Three Lives Three Worlds Drama Leads Mark Chao and Yang Mi Adorably Reunite at Fashion Show

Kyaaaaa, fans of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms rejoice, our beloved OTP is back together and being so adorable my teeth hurt. The leads of the hit C-drama adaptation sat next to each other at a fashion week event and wasted zero time in goofing around in between taking in serious couture updates. Mark Chao and Yang Mi retain their throne as the definitive onscreen version of Ye Hua and Bai Qian after the movie version flopped, taking full advantage of spending 60 hours developing their characters in a lengthy drama version. They are seriously channeling altera-universe Ye Hua and Qian Qian in their matching couple’s colored outfits and Mark being super goofy ahahaha. The top pic is from selfie expert Yang Mi and she was asked for Mark to take a selfie of them so the last pic below is Mark’s version and she totally teased at how bad he is at selfie taking, both the angle and his own expression. I think Bai Qian needs to give hubby a lesson.


Three Lives Three Worlds Drama Leads Mark Chao and Yang Mi Adorably Reunite at Fashion Show — 18 Comments

  1. Kyaaaaaaaa i love them soo much and the drama..they look good together and it looks like they’re good friends with each other..hoping for another project soon..

  2. You guys should see the video that have been circulated regarding the process of taking this picture super super cute and I’m in cloud nine (I somehow found it in my instagram explore)

  3. Mark is one of those few actors I’ve seen who always wears his wedding band. It is extremely simple but it endears him to me so so so much <3

  4. I’m so happy you posted this! Gomawo! Xie xie! I’ve been smiling and grinning like crazy after seeing them in IG. And yes, the video is so so endearing! I’ve seen the movie too, but in as much as I adore YangYang too, Mark Chao is it! Yang Mi, period, she’s the high goddess Bai Qian. Runaway winner. I watched and re-watched and sure to be rewatching 10 Miles Peach Blossoms again, and truly, madly, deeply in love with that CDrama.

  5. Me too! I’d watched ten mile peach blossoms more than 10 times! And wen I’m stressed, I’ll watch ten miles,,,,
    Yang mi is beautiful here!????
    Mark chao look super here! And yes, so good to see him wearing the wedding ring! ??????

  6. I am crazy over the both of them. I did watch the movie version for 15 minutes, I gave up. It is spoiling my excellent images of Yeh Hua and Bai Qian protrayed by Mark and Yang Mi.

    I am searching everything on them. So happy to see them together after so many months. Praying for another show on them..

    My daughter thought that I was bias and watched the movie to see if it is that bad. I was so happy when she stopped watching after 55 mins. She said Mum, you are right. She said she has never seen a movie that she found wanting it to end faster so that she can stop the show. Finally, she couldn’t wait till the ending and stopped the show to make supper, ate it and went to sleep. She did not continue with the movie..

    I still watch Ten miles over abd over again whenever I am free.. Bless Yang Mi and Mark…

  7. God please forgive me for having this bad thoughts of them should be together and Mark will have a few kids with her (she is young and able to get pregnant healthily) in Chinese culture.. a child (son) is everything.. it’s like the barometer of a man’s success as a human..

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