Cast of SBS Drama While You Were Sleeping Show Off Plenty of Friendship Goal Snaps

It’s been a good streak for me, if you consider two straight K-dramas that I love a streak. Sadly the quality of K-dramas has gone down overall in the recent years and with it comes lower expectations. So to have followed tvN drama Live Up to Your Name avidly in the end of summer rolling straight into loving SBS drama While You Were Sleeping to start the fall is much appreciated. The Sleeping cast is overall on the younger side so there has been many cute group selfies shared in the last two weeks since the drama premiered showing how close Lee Jong Seok, Suzy, Lee Sang Yeob, Go Sung Hee, and Jung Hae In are thanks to doing the drama together. The drama has been fun and interesting so far though still finding its full footing, but the cast collectively are doing a fantastic job and I’m happy the fab five got along so well out of the drama.


Cast of SBS Drama While You Were Sleeping Show Off Plenty of Friendship Goal Snaps — 10 Comments

  1. They like and comment on each others’ posts and seem really close, specially LJS, LSY, JHI and SJH. LSY adressed LJS in his comment and post as “My Suki” and “you are my Suki” and also congratulated his birthday on his instagram .
    Also it seems LJS is obsessed with JHI face, he mentioned his being really handsome in his posts many times, these two and SJH even were on a trip together few weeks ago.

    • New secret couple? Just kidding but who knows and I now ship either way lol.

      LJS has got good taste though, the first thing I said when I saw Jung Hae In was “Damn, he’s fine!”

  2. These pictures are adorable! You can definitely tell they genuinely enjoyed their time with each other on set. It must be nice for them to gain new, genuine friends in the industry.

    I just started watching and I’m liking it so far but not in love yet which is fine. I don’t really like that I’ve been able to predict the “twists” ahead of time so far, it takes the fun out of watching for me. LJS acting is better, I don’t feel like I’m watching LJS act like in W. Suzy is also better but she doesn’t emote consistently which can be jarring for me as a viewer. I still really wish another more experienced actress could have been cast but it is what it is and at least the writing and the cast is pretty solid so far.

    I hope it finishes well, even if it doesn’t it’s a win for the cast since they gained new buddies 🙂

  3. How can people even consider Lee ddochi handsome or good looking? He is the least good looking or appealing in that bunch. Quite plastic looking too. Pretty sad that a cast that relies mostly on its looks has a more handsome second and third lead men than the main lead is lol

  4. Ah, so handsome n pretty casts ~ they are pretty on the inside n outside ~ the have acted so well together yay. What one writes reflects one mental health.

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