Moon Geun Young and Kim Tae Hoon Bring Moody Glamour to Marie Claire Korea

A hearty thanks to Marie Claire Korea for orchestrating such a phenomenal fashion paired with movie spread for the November issue. The magazine brought together K-movie Glass Garden costars Moon Geun Young and Kim Tae Hoon for a pictorial and evokes 70’s era countryside suburbia. It’s like Ang Lee dropped in to use his auteur vision on two talented Korean acting stars who also happened to be charismatic and beautiful. Moon Geun Young is drop dead gorgeous in these pictures that bring both the edge and the vulnerability from Cinderella Unni but aged up a few more years of life experience. Kim Tae Hoon continues to lead the smexy ahjusshi leading men brigade with an unnerving acting ability to embody any character and make it terrifyingly real if he’s a baddie or warmer than a soft blanket if he’s a nice guy.


Moon Geun Young and Kim Tae Hoon Bring Moody Glamour to Marie Claire Korea — 14 Comments

  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and a matter of opinion and is different for everyone.. I hope the film does well for her as she needs a nice boost to her career…she does not seem to do many projects these days .The transition from child star is never an easy nice to her have some good luck after what she has been through.

  2. Its long time since she has had a hit of any type. She definately needs a nice boost.Its hard to live on one project every few years and i often wonder what actors do with all that spare time.They are braver than me as i like control over my destiny.Hope the reviews get better for the film and create some nice things for her.She deserves it.

    • Well at least in Moon Geun Young case she uses all that sparetime in getting an education. Is a very well known fact that every break she takes from acting is to go back to school. She already has two Bachelor’s degrees from what I understand one in Theater and one in Korean Literature Studies. (As a fun note her character in Mary Stay Out All Night is also major in Korean Literature in that drama) I believe she was also working on persuing her Master’s although I don’t know in which field or if she is already got her MA.

      As for everyone else. If you are a very well establish actor or actress sticking to CF and endorsments seem to be profitable enough. Won Bin haven’t done an acting project in 10 years but is still pretty relevant in the CF world and making money out of it.

      Actors now days seem to be getting their acting chops from other venues other than Television, like theater or “Chungmuro” film acting careers. Moon Geun Young before her medical scare was doing a season on stage of Romeo and Juliet. Gong Yoo seem to be pretty MIA for like 2 years prior to 2016/17. However,during that time period he was filming 3 movies, 1 of them been the successful Train to Busan. Unfortunally for us international fans if our favorites are not doing T.V. dramas we are pretty much out of the loop in terms of their non-drama work.

      So you see is not so much that actors have a lot off time but that they might be persuing other interest they may have like an education or working on projects you may not know about but are making a living just fine.

  3. I dont think so..most actors really are very insecure financially..i know a number of them. You would be surprised how many regardless of the illusion that life is perfect or work is permanent.Their can never be enough work or money to gaurantee financial security in that business.
    Ask any actor and they will tell you how important it is to keep working for two reasons to stay relevant so the job will be finacially viable.

  4. I read a story where Moon said she is no longer certain that she could gaurantee a living from being an actress like she thought she may have when she was younger…So thats from an actress point of view on the insecurity of the business.Most never get enough work.

  5. Yes.. persuing second jobs to compliment the lack of work to make a living just fine. Working in and shops is the reality of even well known actors. Incidentaly theatre work is terrible money for an actor.Moons greatest popularity was as a child actor..Its all part of the busines. I wish her well.

    • makes sense.there is a reason why most of these actors and actresses even the high profile ones dab in CF and modelling jobs rather than just stickung to their main job aka acting.One is to remain relevant, two to supplement their income.

  6. I love korean fashion. Its so different from anything you see in my country. Classic Moonie photos and look…She cracks me up.

  7. Yup! The last pic looks pure and beautiful.i love seeing my moonie smile so brightly. I wish you well Moon, may luck come to you sooner.. ?

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