Park Eun Bin and Yeon Woo Jin Both Play Judges in SBS Wed-Thurs Legal Drama Nothing to Lose

Currently airing SBS Wed-Thurs drama While You Were Sleeping is midway through airing and has turned out to be more entertaining to watch than a ratings success. I haven’t been following the scheduling of the follow up drama so it was a surprise to hear that the whole shebang is basically confirmed. SBS will be airing Nothing to Lose, a legal drama with leads Park Eun Bin and Yeon Woo Jin, with supporting roles by Dongha and Haeryung of the idol group BESTie. Unlike Sleeping which has legal elements and certain characters in the legal profession, Nothing to Lose sounds a lot like KBS Mon-Tues drama Witch’s Court as all the leads are working in law. Park Eun Bin is a hot tempered judge who is affected by the unjust trauma of having her older brother falsely accused of murder and then later murdered by the rich and powerful. Yeon Woo Jin plays her fellow judge on the bench who is kind hearted but has a cool sharp mind in presiding over cases. Dongha will be a dogged prosecutor while Haeryung is signing up to play an idol-turned-law school student.

Nothing to Lose comes from the PD Lee of Entertainers and Puck and a newbie screenwriter Seo In. The drama is scheduled to premiere in the middle of November.


Park Eun Bin and Yeon Woo Jin Both Play Judges in SBS Wed-Thurs Legal Drama Nothing to Lose — 8 Comments

  1. I’m happy to see Park Eun Bin i a new drama ! She was so good in Age of Youth 2!! The love story of her character was very frustrating, the writter teased us during all the season 2 >_<

    I like Yeo Woo Jin. It's his second time that he will play with an actress of AoY :p

    Dong Ha was great in Suspicious Partner. I'm happy to see him too.

    For Haeryung, I think I saw her in a drama

  2. I was hoping that Yeo Woo Jin would do something lighter after his last drama. His last two dramas if you count that other one that will not be named. Hopefully this one is a success for him.

  3. The problem with Yeo Woo Jin is NOT his acting.He is really good.Its just that he lacks the star power/ X-factor.He only needs to get attached to a big name actress/writer/director combo to get that extra oomph to his career and can move from B-list to A-list in celebrity status and gain more recognition for his acting talent.

    • In Korea you are considered to be old when you’re in your 30’s when you’re in entertainment industry (except for some lucky guys). I suppose Park Eun Bin will play somebody in her 30’s…

  4. Love both actors, both underated. Hope for a good drama and the best luck . They deserved it. Yeo Woo Jin is a hard working actor that i’m watching since “Ojak brothers”.

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