Zheng Shuang Lands Coveted Leading Lady Role in C-remake of You From Another Star

C-ent goes through It Girls like a fast speed conveyor belt and in recent two years Zheng Shuang has settled from her in every C-drama heyday to breaks between projects. This year she had the C-drama Rush to the Dead Summer with Cheney Chen and there are filmed C-dramas slated for 2018 but none have been top of the buzz charts in either airing or pre-production. Perhaps the buzz has died down for her next role but it’s still a big name drama name to generate plenty of interest – after months of speculation the role that Jeon Ji Hyun played to worldwide fame as the actress female lead in K-drama You From Another Star has landed with Zheng Shuang for the C-drama remake. I feel like this remake should have happened three years ago when YFAS was the hottest thing since sliced cheese but perhaps this will work out in the long run because the gap will give people less straight up comparisons and a chance for Zheng Shuang to make her Chinese Chun Song Yi a character all her own.

The biggest buzz for the male lead of Chinese YFAS has been Zheng Shuang’s former costar Jin Bo Ran, with the two starring in the popular Chinese remake of Queen In Hyun’s Man called Love Through the Millennium. I can totally see this and think Jin Bo Ran is a solid pick, and my choice over someone like Yang Yang who has the looks but still hasn’t convinced me that he’s got the acting range and emotive depth.


Zheng Shuang Lands Coveted Leading Lady Role in C-remake of You From Another Star — 25 Comments

  1. I cannot imagine Zheng Shuang playing Jun Jihyun’s role at all. She always plays the meek, mild-mannered kind of characters, and is awkward af at emoting.

    Also is this even true? I didn’t see the news anywhere lol.

  2. We have a Thai remake and now we’ve got a Chinese remake as well <3
    I'm not a fan of hers, but I'm willing to give this a try =)

  3. Jeon Ji Hyun played herself in My Love From the Stars. They should have casted the actress who has same personality as JJH.
    By the way this drama though earned a large following was faraway from perfection so I even don’t see the need of remaking it.

  4. She literally CANT act. Oh why? Cant they cast someone mature with great acting? I mean, age doesnt matter but maturity does for this role. Why not Fan Bing Bing since she’s one of the most popular actresses. I hope she leaves this.

    But boran is in another lev. Boy can act well.

  5. I love Zheng Shuang no matter what they say against her. I started to like and watch cdrama since I watch her with Yang Yang on Love 020. She is one of my favorite chinese actress with Yang Mi and Liu Shi Shi. I will definitely watch the remake.

    • It would be a cdrama. Even before the Korean entertainment ban started, China has had a history of remaking Korean dramas, but only some of the production companies actually bought the rights to remake them. The drama remakes that don’t buy rights are usually just broadcasted in China, so they don’t really get any punishment for it. So if this drama really is in the works, it could be a remake that didn’t obtain the remake rights.

  6. Doomed for failure. Remaking a famous and well-loved drama. I sometimes wonder the Chinese do it just for $$$, no matter how bad their drama is, they have viewers due to population. Hideous.

  7. Where did this news come from? Chinese entertainment “insiders” love to make rumors about possible drama and movie casting on Weibo, so I would take this news with a grain of salt until the production company officially comes out with its casting announcement. The only real Zheng Shuang news that I’ve seen recently is that she’s filming “Cry Me a Sad River” with Ma Tianyu and her love for snacks. (While at the supermarket with her dad, she was mesmerized by the snack section, but he pulled her away. She pouted, “Dad, don’t pull me!” and went back to the snacks section.)

  8. Ok i`m not totally against this(not enthused either)but the casting for YFTS was inspired so if the cast is even slightly off it will ruin it ..
    It does seem a bit unnecessary though I know My Amazing Boyfriend wasnt a remake of YFTS but it also was a kinda similar..

  9. Well, it will be a different role for her. She did act as the bubbly fox fairy in one of the ancient dramas that had Yang Mi in it, and she was quite convincing at that as a bubbly and snippy character.

    I can’t wait to see it, she was awesome in the C-remake of Queen In Hyun’s man with Jin Boran, if they act together again, that will be pretty awesome.

  10. I was not her fan in her early days but slowly enjoyed her last few productions. She is maturing and more relaxed into her roles. I can see her being comfortable acting with male actors she trust…. I am interested in her version of Song Yi….. But Boran will be great for her. She is relaxed around him. She trust him as a good friend.

  11. I think Jing Boran is a great pick. He is a great actor and would be able to carry this role very well.

    Zheng Shuang I am nit as sure about but she’sa decent actress so I think I’ll wait to pass judgement.

    It wouldn’t be the 1st time someone who i thought would be great was not and someone I had written off had wowed me.

  12. So.. China is still hung up on MLFAS? Lol time to move on! Besides, no one can top the original one. JJH and KSH were that good and perfectly fitting.

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