Park Shin Hye Goes Dark and Glittery in Two Different Outfits for Blackened Heart Movie Press Conferences

I love Park Shin Hye and am rather amused at how her fashion always elicits an eyebrow raise from me. Mostly because it’s just not what I would have picked for her, at the same time she mostly pulls it off and still looks pretty enough. That’s my take for her recent two fashion choices at the press conferences for K-movie Blackened Heart with veteran Choi Min Shik and costarring Ryu Jun Yeol and Honey Lee.

I find the consistent theme one of conservative dressing, and the result is that she picks outfits which look heavy or thick on her, but then tries to make it tailored to be slimming and feminine. Her dresses were one glittery snakeskin-esque mid-calf dress with long sleeves and a slight mermaid hem, and one black dress that is the opposite of little as it comes with a lot of volume on top with ruffles and more ruffles. I like and dislike both outfits the same, and in the end just like how pretty Park Shin Hye still looks with her nicely dressed hair and beautiful face and complexion.



Park Shin Hye Goes Dark and Glittery in Two Different Outfits for Blackened Heart Movie Press Conferences — 24 Comments

  1. she has a conservative way of dressing but she looks fine and neat. I look forward to her new movie, it’s serious character, I want to see how will she pull it up.

  2. I do like the colour and fabric of the first one. Still, the dress is awefull. The cut of the dress screams “old spinster”.

    The second one looks better in comparison, even youthful. However, it’s like a heavy weight was dropped on her. I get the impression that somehow it’s pulling her down and she has to fight gravity.

  3. I’m happy she re-gained the weight that she had lost for Doctors she looks so much better! I’ve always loved how she is curvier than the usual KDrama actress…..not that big of a fan of the dresses but she looks pretty

  4. I think both the dresses are beautiful. The first Dolce&Gabbana one is really nice becaise it accentuates her figure. The texture and the colors also flatter her body. There are better pictures and videos actually, so you could see it better from them. D&G dresses have always flattered her and made her more feminine. The black dress would have been fine without the ruffly upper part. Her hair and makeup were nice too. Her red carpet fashion isn’t actually conservative at all. She often wears dresses that show her cleavage, which is considered daring in South-Korea, just look at the various reactions Kim Sarang got this week.

  5. She looks tired and a bit aged in the last photo.And something about the look in her eyes, feels like she isnt as happy as she appears to be.I am not her fan.I would say am indifferent to her.But I was just reading her latest interview where she talked about marriage and her real personality, balancing public’s perception of her vs what she really is.I feel for her.PSH is one of those artists that has so many antis as much as she has fans.

    As for her outfit, am not feeling both dresses but I love her hair colour.It suits her.Ive never seen her in jet black hair.I wonder how she would look..

    • She had black hair when she debuted and the last time she colored her hair black was for The Royal Tailor Film and the entire filming process she had black hair.

      • just hope she can wear more youthful dresses… these dresses only appeal to ahjummas, i guess that’s her main fanbase as i have read in other comments? it’s ok if she likes them…

  6. Park Shin Hye, so lovely. Love both dresses, look good on her, very elegant, classy , accentuates her beautiful figure very well, and very appropriate for the occasion. She always gives this lovely humble, sexy, and royalty vibes. Indeed, a mysterious interesting woman. I see love and compassion, in her eyes. Good luck on your movie. Love and let be loved. Enjoy it to the fullest , that is the best part of life. You are a warrior. Fighting!

  7. Her latest interviews sounded like she was going through a breakup. Seriously hope that everything is ok! I miss her so much in dramas but still want her to do more movies first and become a chungmroo elite because she’s really deserves more recognition and better projects.

  8. Nothing against conservative as long as the person who is wearing it makes it work. And Park Shin Hye makes the first and even the second outfit work. I dislike the second one though because of all the ruffles.

    The first one though… I really like it. 🙂

  9. Lmao people calling her tired looking and aged based on these pictures. These are not even the best pictures. There are actually better pictures from the press-cons. Is she supposed to smile and be bright and look like she is 19 years old 24/7? See, this is what PSH was talking about in her Osen interview. People expect her to be bright like vitamin all the time and they get taken aback when they see that she’s just a human. That lighting is targeted from above and that was just a picture taken at an unflattering moment so it looks like she aged. I’m confused, first people say that they want her to play more mature roles and not high schooler roles but then they ALWAYS say that she looks like old ahjumma now. Decide people, which one is it. At least she’s aging naturally. She can’t look like a high schooler forever.

  10. Not feeling both dresses actually. Like @candycane said, I just hope she choose more youthful dress with pastel or even bright colors. But, its psh.. And her dress mostly conservative except for special events like drama awards.

    But ofc, she still looks lovely? as always (yes Im biased?). And not even an ugly dress can make her look less

  11. Park Shin Hye looks like a high schooler without makeup, referencing to her washing face after getting up in bed in 3MAD. I think it depends on the type of image they want to project… dressing her accordingly. And she might be a little conservative or should I say,hesitant to show off her curves ALL the time….haha she surprises when she shows them during red carpet events. From seeing her old photos and videos she probably is one of the actresses that has that “natural curve” and not enhanced…maybe another reason she doesn’t flaunt it.
    Appreciate that she is a reflective person based on her interviews, esp.latest one. Also wondering if she buys these expensive outfits or are they provided by designers. I never hear her being asked…”Who are you wearing?” like in Hollywood events, or articles mentioning she’s wearing this and that. We know fans are the ones who researched those!

  12. The best Korean actress my angel PARK SHIN HYE what I’m saying is that when she’s beautiful,any outfit is good for you and l always see her beautiful elegant waiting for her next drama l just want her to be a good man that se deserves it and that se is happy she has been involved with so many korean actors that l do not even know if l went with any, greetings from an afan de america to mii bella unnie

  13. Love the second dress. Not her biggest fan , but i don’t see the problem of dressing in a conservative way. as for the fact that she seems sad, well the girl is entering soon in her 30’s so she ‘s maturing and probably questioning herself about work, life,…like any woman. Just saying.

  14. I am proud of her, she always looks appropriate, decent, beautiful, comfortable, confident in all her events, regardless of what people think about what she is/should wear . She is a very intelligent, wise, respectful and mindful actress that does not use clothes as a distraction. In all her events , you see and will remember of her Park Shin Hye and the event she is attending or/and representing. Reason why many international companies, want her to advertise and endorse their products and brand name, because they know they will be represented with dignity , and respect .

  15. i always love her. Seems her fashion is a bit old fashioned and i find no faults from it. I just love her and embrace her fashion too.

  16. PSH look beautiful on both dresses. She always look gorgeous in every style she put it on and her beauty is mesmerizing. In her last interview I totally understand her fears and worries because that’s normal. Every women who’s close to be on their 30’s worries about life, relationship, settling down and marriage and so on. PSH is very intelligent, kind, bright and talented woman in so many ways and her acting is very improving and that’s why I really love and admire her so much. Shin Hye!! Fighting ? can’t wait to watch your new movie.

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