Park Shin Hye at Coach Event in Seoul and Shares Favorite Drama Kiss Scene is Kim Rae Won in Doctors

Park Shin Hye made another appearance for Coach, this time the location has moved from the brand’s NYC fashion show to Seoul for a store event last week. Like her Coach outfit at the NY show, her look was on the dark and heavy side with a leather jacket and green floral pattern dress underneath. I’ve figured out why so many of Park Shin Hye’s looks are polarizing or problematic, she dresses on the matronly side but is so young and beautiful that she’s like a doll I know I can dress better and befitting her looks than whomever is dressing her.

She fares better in K-dramas dressing so that’s a relief, and speaking of K-dramas she did a recent V-live show where she was asked what her favorite K-drama kiss scene was. Park Shin Hye picked her most recent drama Doctors with costar Kim Rae Won, and the scene was the onscreen couple’s first kiss after they realize their feelings for each other. That would not have been my pick, I’d go for Pinocchio with Lee Jong Seok, or even Flower Boy Next Door with Yoon Shi Yoon, but as long as she didn’t pick Heirs then it’s all good ahahaha.


Park Shin Hye at Coach Event in Seoul and Shares Favorite Drama Kiss Scene is Kim Rae Won in Doctors — 32 Comments

  1. Eh it’s not necessarily the kiss she actually thinks is best, she just mentioned Doctors because it was her most recent drama, same way that male and female stars often bane their current costar as their ‘ideal type’ because it’s a polite answer.

  2. She had a pretty damn hot kiss with Kim Rae Won, too bad the plot of that drama was paper thin. I hope she reunites with Kim Rae Won again in a better written drama, they had chemistry which saved the whole sinking ship for me.

    • I agree. I think she has the best chemistry with Kim Rae Won but I would very much like to see her reunited with Jang Keun Suk, now that they are older.

      • Does K-drama ever repeat a male lead with a female lead? Just wondering… I would like to see PSH working with more mature & respected actors like GY, HB, SJS to boost her status than to repeat with JKS… JKS cannot help her any bit… just saying…

      • @candycane Yes. The couple from Secret came back for Kill Me, Heal Me. Also My Girl couple did Hotel King. And Time Between Dog and Wolf leads returned for Joseon Gunman. Those r the ones that I can think of.

    • I could foresee this post is going to diss PSH kissing ability again but the kiss scene she is referring to I believe is the one above the clipper machine since the rain kiss was not when they realised their feelings for each other.

  3. I agree that her kiss scene with Kim Rae Won (not talking about the dancing in the rain -kiss scene) is the best she has delivered. She is capable so I really understand why she (or the writers/directors make her) do unnatural looking kiss scenes.

    The ones in Heirs were terrible, but I understand that that was on the director and Lee Min Ho, I saw the bts an they really just made her do that. Don’t quite remember what she did in her other dramas but the one in FBND (at the very end) was nice and simple. Pinocchio looked a little too acted out plus it didn’t help that I disliked Dalpo character (I didn’t even think LJS was that bad until W). I saw some gifs of her kiss scenes with Jung Yong Hwa and Oh my God they were so terrible! Jung Yong hwa in his latest drama on contrary showed some natural looking kiss scenes. So I guess these two being friends and the director’s choice made their kiss scenes look awful.

    Kim Rae Won is a great kisser. Many think he is a little ’’too aggressive’’ for their liking, but I think the kiss scenes in Doctors looked rather passionate. And for the first time it looked like PSH (or her character to be precise) actually responded and enjoyed the moment. If she keeps picking up more adult roles and act with —–older—- and more —mature— actors, I think she will be able to deliver better and give out better performances. All she needs to do now is pay attention to the dramas/movies she chooses and the characters too. In fact, I think it would do her really good if she did more movies before coming back to small screen. Her rabid fans may hate this when I say it but dramas won’t benefit her at all, not at least her acting and range. Then again, her rabid fans are so dumb they don’t want her to act in movies, they want her to keep her ’pure image’ a.k.a act only in cindrella-chaebol dramas and they also call KRW an uncle ahjusshi and keep shipping her with the likes of Lee Min Ho even if she had like zero chemistry with LMH whatsoever.

    • Don’t generalize her fans. Go to PSH’s soompi actress thread and you would see that although we miss her a lot in dramaland, we hope for her to do more movies and act with the veteran actors and actresses in chungmuro. We also want her to act in dramas with older actors whom he can learn a lot from. Like RJY, YYS, JIS, GY, SJK, HB to name a few. Well, we want her to act with LSG too 🙂 He’s my top pick right now. Btw, I’m your admirer. I kinda like your POVs, though they’re harsh sometimes. Lol.

    • Aahh a typo. *She is capable so I really DON*T understand why does do those unnatural looking kiss scenes. She should look like she wants it and enjoys it. Not just her lips but her whole body, eyes and all those facial muscles. She needs to take some acting lessons really, she can’t forever do those juvenile looking kiss scenes like in her teen dramas she did in her early 20s. They may ave brought her popularity but they brought very little substance to her acting
      @ssinz021890 I don’t want to generalize but I just see so many of this kind of delulu fans who really don’t care about her career as an actress. They seem to want her be just popular, and they get so worked up when Yoona/Suzy/Kim Yoo Jung wins in popularity polls and then they demand her to come back in a trashy drama just for the sake of entertaining them. There are, of course, the more rational fans. Thank you for your compliment by the way 🙂

    • You might read a few bad comments from some fans but you aren’t better than them to generalize her fandom.
      We or at least most of us support her for anything for better her carrer, and getting further in Chungmuro has been our wish because she lacks a lot in movie field compared to her drama side.
      I’m getting tired of you dragging her fans when you probably know and read those comment from her casual fans in her IGs who don’t even follow her schedule and career.

    • I personally always prefer senior actors and movies for her, for your information.
      And many of her fans I know are also like that.
      So keep that dumb calling for yourself. I feel quite offended.

      • You know, I have no idea why you are offended when I was not talking about you. Even if you live in your little bubble, you should realize that a lot of her ’’fans’’ (I put it in quotation marks because a lot of them really don’t care about her as an actress) are quite rabid and dumb too. Obviously, there are the quiet fans who support her in every decision she makes as an actress and there are fans that also want her to challenge herself. But then there are fans who only care about popularity and their delulu ships and of course they live in their delusions that she is the best actress. I’m being really lenient on PSH actually, I could have criticized her for her way too safe role and drama choices, type casting and candy characters that she has chosen for the major portion of her early twenties. Of course I don’t solely blame her because I know that female characters aren’t always written too well. And she seems to actively want to try to break that candy image, judging by her recent role choices and career endeavors. But a lot of her fans actually think that Heirs/Heartstrings/You Are Beautiful were her best masterpieces lol

  4. I wonder if anyone have seen PSH in ” Don’t worry I’m a Ghost” ….. I thought she had great chemistry with the actor Bong Tae Gyu, who is not your typical leading man. I believed her character being in love with him , haha….even with no kissing involved. What I like about her is that she is perceptive about her capabilities and is willing to learn and improve herself. From her recent interviews, she really loved working with senior actors ……she is realistic enough and awknowledges the difference for her between making movies vs dramas. I too hope she works with veteran actors. I just watched Blackened Heart , glad she challenged herself.

    • I’ve watched it and I have to say that PSH has the best chemistry with a lot older actors. that drama special with Bong Tae Gyu and Tree of Heaven with Lee Wan are so underappreciated. She seems to want to truly challenge herself because she said that she doesn’t want to be known as just a pretty hallyu actress. I feel like she is conscious of her candy image, and she did say that she wants to try different genres and characters. I believe this is a big reason why she wants to take her time in picking her next film/drama. It’s a good thing in my opinion.

  5. To me, none of her kissing scenes are worth discussing or ranking.She is the younger version of Ha Ji Won when it comes to this.She may have other acting strengths but kissing scenes just isnt one of them.At least based on the length of her acting career.And yes that includes Doctors.

    Even when they say she had improved or it wasnt as bad as the previous time.I still feel a lack of sizzling, cracking sparks you would expect from a kiss scene. Especially when the story line has moved along and the characters have fallen in love. Its just not there. I feel like she is still very conscious of the camera, and she holds herself back and not fully immerse herself in the kissing scene. But then again, Lee Hong Ki, a good friend of hers did say she doesnt have alot of dating experience. Maybe thats why she is so uncomfortable with kiss scenes.

    But then there is so much to acting than just kiss scenes and those are relevant in romancentric dramas.So am glad she is now seeking to stretch herself beyond pandering to shippers’fantasies, hallyu popularity, being the pretty behind hallyu oppas and actually getting serious about improving her craft.

    • Well, she has said that she has had dating experience so her not having many relationships doesn’t explain her -not so great- kiss scenes. Park Bo Young said that she doesn’t have dating experience and hasn’t faced heart break yet. But her kiss scenes are nice, especially with Jo Jung Seok. Ha Ji Won is already entering her forties and she should be more than experienced in dating yet her kiss scenes have mostly left much to desire for, especially the one with Lee Jin Wook. Besides, private matters shouldn’t affect the quality of their work, so directors at the end are responsible too in making actors repeat the scene until all is good.
      besides, I saw the bts of Doctors kiss scenes and they are just superb. They are really hot. She actually first time immersed herself in a kiss scene, like completely. So if you didn’t feel like she had sizzling chemistry, then maybe it’s just you who prefers different kinds of kiss scenes. Let me tell you, Those Doctors kiss scenes, excluding the rain kiss, were sizzling with chemistry.

    • She used to be even shittier at kiss scenes, probably on purpose because no one kisses eyes open like she did in heartstrings with JYH. So the kisses with KRW are a huge improvement. I have no idea why does she do this. does she think about her image or is it the directors who edit out things to look certain way. I think one of the worst kiss scenes in kdramas have to be in heartstrings and that’s quite telling. Heirs too, but that’s I think more on LMH and the director

    • Go back and continue this talk after you watch her kiss scenes in Doctors and Pinocchio. She did what the script asked her as mature and older roles.

  6. OT, but she looks really beautiful in these pics. I generally find PSH to look much prettier on the TV screen than in photos, but she looks really pretty here.

  7. Finally this dress looks nice ?? , not my kind of clothing but she looks very pretty in it. Don’t like the boots, ugly color, but they are sponsored boots so they are free ?

  8. Everyone mutually agreed that the story of Doctors was thin but thx to psh and krw who saved it and made it a bit. Their chemistry overflow, if you have a chance to watch the bts or the DVD cut, you will agree with me. Hope one day, they can reunion and work together in movies.
    Psh is in her late 20s and it’s time to transform for more mature acting. She’s taking baby step to achieve her goal by taking Doctors and Heart Blackened. Wish she can work with those chungmuro actors for acting improvement.

  9. Park Shin Hye best kiss is with Lee Jong Suk or at least the first best onscreen kiss hahaha.

    Still think they make a lovely couple, wish they are still dating..

  10. Good pick from psh, her kiss scene with krw is full of chemistry and feeling. If you have chance to watch the bts and dvd cut, you will know what I’m talking about. A very immersed psh.
    Happy that psh challenge herself in taking more challenging role and work with veteran actors. Age gap is not an issue as she already in her late 20s.

  11. This site should be called Lee Jong Suk Playground where every article there will be some one wants to drag his nose. Our specialist is all around. Keep your nose safe and prepare the idiots take off. This article is made for click baits for koalas mommy bank.

  12. Her drama with Lee Wan was amazing. Think she was only 16, she nailed that role and i hope reunites with Lee Wan, Baek Sung Hyun and other good actors.

  13. I just want to shout out and say congrats to you PSH. Congrats on your Asian Icon Award and also to your best kissing scenes with KRW. I been watched most of PSH dramas and movies except the lastest one Heart Blackened and I’ve seen improvement in her acting especially in her kissing scenes. Congratulation again my Hallyu Superstar PSH and looking forward to see more of your movies or dramas for this coming yr 2018.

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