Ariel Lin Sophisticated in Purple Mermaid Gown at Boucheron Event in Taipei

I haven’t seen Ariel Lin in public for the last few months, which makes sense since she’s filming a TW-drama only, unlike her good friend Rainie Yang who is also filming a drama but is doubly busy out promoting her new album and supporting a rock star boyfriend in concert. But quantity can’t hold a candle to quality and Ariel hits it out of the park in her weekend appearance at the Boucheron event in Taipei, leaving her gorgeous neck, shoulders, and clavicle free to model the jewelry brand’s jaw dropping baubles. Ariel is super petite but pulls off the mermaid gown by making sure it’s perfectly tailored and choosing a luxe aubergine color that looks phenomenal against her pale skin and delicate features. If this is her red carpet style then it’s a home run and another reminder that she’s matured so incredibly over the years from cheeky teen to sophisticated chic.


Ariel Lin Sophisticated in Purple Mermaid Gown at Boucheron Event in Taipei — 10 Comments

  1. What is the TW-Drama she’s filming? I know she’s in Oldboy, but that is a 48 episode C-Drama. I haven’t heard anything about her doing a TW Drama, can you share the details?

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  3. I thought she had only been filming the C-drama “Oldboy” with Liu Ye (which I’m extremely excited because I love them both). I watched the press interview that she did during this event, and she said that she had recently finished wrapping up filming for “Oldboy” in Shanghai.

    • Yes, I am sure koala is mistaken. There’s been nothing on Ariel’s weibo about any TW Drama, but she has even been to Australia for Oldboy shoots. Which disappointed me as a NZ fan! 😀

  4. The necklaces look stunning on her. I’ve never been a big fan of mermaid dresses, but it does look nice on her and helps showcase the jewelry perfectly.

    I’m also curious what the TW drama is. I saw Winnie’s photo post with Ariel recently, but I wasn’t sure what it was for. A web series or something?

  5. Why is it called a mermaid gown when it looks like a squid or octopus from the bottom?? better call it Ursula gown, the antagonist in Little Mermaid cartoon, sorry not related, lol.

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