Fan Bing Bing Slays the Pingyao Film Festival in Rich Forest Green Chinoiserie Gown

Leave it to top C-actress and noted fashionista Fan Bing Bing to slay yet again on a red carpet and remind the world that there is a way to dress for an occasion and not bore the heck out of the viewing public. Granted, sometimes Fan Bing Bing’s outfits can look too severe especially when she pulls all her hair back in styling, but she’s never boring and that’s the right angle to take for awards or fashion red carpet dressing. Her latest look debuted at the opening night of the Pingyao Film Festival, one of the lesser known Chinese film festivals but now on my map thanks to inviting Fan Bing Bing as its festival ambassador. She donned a rich forest green down with a deep V-neck and rich gold embroidery that evokes chinoiserie leading to a waterfall bottom with a high side slit. The dress was made even more unique and gorgeous with a satin asymmetrical shrug where one side was over her shoulder and the other around her other arm. The only thing I would change are her peeptoe platform pumps otherwise this was another solid fashion hit.


Fan Bing Bing Slays the Pingyao Film Festival in Rich Forest Green Chinoiserie Gown — 9 Comments

  1. Yes,sometimes FBB outfits tend to be on the loud side. But this one is gorgeous. The green color, the cutting n embroidery put together created a very surprising eye-catching effect!

  2. Her makeup too is the orangy tint of her lipstick. The peek-toe heels complimented the hip-high split of the dress.
    All in all, she surprised me, not her fans.

  3. Her skin tone compliments the dark green colour of the dress very well. FBB looks stunning here. Her dress looks like it is from a couture house. C celebrities get paid loads and can afford to spend more on dresses that they will only wear once. K celebrities tend to opt for classic/primary color dresses that can be worn more than once without people noticing. FBB is very beautiful but sometimes the contrast between her black hair and light skin tone makes her look a bit fierce. Not a fan of her hairstyles in general – they age her. The necklace is stunning though.

    • I never realized that it was because Korean actors were so poor compared to Chinese ones. Makes a lot of sense in why they dress so badly in comparison!

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