go Ara was horrible in Hwarang, she was frowning all the time. So, no, thank you, I won’t be wasting my time watching this.

  6. PD will do a good job as is evident from his past works even if script sucks like in Voice but he can’t do much if acting sucks too. But how much I wish Jang Hyuk was the lead instead of Song Seung Heon in this drama. They are same age too.

  7. I have been following your reviews and all when I want to watch a drama. But heck now KOala, you’re so biased when it comes to this one. Your hate shows in this upcoming drama, just what did the actors do to you for you to say that? Your hate really shows in this review. You spread hate and negativity to the people and yes negative attracts negatives. This is what I’m going to say to you and to all those people who easily judges the kdramas. This drama is not made for you. It’s for people like us who are actually excited for this and waiting to watch this. So if you feel constipated, stay away from this. I’m so sure you can’t handle the upcoming awesomeness anyway. Go find other teeny weeny dramas that you like and make hundred reviews about it. for negative commenters like you, who the heck cares if you will not watch it?

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