Song Joong Ki in Edgy Flower Boy Mode for Marie Claire Korea October Issue

I feel like Song Joong Ki has been in static hair mode for a long time, going from military hair cut after discharge and keeping it to film Descendants of the Sun. Afterwards I’m sure he’s grown his hair out more but nothing has been memorable until now. Oh what an errant front lock can do, making his boyish features look rakish almost, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s always got the eye sizzle. Song Joong Ki may be prepping for his wedding to fiancee and DotS costar Song Hye Kyo set for next month but work goes on and he’s in the October issue of Marie Claire Korea modeling the latest men’s fall fashions. I see turtleneck, interesting collar white shirts, camel, and even velvet pants. I can actually see guys in real life wearing any one of these items and looking dapper, but the cute hairstyle I’m not sure the average Joe can pull off.


Song Joong Ki in Edgy Flower Boy Mode for Marie Claire Korea October Issue — 45 Comments

  1. Really tired of him. I don’t understand why DOTS is so famous, because I didn’t even watch the end. It was soooooo corn, and they really didn’t do anything in their mission, apart of flirting. I think he’s not that good at acting, he doesn’t have a long filmography, like his soon-to-be bride, or other actors. It’s only he has a handsome face. But I really liked “The innocent man”, with Mon Chae Won.

    • His wife is in this industry for 20 years where as sjk started about 9 years ago. Just because you didn’t like dots that doesn’t mean nobody did. Yes it was cheesy at parts but it ain’t pull off 40% rating for no reason. Not only good looking but he is a good actor too, critics has praised his performance even before innocent man. He was already a established actor before dots.

    • @Sonia – sounds like you have not watched any of his movies and your comment does not serve justice to his acting talent. I am not his fan but reading your comment make me roll my eyes. “Really tired of him”? – then why did you click on his article to look at his photos?? If you are still curious about why he is famous, trying watching 2012 movie “A Werewolf Boy”.

    • True. He looks quite boyish. Even if SHK looks youthful herself, him next to SHK looks obviously noona-donsaeng. For example, Shin Se Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk or Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik didn’t look like noona-donsaeng at all..

    • I’m really curious about the world you live in because I have never seen a mother-son duo who look like that in real life. They may look like big sister-younger brother but to say he looks like her son is such a dishonest over-exaggerated statement.

  2. @lede39571 how in the world does a 32 year old man look like he could be the son of a woman of 35. I don’t get this faux outage over such a small age gap.In the real world couples like this are an everyday thing.several of my aunts are older than their husband once you get in your thirties age doesn’t really factor.

    • Please do not get your bloomers in a bunch. I have stated my personal opinion and I am entitled to it. It is not faux outrage and has nothing to do with “age gap”. I am not hung up on age or looks and personally could care less about who either of them choose to marry and wish them the best as I would any couple about to marry. However, to me, that does not change the fact that he looks like her son and in the drama DOS, the age difference was quite apparent.

      • Nope. He already has crow’s feet when he laughs and when they both age, he will look older than her because of his thin lips.

      • hmmmm…. let’s wait & see…. that’s not what most people here think though…. don’t forget she has makeup on…. his lips are not really that thin… but whatever, I am not even their fans… and they will always be older than me… lol…

      • hmmm… let’s wait & see… that’s not what most people here think though…. his lips are not really that thin… Men look better when they age, but women ?…. anyways, who cares, I am not even their fans… lol…

      • Men with thin lips don’t look better with age, they will start to look more grandpa in their 40’s. SKH will age gracefully with her classic beauty.

      • @candycane: “men look better with age, but women..” lmao what? What a ridiculous and sexist view. A lot of men look like melted cheese when they age while some women still rock their youthful looks during 40s, 50s. In the long term, we still have to wait and see if SJK can age well because some of his features (especially his droopy eyelids) tend to look very bad once the aging process hits hard.

      • @Lily – “A lot of men look like melted cheese when they age” sounds sexist to me… Look into the mirror. Examine yourself before you reply to my thread ? I don’t like people giving me lesson while they are just as bad ????

      • @candycane, men who look boyish don’t age well. On the other hand, women with classic features, like Song Hye Kyo, age very well, and look beautiful at any age. Her only problem (if this can even be called a problem) is that she sometimes gains weight (and why shouldn’t she enjoy her life when she’s not working?).

        @lede39571, these pictures are heavily photoshopped, and since DotS (2 years ago) he has already aged a bit… You are just not updated.

      • @candycane: lmao @ sexism against MEN. In a patriarchal world where men get praised for doing the minimum least and women constantly get sh*tted on. Don’t ever try that bullsh*t reverse sexism with me and educate yourself about the world you live in instead of posting dumbass comments blindly drooling over men. Also, my statement begins with “a lot of men…”, not “all men”, while your comment is a sweeping sexist generalization reinforcing a harmful view that aged women are worth less than men which affect billions of women who suffer from body image issues every day.

      • @Lily – I feel sorry for you that you get constantly sh*tted on. You need to see a counsellor and not pick on my random words which were not intended to direct towards you. My world is beautiful, my parents are loving and my dad does all the cooking & cleaning in the house. My dad and all my brothers, as men, are not offended by my comments, so why should you? I don’t drool over men, I am loved by a lot of men. Don’t show your bitterness towards me, I cannot help you ?

      • @Lily – and oh, I think the counsellor can also help you with your daily body image issues. I wish you peace…

  3. Lol do you think SJK cares about their age difference? If he did, he wouldn’t have fallen in love with her. Funny how some people think SJK could’ve done better…he chose her so stop being bitter about it.

  4. All these comments are hilarious… come to think of it… SHK does look older than SJK, when she smiles she has crow’s-feet… and she is truly older than SJK. It is really up to her to face the reality, marrying a younger man looking even younger… SJK has a boyish look, and showcasing these kind of wimpy sissy fashion photos can make the age difference look more obvious ?

  5. if sjk will cheat on her,i mean if,it will have nothing to do with shk age.lee byung hun married a younger wife with 12 years difference but still cheated on her.

    it is not about the woman age,its about the respect,love the man has for his wife and the man character to determine whether to cheat or not.

    a man will still cheat if he has the youngest as well as most beautiful wife in the world if he is fickle and does not respect women.

  6. The think is that she is womanly while he has a boyish look. It has nothing to do with age but with their features and figure; so the debate here is pointless.
    By the way, I wish them happiness and I hope Song Hye Kyo stops hibernating and comes back with a project after the wedding.

  7. Lol This is hilarious and ridiculous! Who looks younger or older is subjective. But obviously, SHK is the woman SJK is very much in-love with and who he sees as a very beautiful woman.

  8. They are in love. I am happy for SHK for finding love with SJK. They are lovely couple and i love Dots. DOTS is one of the best dramas of last year.

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