TW-ent Explodes with Excitement Over News that Top Stars Jerry Yan and Lin Chi Ling Have Reunited as a Couple

Taiwanese entertainment was due for some dating excitement this year after K-ent stole its thunder with 2017 filled with top K-star marriages and babies. This news is big enough to make up for a year of less exciting romance news than previous years – newspapers are reporting that the reunion of the decade just happened as Taiwan’s top model Lin Chi Ling and leading man Jerry Yan have reunited as a couple. This comes 15 years (!) since they dated in the early aughts, back them she was still at the early days of her modeling career and he was riding the high of Meteor Garden.

Their relationship was covered by tabloids but never openly confirmed by either party, and they broke up after a few years reportedly because Jerry wasn’t ready to settle down. Malaysian tabloids caught Jerry Yan arriving at Kulala Lumpur airport on November 10th and saw Lin Chi Ling picking him up before the pair went back to the hotel together. Lin Chi Ling had work there on the 10th but Jerry’s doesn’t have any events there so the media is noting that he flew there to spend time with her. This really does seem like the biggest reunion confirmation since the reunion of Faye Wong with Nicolas Tse! I hope the second time around works out for Chi Ling and Jerry.


TW-ent Explodes with Excitement Over News that Top Stars Jerry Yan and Lin Chi Ling Have Reunited as a Couple — 25 Comments

  1. Nice beautiful couple. Faye Wong & Nicolas Tse are not in the same range… both got kids… an affair while married is termed “a______”?

  2. It’s suprising he went for an older woman, she is 42! Tought he would settle down with a younger one to be able to have kids and all…

    • News flash… Women can still have healthy babies in their 40s though the risk of complications are certainly higher.
      Great to see them back together after so many years, hope they settle down this time. And obviously Jerry Yan is not that shallow to think of Lin Chi Ling as a baby machine.

    • Is this a Kdrama? Or the 1960s?

      How come we still have people who view women only by their abilities to procreate? If he was that shallow he could have a 20 yr girlfriend or something.

      • some people really think a woman can’t have kids once they reach 30 and having kids is all they are good for so a guy has to marry someone young to breed with. it’s pretty depressing.

  3. oh my.. I still remember eons ago they rumoured to be dating then broke up. Its been so looong..
    Lin Chin Ling is 42 years old, just 2 years older than Jerry, and she is beautifull and charismatic. They are georgeous couples..
    congrats to them

  4. It’s so romantic in knowing he/she is the one after so many years. Just like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet being a couple after 20 years!!

      • It’s not about being together before or not, married or divorced. When two person could realized they are the one after so many years, I personally think that’s awesome and romantic.

  5. Instead of comparing them with Nicholas and Faye, it would be more in line to say this reminds me of Sammy Cheng and Andy Hui’s reunion. And hopefully will end the same with them walk down the aisle.

  6. Congratulations to the couple! Lin Chi Ling seems like a very gentle and nice woman with high EQ of what I have seen of her. Wishing the couple the best.

  7. Lovely news. Hope and pray this time will be for keeps. I believe they are meant to be together. Just wonderful. Beautiful couple.

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