MBC Mon-Tues Drama Two Cops with Jo Jung Seok and Hyeri Hold Script Reading

I see the casting for the upcoming MBC drama Two Cops and deciding to be optimistic I notice the reunion of a bunch of Answer Me alums. Leading lady Hyeri from Answer Me 1988 gets to work with supporting leads Hoya and Lee Si Eun from Answer Me 1997. If all three bring the same level of heart and acting sincerity as seen in their Answer Me performances, then things are looking promising for male lead Jo Jung Seok who really is too talented to waste his time in a drama with a decent story that is hamstrung by limited acting. Two Cops is about a dogged detective who shares his body with a swindler and together they end up solving more cases with the usual opposites double the effectiveness mantra of K-dramas. The drama will take over the Mon-Tues time slot from 20th Century Boy and Girl, which got a one week late premiere so Two Cops just started filming and will likely have a good head start.


MBC Mon-Tues Drama Two Cops with Jo Jung Seok and Hyeri Hold Script Reading — 7 Comments

  1. Poor JJS, stuck with Hyeri. From Park Bo young and Gong Hyo Jin.. I guess they really didn’t have the budget to cast a better actress. What’s up with k-dramas and terrible casting choices lately?

  2. I’m so disappointed with Hyeri as his leading lady after having fantastic partners in his 2 previous drama roles. From Hyo Jin to Hyeri is a drastic drop in acting calibre. I’m loving everything about this drama except Hyeri. Her acting is cringe-worthy, imagine pairing up with the awesome JJS. I just can’t…….

  3. Jo Jung-suk + Comedies = Must watch!
    Don’t really care about Hyeri, as long as she isn’t bad to the point where she’s insufferable.

  4. I can’t really judge Hyeri. I didn’t watch Reply 1988 and in Entertainment it was more her character who was completely useless and her love story boring. I hope she’s not like Eun Ji who is good only with some characters and doesn’t really have sublety in her way to act.

    And JJS, I need to watch ! Jealousy incarnate was so good ! He’s a great actor !

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