Popular Actresses Park Shin Hye and Tang Yan Attend Coach Fashion Show in NYC

This is a case of wasted potential, or maybe not if boho crossed with another fashion trend if your thing. It’s the famed fall fashion season New York Fashion Week going on right now in the Big Apple and there are countless stars in attendance. Coming from the Asian countries, two of the most popular actresses in their respective countries happened to be invited by the same fashion house and ended up looking consumed by their outfits. Park Shin Hye and Tang Yan were at the Coach show this week and honestly their outfits were just duds. It’s like grandma tried to become modern and threw on a furry leather jacket for Park Shin Hye and tried to tailor the look for Tang Yan to be form fitting but it’s still super old fashioned patterns and colors. The ladies were beautifully made up and visually pretty even in the fuddy looks so kudos for being so game and succeeding at the spokesmodel task.


Popular Actresses Park Shin Hye and Tang Yan Attend Coach Fashion Show in NYC — 11 Comments

  1. Both these girls have great charisma and really work the camera. Really wish ShinHye’s stylist will have SH wear her jackets instead of just draping it over her shoulders.

  2. I actually like their dresses! Especially PSH’s dress! The jacket and sweater not so much, but the desses are floral and feminine, IMO. To each their sartorial own I guess.

  3. Park shin hye dress is beautiful without Jacket I think Bcz they represent Coach they should wear their clothes I hope she will attend Ellie Saab in Fashion week to wear one of his awesome dresses rather than Chanel or coach .

  4. The dress is pretty but not with the furry jacket ! Selena Gomez outfit was better. CHLOE that’s a brand for Park Shin Hye. Google Clemence Poesy for Chloe and you’ll know what i mean.

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