Hong Sisters tvN Drama Hwayugi Starts Filming with First Look at Cha Seung Won and Lee Hong Ki

This is a massively star-studded cast for a K-drama, which is a bit surprising since the Hong Sister‘s ratings hit streak was four years ago with The Master’s Sun and the subsequent drama Warm and Cozy was a big dud. I’m hoping this cast won’t be wasted for their ambitious Hwayugi, a K-drama inspired and based on the Chinese classic novel Journey to the West but transported across ethnic lines and to modern times. The drama has started filming now that male lead Lee Seung Gi is out of the army, and the first stills are one of Cha Seung Won filming in his role of the modern agency president who is really the Bull Demon King, and a picture of Lee Hong Ki reading the script for his character as a pop star but really the Pig. Female lead Oh Yeon Seo is the modern version of the Monk and veteran Jang Gwang is the Sand Demon, and the rest of the cast consists of Song Jong Ho, Lee El, Lee Se Young, Kim Sung Oh, Sung Hyuk, and Bora. Hwayugi premieres in late December in the Sat-Sun slot after The Most Beautiful Goodbye in the World.


Hong Sisters tvN Drama Hwayugi Starts Filming with First Look at Cha Seung Won and Lee Hong Ki — 12 Comments

    • I really hope so. Like you said, this is either going to be a hit or a huge disappointment. I’m nervous how the sisters are going to re-interpret Journey to the West.

      • There are already so many different remakes of “Journey to the West” in Ancient Chinese clothes. If the koreans made it with ancient times..then I am sure there would be an uproar over it by the Chinese.

  1. Cast is amazing..but still..taking a classic Chinese legend and making it Korean..hmm….well I can watch the first episode…I just hope that they give the Chinese credit for the original story, as this is one if the most beloved classic for the Chinese.

  2. Is the original novel translated to english?
    People kept saying that this drama is based on a legend so I thought it would be interesting if I read the original.

    • Yes definitely ..Its based on the bringing of the Buddhist scriptures from Indian to China by Xuanzang and the most widely available version is “Monkey” by Arthur Waley though there are a few others as well

  3. Why is everyone so precious about this being based on a Chinese legend? I don’t recall any of this nervous culture-conscious anticipation for the various forms of Saiyukis in Japan…

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