Korea Shocked by Footage of Middle School Girls Brutally Attacking Even Younger Victim

Entertainment shows like dramas and movies are there for enjoyment and sometimes education when it attempts to hew close to reality and highlight relevant issues. The School series has in recent years dealt with bullying in South Korea, and also the drama Angry Mom addressed the problem head on. Knowing it exists and is a really big problem can’t prepare for actually seeing visual evidence of it in real life as the current news coverage is inundated by shocking graphic pictures and video of a violent bullying attack by school girls in Busan.

It’s not even high school students that takes this to a new level of dismay, the attackers were two 15 year old 3rd year middle school students (9th grade in the US), and the victim was a 14 year old 2nd year middle school student. The attackers cornered her in an abandoned factory and attacked her for 30 minutes with steel pipes, bricks and soju bottle shards. The victim was left begging on her hands and knees and left completed bloodied. A trigger warning if you want to click beyond and see the heartbreaking pictures, thankfully the victim survived and was treated at the hospital, and the police are now investigating the two attackers and also a third girl who stood by and watched.


Korea Shocked by Footage of Middle School Girls Brutally Attacking Even Younger Victim — 37 Comments

  1. Wtf. But what do you expect from a country who thinks they’re so entitled that they think whatever they say is right making idols at their mercy.

      • I would get involved since I do not tolerate any bullying should I come across it verbally, physically or even in cyber space. I’m an advocate, can’t stand bullyism in any way or fashion. It happens more so with adults bullying other adults, I’m a female worked in a male oriented outside job for phone company and it’s happened to me and seen it happen in crews I’ve worked in as well as witnessed it in other departments. How can we stand by and let it happen, that’s why when left to fester, it becomes an over whelming disease that continues to grow in my country as well as in other countries. What can we do to dissolve this brutality? For one thing, LET’S START STOPPING IT AS PART OF SCENES IN THESE DRAMAS FOR ONE, WRITERS, YOU ARE ALSO AT FAULT, SEE IT SO OFTEN IN THE DRAMAS YOU CREATE AND IS COPIED THROUGHOUT. THESE DRAMAS HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY ALSO BECAUSE IT SEEMS TO BE AN ONGOING THEME AT TIMES, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, WE ARE ALL HUMAN, WHEN WILL THIS HUMILIATION END? ESPECIALLY FOR OUR YOUNG PEOPLE.

    • not every koreans are like that. you shouldn’t be saying that stuff when you have no knowledge. only the stupid government is like that. you don’t knwo anything.

  2. It seems like the Korean society needs to take a closer look at how these kids are being brought up and REFLECT. This is not just “bullying”, this is physically assaulting another person, which IS a serious crime.

  3. The sad thing is these girls will get heavy sentences but if it were boys they would get lighter ones. The sexism in Korea is so profound it reaches their highest order across all levels of crime.

    A while back we heard the story of the 15yo that was bullied, tortured and forced into prostitution until they murdered her brutally and burnt her corpse.

    3 female (14 and 15 yo) and 1 adult male was charfes for the crime. The two 14yo got away on a light sentence because they weren’t in charged, the adult male was given 6 years and the 15 yo was given 10 years because she was the one that called the other girl out even though the male was the pimp and all 4 admitted to having a hand in her death.

  4. Unfortunately there is this minor law that protects them, so most of them usually get away with lighter sentences. Same goes for Japan.

  5. I see 2 girls attacking and 2 girls standing by watching so why are they only investigating 3 girls? This is “dog pack” behavior. It’s a wonder they didn’t kill her. I hope severe justice is served.

  6. They should try these kids as adults. These teens want so bad to be like adults so, please, no juvie, try them as adults and make sure it will stay in the record as ’attempt of murder’. Then send these bullies to psychiatric ward for the rest of their lives. And their parents under surveillance and siblings to foster care. They obviously come from a family where they’ve been severely neglected or abused.

  7. I don’t think the identity of the attackers should be protected, minors or not. This is a serious crime and goes well beyond the ‘normal’ bullying behaviors. Since public opinion is so important in Korea, exposing their identities and public censure and humiliation may be an additional punishment for the perpetrators and a very good deterrent for such acts in future.

    • I agree, identities should not be protected if they were willing to go that far, why protect them, it’s like giving them a “slap on the wrist” until the next time if caught but not they’re involved in more serious crimes because they feel they got away with so-called murder in the past. They gave that up with their identities, their parents dignity, why not show them up for what they really are, shameless criminals. It will get worse if they continue to get off with lesser sentences. We should keep in mind that we as a public get involved because it could be our loved ones being assaulted in that way merciless with such disgusting abuse. Fighting for a good cause.

  8. This isn’t bullying… this is torture for the pleasure of these sick girls. They need to go to jail and afterwards to a psychiatric ward. They are most likely a danger for everyone.

  9. Dudes we had some girls using slender man to almost murder another girl in the US. Don’t be paternalistic. It happens right here in the US.

    • And what happened to the girl in the US who did this? It is my understanding that due to the age of the girls involved in this incident, they will pretty much get away with it.

      • For those not familiar with the slender man case, the perpetrators were around 12 when the incident occurred and were being tried as adults. One just accepted a plea deal of attempted second degree murder. The other gal who is mentally ill is being tried separately.

        I read elsewhere that the Busan girls might totally get away with it because of some loophole I assume relating to age.

    • Indeed. And in the UK there were those two girls who tortured a women to death in Hartlepool. Not something that occurs in just one country. Definitely beyond bullying though, and those behind it often have bad childhoods/situations they are dealing with

  10. Whatever the problem is this is beyond too much. Students (and people) these days need to chill out. Ganging up on one girl and not only using fists but sharp and hard objects. Instead of learning to read and write we should start teaching people how to respect each other.

  11. This is not bullying. This is attempted murder or something… it goes well beyond bullying. WTF is wrong with those girls??? They should be locked up! They’re dangerous.

  12. it still a part of bullying.
    no matter what,bullying is a crime, it will be a tradition if the adult people decide to keep in silence and doesn’t care.
    i don’t know the reason why they did that, but what they did, not only almost kill the victims but they definitely kill their own future.
    poor the victim,and poor their parents!

  13. This may seem to be a general and somewhat biased opinion here. But from reading several articles about the continuous very abusive treatment of females in the Asian countries. I am of the belief that they do not care for females on a whole because it appears to be okay for them to do this without any real severe punishment for the predators/prepetrators who do this all the time. There is no justice system for the punishment to fit the crime/consequence. This explains why this will always happen. To make matters worse its the females who are of the warped opinion in support of this, they are their worst enemies, in terms of acceptance and cursing/blaming the victim when these things happen. The men are very guilty as well but when they are acclimatized into to believing that it is the norm and there is no real punishment in doing. It does not surprise me when conscience is lost and it becomes frequent.

    I have never read an article where it seems that real justice or protection was given to the female victim of these sad events/incidents. Instead it gets worst. I am not American, nor do I think it is perfect in anyway, but I remember years ago my brother said this to me “America is a woman’s country”. Why did he say that because I think he is of the belief that if something like this occurred in the States there is a higher chance of this victim getting some real justice or other related victims getting protected unlike those countries in the Asian continent. In a way he is right, I can imagine a chance proper reparation for the victim given there than over that part. Its a real shame that the legal system in these countries is a total crock, they do not protect the victim or seem to care for them otherwise to say the least. Their laws strongly supports the criminal and that is why it pays.

    When you watch some of the kdramas or worse yet Thai Lakorns rarely do you see a rapist or murderer completely & severly punished. In the case of Thai lakorns rapists (especially when they are married) are rewarded greatly like it is an honor for the girl to undergo such treatment and hence she the heroine ends of falling in love and marrying said person and having the child. With the kdramas it is to me no real punishment for the murderer/punishment its usually light sentences for which makes being decent with morals a total joke overall. Don’t even go there with the parents who are total monsters, and the fact that they seem to make it okay for an employee to get slapped by a supervisor etc for having an opinion that disagree with theirs. I done talk on this.

    What I do wish is there is some real hope for the girl, she gets a chance to recover and live. And some real punishment for the perpetrators and in a way calling out the parents in terms of accountability for this. I also wish that these shows in those countries start to try teaching the public as to respecting and honoring women with honorable behavior from both genders, they show that there is hope for women who stand up for themselves and protect themselves, stop rewarding immorality by saying that as long as a woman endures whatever is given to her without retaliation or standing straight for herself she in their minds is a real woman and that to me is twisted logic/principle.

    • This is sad but true and I agree. I know what your brother meant when he said to you “America is a woman’s country”. I am American, female; live in Hawaii, born and raised; 66 years of age now. I have also said among my friends that we as women living, raising our families in America that we are lucky unlike our counterparts living in a rough, tough, unrighteous, disrespectful, cruel, inequality type foreign countries; who are we to really grumble? In comparison to other women living in those cruel, disrespectful, countries, walk in their shoes (not high heels, that’s for sure) because they are basically trying to survive daily and continue living the next day. It’s unfortunate that they are not as lucky as we are but do their best to live. Could we survive in their country if we had to live on a day to day basis as they do, sometimes living without, and if they have families, babies to support, how do you think they’ll fathom living a righteous life? if at all possible, we are so very lucky. But by the same token, we do what we have to to face problems that pop up for us to get involved with, so we need and try to stand on our own two feet. But, respectfully I reach out to our less fortunate women who suffer more than we do around the world and wish only the very best but we are still a “sisterhood” in this battle for our rights, decency and respect.

  14. Last year, in France 126 women died due to repetitive attacks by their husband, boyfriend, former boyfriend / husband…. The number of children who commit suicide due (cyber)/bullying is increasing…( a poor little boy of 9 years )

  15. The victims mum asked them why they did it. And the answer was “I like the smell of blood, as she bled, I want to hit her more.” and “I feel like I want to hit her, I don’t remember anything else.”
    That’s not even ‘bullying’ anymore but committing a crime because they are sociopaths. Not even someone who was through abusive would do THIS, and to be honest I don’t even think that they ever got beaten up just looking at their answer.

  16. I agree with maim. These girls are cowards and are ugly to the bone. Their names need to be plastered everywhere, letting everyone know who they are and what they did. Jail should be mandatory for these little creeps.

    • I’d like to know who the hell are their parents, how did they raise these criminals- in-the-making kids. Did they not see in their child any type of criminal mental backlashes, or outright abuse going on in their family like beating up their sister or brother for really no reason at all. Or was their kids raised in an abusive, beating every day household that they copied because they were being abused on a daily course like it’s “normal” way of living or surviving by their parents who practiced spousal abuse to one another behind closed doors. I would hold them accountable too, like an accessory to crime.

  17. I read about this on FB and it seems like the police were barely trying to do their job. The mom seems to be the one that forced their hand and fought for attention and justice. This is not bullying, this is assault and battery, probably attempted murder. If they were in the states, they would be facing serious time. Pipes, bricks, and glass shards? Are they effing gangsters? And all this was supposedly over a guy? No offense, but Asia needs better laws in place to protect women and children and hold people truly accountable for heinous stuff like this.

    • If this beating was because of a guy, then these young girls got a lot to learn. It’s not worth fighting or being a victim of a jealous rage put out by bitches like these young girls who will continue to do this type of abuse as they become adults. You see this even in K-dramas and I’ve watched a lot of these dramas that seem unable to get away from scenes depicting evil, outrageous plots because of jealousy to get the other woman or girl because the guy they happen to like in most instances, likes the girl, admires her for whatever reason, might want to date over the less popular girl that now is scheming to get back at that girl even though she did nothing to that “said” jealous girl. I’ve seen it in historic epic Joseon type dramas if not current contemporary life dramas with hair pulling, back-stabbing accusations shouted or screamed out in public to humiliate the other girl/woman. It’s like these dramas are setting out training films on the subject of what to do when jealous of the other female. They should also absorb and take responsibility for their inactions on the screen of their dramas, movies. It’s like “can we get along and move on on things we have to accept, can’t change and just go on”. It’s a big turn off for me when I see it in these dramas and just move on to find a better, happier, mentally healthier one.

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